Tonight’s Agenda

The plan for tonight is simple. First, make some mashed potatoes and fry up some ground beef for a sort of faux Sheppard’s Pie kinda thing.

After that… Stranger Things season three. The plan is to watch the first episode of season four with Bellana on Wednesday. Harry is going to watch season four with friends after he goes back to school. Bellana has already seen it but wants in on episode one… which implies that episode one must be world rocking.

Six minutes until the work day ends. Are you ready kids? Aye aye, captain!

ADDENDUM: I sure have been using the word “faux” a lot lately, haven’t I?

Binge Watch

This post has two meanings. One is literal, the other is a test of some changes I made.

The literal part…

Jen and I have completed our epic binge watch of all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother. The ending still sucks, even though they telegraphed it over the course of the entire series, and littered the last season with obvious hints. Oh well.

The question now is… what next? Should we binge watch another show, and if so what show should we binge watch? Part of me wants to suggest a Star Trek series, partly because they run long, partly because it’s totally different from a sit com, and partly because the last TV show I watched was an episode of Picard so it’s sort of on my brain.

What do you think? Make suggestions. Comments are open.

The test involves cross posting to Twitter. Specifically, not cross posting to Twitter. I don’t know if the elon muskhole experience is going to drive me away from Twitter or not, but I am setting myself up to go, just in case.

What to Watch

I think I’ve run out of episodes for every TV show I had been watching that isn’t affiliated with The Walking Dead.

Now what?

Jen and I have been working through Big Band Theory again and I’ve been watching Futurama as sort of background noise.

We watched Lansky tonight. It was good. Not great. We both felt it should have focused on more specific things rather than give a broad overview with a lot of extraneous distractions.

Now what? We don’t get a new Marvel show for a couple of weeks and we don’t get a Star Wars show for over a month. Squid Game is out there. I’ll get to it. New seasons of You and Lock and Key are out, but the last season of each of them didn’t really do it for me. I’ll still probably get to them.

I don’t know what else to check out. Im going to have to do some digging around.

Good Show

Sometimes I look at old posts to see what happened on this date in Rob’s personal history.

Jen and I are in the living room, baby talking to the cat (like ya do) and binging Schitt’s Creek.

I looked at posts from one year ago today and want to know what we were doing?

We were binging Schitt’s Creek.

So yeah, good show.