Binge Watch

This post has two meanings. One is literal, the other is a test of some changes I made.

The literal part…

Jen and I have completed our epic binge watch of all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother. The ending still sucks, even though they telegraphed it over the course of the entire series, and littered the last season with obvious hints. Oh well.

The question now is… what next? Should we binge watch another show, and if so what show should we binge watch? Part of me wants to suggest a Star Trek series, partly because they run long, partly because it’s totally different from a sit com, and partly because the last TV show I watched was an episode of Picard so it’s sort of on my brain.

What do you think? Make suggestions. Comments are open.

The test involves cross posting to Twitter. Specifically, not cross posting to Twitter. I don’t know if the elon muskhole experience is going to drive me away from Twitter or not, but I am setting myself up to go, just in case.

One thought on “Binge Watch

  1. You asked for it! If I were going to binge watch something, it’d be either Friends or the Golden Girls. I’ve had enough sci-fi and Marvel stuff for awhile. Other that sitcoms, there’s always Hawaii Five-O (the newer one) or Blue Bloods. (If it were up to Sherm it’d be NCIS — both the original and all the spinoffs! LOL)

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