Still Looking at Blogging Platforms

I’m not planning to leave

I think.

I spent some time digging into Medium today and I have decided that I absolutely love the way it displays images. They just look really good. After using ello for a while, the Medium editor doesn’t piss me off quite as much as it did initially. I still don’t see a way to pull in images from other domains. That means no using Flickr hosted pics. That was completely offensive to me at first, but since I started messing with ello, which like Medium also forces you to upload images you want to display rather than hosting them on other sites, it doesn’t seem quite as insulting.

Still, it doesn’t seem to have a way to display audio files. That’s a deal breaker if the question is using Medium exclusively. Again, ello is the same way. Hell, technically is the same way too, I just found a work around. Maybe I’ll find one for Medium (and ello) as well.

I was also planning on spending some time with Roon and Svbtle, but I guess Medium bought Roon and is about to shut it down. Ghost is the talk of the town right now, but it does not have a service that is both hosted and free. It’s only one or the other. Maybe I’ll look into free hosting (does that even exist?) and see what’s out there. If I were to go that route though, why wouldn’t I just switch over to

I’m still not even sure why I am suddenly interested in all of this.

While I’m here, let me try something. Earlier tonight I decided that I was going to play around with Gimp. Think of Gimp as an open source alternative to Photoshop. I’ve had it on this machine for quite a while (it’s free) but I have never actually even opened it. Tonight I picked an image from Flickr and pulled it into Gimp to see how big of a mess I could make. I included it in a post on ello. Now that I’m thinking of it, can I pull the image from ello into this post? It should work. I have a valid url. But does ello block hits from within image tags? Let’s see…

Did it work?

Cross Post from Medium

I am trying to see if I can cross posts between and Medium has a nice import function that will pull a single post from an outside source via a url. I tried it with a couple of posts from here and they’ve worked.

Now to try it in the other direction. I wrote a post in medium. Can I use the embed code to post it here as well? (I’m guessing no)


That would be a no.

Oh No!

It started on November 18, 2008. That was the day I started a new blog using Blogger. In all the years since then, there had been exactly one day where I did not submit a post. Sure, the Blogger site was split into two at some point early on, and later the public blog was moved over to, but through all of that there was only one day that I missed completely. It was pretty recently too, if I remember correctly.

Well, now there have been two days that I missed. I was bouncing around between buildings yesterday so I didn’t have a chance in the morning. In the evening…

Last Friday, my beloved bride Jen came home from work feeling sick. On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, she was barely able to get out of bed. She still feels crummy, but at least she managed to go to work yesterday.

As for me, I was feeling really tired on Monday but otherwise all right. Yesterday I just felt blah. Really run down. Little to no energy. Then around 2:00ish I had to cave in and get some caffeine to keep myself going. On the way to the 3rd floor kitchenette I thought to myself, “hmmm, self, your throat is feeling a little sore.”

Yes, yes it was. It still is. I officially am in the early stages of the mega-cold that kicked my beautiful wife’s butt this weekend. Oh good. I went to bed early, hence no post in the evening, and slept pretty well, but I’m still getting worse. I’d say I’m down to about 70% on my health meter, but it was closer to 75% when I got out of bed an hour and a half ago.



I just found out by accident that image format posts work a whole lot better for blowing up pics. Does this work for multiple images?

Of course not… why would you want more than one picture in a picture post?





Post Types

I have been messing with the Theme on this page. I had one that I liked a lot… then I added a photo from Flickr and it didn’t know how to handle the aspect ratio and I ended up with a horrible squished mess.

To the trash, that theme goes.

How does this one look?



Evernote and Other Appy, Nerdy Stuff

A couple of days ago, my wife suggested I use Evernote. I had installed the app on my phone before, but never really used it. I thought it would be cool for grocery shopping lists, but I can’t get any cell signal at the grocery store. Now that I’m a supervisor at work though I find that requests get thrown at me so fast that it s really easy to lose track of them. Gmail helps a ton, what with labels and starring and such, but I am afraid I am going to miss something.

Yesterday morning when I logged into work I brought up Evernote and entered a couple of ideas for additions to the group web page. I had a meeting at 10:00am so I also made note of a couple of emails I wouldn’t have time to get to right away. When I got back to my desk I had Gmail open in one window and Evernote open in another. Between the two sites and questions coming to me in person, over the phone, and via Hangouts, I was able to get to all of the higher priority stuff and not lose track of the lower end things.

It seemed to work nicely yesterday, and so far today it’s the same thing. I had heard that Google had an Evernote of their own coming. I think it’s available. My company is all about Google these days (Gmail! WOOHOO!) so maybe I should use that for bandwagon’s sake. A quick Google search tells me it’s called Keep. Maybe I’ll check it out.

As for, I mentioned that I was trying to set up categories. Wouldn’t you know it, I screwed up the tag to category transfer and now every post I have (all 6,300 or so) have the tag “uncategorized”. So I have begun the slow and painful process of updating each post to include a category and to remove the uncategorized tag. Happy Days. This project will probably run out of gas quickly. We’ll see.

New Digs

When you log into it takes you to the reader.  On the side bar of the reader there is a section with a few suggested blogs.  I always ignore them.  Today, I didn’t.  I opened ’em all.  I don’t know why.  I was early to work and had to do something, I guess.

One of them had a super wide template.  I stole it.  It cost me the continuous scroll, and it moved my side bar to the footer, and I have that floating button that gives the list of pages, but it looks like it’s wide enough for me to post some good sized pictures.

I still need to make some tweaks.  Like, can I remove the ugly thing that divides the posts?  Should I cave in and add a link to my Facebook?  I never had one before because that is the only place I post pictures of the kids.  We’ll see.

The Deer are Looking at Me

I can’t wistle loud, but I tried. I made a little noise, but it was enough for some of the deer to actually look at the camera. Look at ’em mugging it up.

So ummm… and Flickr. So Flickr changed their embed code. WordPress, it’s time for you to update so that we can use this new code. I mean. What the hell?