Sunday Thoughts

Let’s be clear, this post is procrastination.

It’s Sunday, I have some chores I want to get done. Instead I am sitting at my computer. The Red Sox game is less than four hours away. They are on the MLB network today. I’m trying to find a way to stream the game to my computer so I can watch it while I clean stuff in my room. No dice. I do not think our cable package includes the network so that kills pretty much all of the legit streaming options that I know of. I wonder if youtube is doing anything. Hmmm… Nope. It doesn’t look like it. Unless MLB is going to add something closer to the start of the game.

I try not to talk about blog stats too often as that feels like cork sniffing and maybe pandering for hits or some shit and that’s not what it’s about. I just like stats. Baseball stats, hockey stats, covid stats (though “like” is the wrong word there), and blog stats. I was curious how close last month came to matching the highest month on my old account. I looked that up a few months ago and thought I remembered the ball park figure. I didn’t. The number I remembered was quite a bit higher than the reality. Turns out last month destroyed the old account’s record, and so did the month before. Okay, I guess I never have to go look at the old account again. That’s good.

Speaking of blogging… is it coming up on time for a new theme yet? It could be. We’ll see.

I still haven’t played the guitar. I am 3/4 (approximate) through a four day weekend and I haven’t taken it out of the case. I keep looking at it. I keep saying I’m going to do it. Sigh… soon.

Okay. I need to get my shit together today. Let’s go, fat boy. Let’s get some stuff done, then listen to the game on the radio, then play the guitar, then watch The Walking Dead and World Beyond, then go to sleep. You can do it, fat ass. You can do it.

Bed Time

I took Friday off this week, not to extend the long weekend but because there was talk of possibly going to VT and I wanted to be free to go. Now we are not going so I am left with a mostly unplanned four day weekend. Such is life, I guess.

The good news is I’ll be able to stay up late Thursday night if game one of the Red Sox/Rays series requires it. Bonus!

I haven’t played my guitar in the month of October yet. That is bad, mental healthily speaking. Friday might get some serious therapy time. We will see.

I’m really tired right now but I feel the need to overshare some personal life shit. Okay, here goes: I trimmed my toe nails today. Really, what other sites give you this much detail? You’re welcome.

Okay, good night everyone.

Monthly Record

Once again this blog has set monthly traffic records. September 2021 set the site’s record for most page views and most unique visitors.

Thanks, everyone.

I can see that a lot of the traffic is spam, but not all of it. If you’re an actual human being who reads this stuff… thanks, and I hope it’s not too boring. If I had to guess I would say that some of the traffic is people laughing at the fat old guy and his shitty music, but whatevs, thanks for coming. You’re all awesome (even the robot spam viewers) and clearly smarter than everyone else, and better looking too.

The Empty Lunch Break Post

My lunch break is ending. Time to throw up a post.

I got nothing.

Nothing at all.

The last three days have felt like the longest six months ever, har har har.

Jen asked me a question about a Lizardfish show from a few years ago. I had to go to the Lizardfish website to get the details she wanted. Turns out the domain has expired. Did I know that? I think I did. is no longer a thing. is though. Turns out I never added the 2/1/20 show to the list of past shows. There’s a post for it, but I never took the next step and added it to the list. I’ll fix that. While I was there I took a second to add a new post saying that we’re missing it. Because we are.

My back is killing me. My neck is killing me. My shoulders are killing me. My legs are killing me. My feet are killing me……. and I still have 28 minutes of exercise to do today. Yikes!

We are planning a drive up to Vermont to check in with the kids and deliver some seasonal clothing. The closer we get to the weekend the more excited about it I get. I’m really looking forward to it, even if it requires me to do a shit ton of laundry. Can’t wait.

See? I had nothing to talk about.

Catching Up

One hour of bad sleep on Saturday and six hours of bad sleep on Sunday. Yeah… it’s catching up with me. I am one sleepy red head right now.

15 minutes to go until I log out of my work computer. I’ve been logged in since about 4:00pm on Saturday and it’s 5:16pm on Monday. Well… I was out for a bit as I rebooted once this morning. I figured the lappy needed it after all the work I made it do this weekend. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I took tomorrow off to recover from the weekend. What should I do? Besides sleeping of course. Well there was mystery*… no, that’s not right. How about well there is music. I need to do car music. I have eight songs that need singing. Actually, I have 11 songs that need singing. I added two new song ideas to the list yesterday in a very not successful attempt to calm my ass down. There is also one little music memo thing that I added to the song list but it’s not very good so I will probably drop it. So…. eight songs ready for vocal tracks, two songs that still need to have their vocal parts written. Maybe car music in the morning and then more car music in the afternoon? Is that possible?

What else? Well there’s my desk. I have made the (likely temporary) decision to keep my work day desk setup in Harry’s room, but move my MacBook back to the desk in our bedroom. I like it better in our bedroom, but I have also found I really like working elsewhere. It was starting to feel like I never left that room. Now I will definitely be leaving it for 8.5 hours a day, five days per week.

Okay, work time is up. Time to go cook dinner for my love.

*There is a song by Bill Bruford’s fusion band, aptly called Bruford, called Fainting in Coils. It opens up with a quote from Alice and Wonderland where Dr Bruford reads the passage with his voice sent through a harmonizer and lowered an octave or so. There’s some other sauce on there too. Someone else reads some narration and then the good doctor’s voice comes in louder and right up in your face and the first thing he says is, “well, there was mystery.” In my massively sleep deprived state, that’s what I was thinking of as I was typing that paragraph. There. You’re in the know now.**

**Am I the only doofus who puts footnotes into meaningless blog posts? Yeah, I thought so too.

Weekend Work Live Blog

Should I live blog my Saturday evening work experience?

No. No, I shouldn’t.

I logged in and did about an hour and a half worth of prep. I’ve been waiting for the go ahead to actually start for almost two hours, and it’s probably going to be another good chunk of time before I can actually start.

I just watched this week’s episode of What We Do in the Shadows and it was freakin’ hysterical. Now I’ve said before that I am willing to consider the idea of naming Matt Berry the funniest man in the universe. That’s still true. (he was so freakin’ funny on The IT Crowd that it is hard to describe) However, I am starting to think that Colin Robinson is the best character on that show, and maybe on all of television. He’s a vampire but he isn’t a normal vampire. He’s an energy vampire. He doesn’t drink blood like the rest of the gang, he feeds off of other peoples’ life force. Basically he feeds by boring the crap out of everyone. Just watch the show, you’ll understand.

What else, what else, what else……..

I just queued up a bunch of podcasts to listen to on my iPad. I have a couple of songs for 50/90 ready to mix. I didn’t do any car singing today even though I should have. I had a shitty night sleep last night and I just couldn’t get out of my own way when I got up. If things continue as they are right now I will probably be oversleeping tomorrow too. Not sure, of course. Should I try to mix one of those songs while I wait? Should I try to wait until I sign out of work? Oh boy, the questions.

Oh yeah, and I still have to do all 30 minutes of today’s activity app exercise. Yay!

Okay. I am going to post this now. I am not Live Blogging my work night, but I am likely going to get pretty bored while I wait and when I’m bored I tend to blog… or something.

Hooray, babie.

Stay at Home Day

Today is a simple pandemic shelter in place day. I am staying home and not going anywhere. The work day is 33 minutes away and I have a truck load of stuff to do today. After work I don’t go to my parents so I’ll make a big dinner for me and the love of my life and take the opportunity to get some stuff done at home.

One big focus will be evaluating the current lake asshole situation in the cellar. We are still getting enough rain that I can’t rule out the ground water level as the source of the mini floods, but at this point I am really leaning toward something inside leaking. Hopefully within the next week or so we can get someone out to take a look and see if they can find the root cause. Until then, wet vac plus dehumidifier equals a false sense of security.

I might try to get some musical therapy in tonight. Not sure. I actually had a 45-60 minute window last night where I could have done something/anything and I chose to watch an episode of Toast of London (I still have seven to go and it looks like today is the last day it’s on Netflix. I thought it was being removed today but I just refreshed my Netflix tab and it’s still there. Unless I’m just seeing the cache?) and play a video game. Star Wars: The Old Republic. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a four. Maybe a 3.5. I am playing a Jedi character and he doesn’t have a light saber yet. Maybe once I get that far in the story I’ll give it a higher rating. At my current point, still super early in the story, I do get to slaughter bad guys in an awfully un-Jedi like manner so… it’s okay. For music, I do know that I am currently slightly behind the pace I kept in the two years that I finished 50/90 as far as completed mixes goes, but I think I might be a smidge ahead overall. Who cares. I’m hoping to make a big push this weekend. We’ll see. Still lots of shite going on.

Want a blog stats update? Sure you do! Always remembering that if you have one of a thing and add another of that thing you can rightfully state that you have a huge, dramatic increase… know what I mean? When I talk of growing numbers, they are still very small numbers. Right? Right. I’ve mentioned in the past that my total page views per month stat took a huge jump at the start of the year. January blew away my previous monthly high, then May beat the record by a very tiny bit, then June shattered the record again. July didn’t beat it but it was so close that we can call it a virtual tie. How’d August do? Well, with 15+ hours to go… it shattered June’s record. I don’t know what I am doing to get people to visit, and I am pretty sure most of the page views are spam-related, but thanks for coming folks. I hope I am not boring you to death… I’m pretty sure I am boring everyone to death.

Okay, I am going to punch into work and get my day started. Happy Tuesday, everyone. Wear a mask, wash your hands, practice social distance, get the vaccine if you haven’t already. Be a decent human being and not a selfish, nazi shit.

Poll Post Script

Nobody voted in the poll in the last post. That’s okay, I was going to watch Titans anyway, though I did doze off half way through the episode.

I’m going to play my guitar tomorrow. That will cheer me up a bit.

Until then, sweet dreams.

So Tired

I’m in for a bad nights sleep. I was still drinking a caffeinated beverage after 9:00 pm. It’s 10:15 now and I can’t keep my eyes open. If I sleep I’ll probably end up with a terrible heart rate dip or something.

I need to stay up for a while so I am taking a poll. What should I watch for an hour or so before giving in and falling asleep?

Wasted Opportunity (Also, blog Stats Review)

I’m serving another 24 hour prison sentence. Dinner has been served to both of us, the doors have been alarmed so she can’t wander off without making a huge noise (I can’t either of course, but I know how to turn the alarms off so there’s that at least), her meds have been delivered, and my intermittent fasting period has been kicked off for another night (a little early, but that’s okay).

If I were smart I would be using my prison sentence to work on some 50/90, but the SyFy channel is running both parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and how can I not watch that? The only horcrux left is the snake.

We only have one more day in July, and lately that means I have been paying attention to the hit stats for this blog. I created this account in March of 2017 and the monthly counts for 2021 so far have (with one slight exception) destroyed every other month since the account was created. I’m not sure why (though I do seem to be posting more than ever before) but the numbers have been way up since last November and they skyrocketed starting in January. As always, please remember that skyrocketing monthly numbers for me look more like terribly bad afternoons for real blogs. All of you folks paying me visits are my new best online friends, but there aren’t that many of you, you know? Select company, right?

This is not my first account though. The first ran from December 2012 to July 2016. I was curious how my current stats compared to the old account’s. Turns out I am generally getting more hits now than I did then. Mostly. There were two months, December 2015 and January 2016, where the monthly hit count was higher than anything I’ve had with this account. Every other month was significantly lower than what I have been consistently getting in 2021. Why were those two months so much more popular than any other months since I started? No idea. I look at the summaries and I don’t see anything resembling a spike. There wasn’t one post that somehow, magically, drew in the people in droves. Nope, everything looks normal. I just had way more hits in those two months.

I set the record for this account last month, by quite a bit. This month has a chance to come close, but it’s going to take a crazy good night tonight and a really great day tomorrow to set a new record. Also, July has one more day than June so even if I do set the record it should have an asterisk. Roger Maris like a mutha, right?

Okay, I am going to ride out the rest of Deathly Hallows 2 for the next hour or so. Maybe I’ll try to write some lyrics, or a bass riff, or something. Anything, just so long as my mother doesn’t have a bad night.

Please don’t let her have a bad night. Pretty please.