Are We Down?

I just tried to upload a couple of cat pics and the images failed. I replaced them with Flickr links and tried to upload the post and that failed too

Is down? Will this post fail too? In the grande scheme of things, does it matter?

Sunday Morning Thoughts

I’m up and showered and ready to face the day and all that. I went to sleep at about quarter to one am. I woke up a couple of times before waking up for good at about quarter to five am. My AppleWatch tells me I failed to reach four hours of sleep. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t do it. Early to bed tonight, I guess.

Two items of note:

  1. I have recently gained a handful of new followers here. That’s nice, right? They all have the same profile image. Well… that’s not good. It doesn’t appear to be porn spam, which is nice, but it does appear to be spam of some kind, which isn’t good.
  2. What’s up with stats? has a stats page that keeps all sorts of information, including page view counts and unique visitors, sorted by days, weeks, months, and years. There is also a page called insights which is supposed to be like a summary page. I noticed last month that the view counts on the insight page were off. Not just for that month, but for a whole bunch of random months over the life of this account. I found this off putting because the analyst side of my programmer/analyst brain likes digging through the stats. I was hoping it was just a bug in the calculation and would fix it. Nope. It seems to have gotten worse. Yesterday I checked the stats just before midnight. I had a healthy number of views for the day (thank, folks!) and given that it was the first of the month the day and month counts matched. I went to insight, which defaults to monthly counts, and it gave me a big goose egg of a zero. Huh? Sometimes it takes a few seconds to update, but it never did. I checked the stats again just before starting to write this post and I had one view for the day. I checked insight and it showed one view for the month. It basically skipped yesterday. What the hell, bro?

What else is going on? The Bruins won yesterday, They are a point away from clinching a playoff spot (I think) with five or six games left to go (I think). Color me cautiously optimistic. The Red Sox lost last night. They play in Texas again this afternoon. I thought the Rangers avoided day games at home, but I guess it’s still early enough in the spring that they won’t bake the players and the fans in the afternoon heat. Speaking of fans, the stadium was full for last night’s game. I guess Covid’s over, right? Texas says so. I hope they have contact tracing available for the thousands of folks who went to the game as an outbreak is pretty much inevitable.

Dad called a few minutes ago. He’s hooked up to an IV. Antibiotics, I’m sure. He said he thought he was going to have physical therapy this morning, but how can he do that when they have him plugged in? The hospital has limited visiting hours and you have to make an appointment ahead of time and you can only make one appointment per week. I’m going Wednesday. I haven’t seen him since January. I’m looking forward to a visit. Once again let me put my vaccination to work.

Happy Sunday, everyone. Can’t wait to go home and see Jen and Harry. Until then, I’m trying to make the best of it by writing really long, boring, uninformative blog posts. Cheerio, all.

More Social Media Birthdays?

Yesterday was this account’s birthday. I had no idea.

Today is, apparently, my twitter account’s birthday. I also had no idea.

The bloggie is in preschool. The twittah is in middle school. I don’t remember the circumstances surrounding creating this version of the blog. I just remember being tired of medium. Twitter is different. I signed up for that during a lunch break while I was working in Framingham on the third floor by the front window before they moved us to the mini-desk section on the second floor. Jen and I opened Facebook accounts together at around the same time, but I think I setup the twitter on my own. I can’t remember if she created hers before me or not. We were dating and we were kinda social media cool back then. If you can ever believe I was cool based on the dumb stuff I post here. Like, cool people don’t celebrate twitter birthdays, right?

WordPress Birthday

Apparently today is this blog account’s fourth birthday.

The content stretches back to 2006 and includes a MySpace blog, two blogger blogs, two blogs, and a medium blog, but this particular account turns four today.

Happy birthday. You’re old enough for preschool now. Should I change the theme again to celebrate?

Two More Random Things

It’s one of those days, kids.

  • I’m on my lunch break. I just ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a little snack pack of Pringles. Mmm, mmm, good. Often during lunch I will peruse Google News, or the Twitter, and catch up on any interesting stories of the day. I can’t do that today. Why? Our plan to watch the season (series?) finale of WandaVision is to do so after work while we eat dinner. That means for the next 4-5 hours I have to be in full on, hyper vigilant, spoiler avoidance mode. The Twitter and The Google News are both riddled with WandaVision spoilers right now and that’s why I am writing this post and not reading up on the world. No Spoilers!
  • Take a look at the top of the page. Go on, I’ll wait. See it? I changed the title of the page and the little headline blurby thingie. The last time I did that I brought back my original Blogger title. This time I am bringing back my first title. Why? Because I am really old and I’m out of ideas. My brain is creatively empty. Hell, just listen to my RPM album. Empty. The headline blurby thing is also for a previous blog though I cannot recall exactly when, where, or what it was. It was something about the cat taking over the world so this is close enough.

I wonder what stupid, pointless, unoriginal thing I’ll write next?


Third Layout of the Day

I changed the layout again. That makes three distinct layouts just from today. Oh well. I didn’t dislike the last one, I just prefer to not have to click on a post to read the whole thing. For this one, I can’t decide if I want to go with a dark background or a white background. When it’s white it feels kinda like a newspaper. Maybe if I make it a little grayer that would be better. We’ll see.

Just noticed that it’s forcing the title to be all capital letters. Not sure yet, but that might be a deal breaker. Hmmmm

New Layout

I said I was going to change this site’s theme and here I go doing it. I changed it during my lunch break. I’m not sure I like it. I usually don’t go for the layouts that link to posts rather than showing them in full, but I’m going to try it for a while and see if it grows on me.

If you see it change back to the previous theme then you’ll know I didn’t like it. If it changes to a new theme then… I don’t know what it means… whatever. I’m sleepy, leave me alone.

I Jinxed It

Yesterday in my sadness I posted random stuff to this page. One thing I mentioned was how my page views count on the blog had been trending way up, and how in January I had more views than I knew what to do with.

Yesterday was one of the lowest view counts in like three months. I guess I jinxed it. Well, thanks for coming everyone. I hope reading about someone awful boosted your self esteem. If that happened then my work here is done.

I also said there wouldn’t be any visible changes to the blog after upgrading to a new package. I had forgotten at that time that the new tier includes truck loads of new built in themes I could use. At some point, everything here is going to change. There will be a day soon when I’m at lunch, or everyone is busy doing other things and I’m alone and free where I am just going to tear through some of those suckers and mess this whole thing up. Count on it.

Is there anything lamer than a blog post about blogging? It’s like writing songs about writing songs…. and I’ve done that a whole bunch of times in the past and likely will do it again.

I suck.


I had that magic moment when I woke up this morning and for an instant had forgotten all of the awful shit. It was nice.

I don’t know what to do.

I upgraded my account. Does it look different? I don’t know if there will be any noticeable changes. Probably not. If I need to upgrade again (no) I will have to go with a business account.

We had a huge storm yesterday and we’re supposed to have a mattress delivered today. That’s called piling on, if you’re curious.

The hit counts on this page have gone up in a pretty major way. Granted, 1+1=2 is a huge increase in terms of percentages. That’s the kind of number we’re talking about here. Tiny increased to slightly less tiny. Still, I don’t know what I did. The monthly count for November was my highest ever, but it wasn’t too much higher than the year leading up to it. December beat November pretty handily, but nothing surprising. January squashed December like a grape. I don’t know what I did to deserve it but hey, welcome to the fun. I hope ya’ll like lots of depressing shit because that’s what we have to look forward to in the future.

RPM started yesterday and I couldn’t care less.

Out of Space?

I tried to post an image off of my phone earlier today and it failed to upload to I tried a couple of times without success. I eventually uploaded it to Flickr and pulled the link in from there. That worked.

The last time this happened to me it was because my account was out of storage space. I just checked the media library and wouldn’t you know it, I am out of space again. I cleared off about 1% by replacing hosted images with the same images from Flickr so I can upload stuff if I need to, but grrrrrr.

I already have a paid account. Last time this happened I didn’t want to upgrade to the next highest tier account. This time I might do it. My available space will more than double. I don’t want to, but I am sick of this crap. I might just do it. Grrrrrr