Whack a Mole

So yeah, anyone seen anything good on Twitter lately?

Last night was insane. Twitter finally (FINALLY) banned trump after years of easily verifiable lies, inciting violence, and (probably most important from Twitter’s point of view) violating the terms of service. It was glorious. Millions of American voices cried out in bliss all at once.

My first thought (did I write it here or somewhere else?) was, how long until bunkerbitch realizes he can still tweet from @potus? Well, not very long. He sent a tweet from that account and Twitter immediately removed it. It was almost like they expected it. How ’bout that?

When he realized he had been thwarted a second time he went to one of his campaign accounts and tried to tweet from there. Once again, immediately banned. Then he tried to tweet from a staff member’s account and that was banned too. Today I read (but did not confirm) that Don Jr’s account has been banned. Did daddy cheeto try to tweet from there?

The part of this that amazes me the most, outside of all of the maga cult people saying his first amendment rights are being violated when anyone who has ever paid attention in a Junior High School civics class knows that they are not, is that he has an entire core of press assigned to cover the white house 24 hours a day. If he wanted to get word out to his cult all he needed to do was walk down the fucking hall and have a press conference. I mean, it is literally part of his job! Nope, it has to be Twitter because his ego is completely wrapped up in the number of followers he had on his account. He’s a child. A whiny, bratty, little three year old child.

Oh, and for the record I currently have 711 followers on Twitter. That’s 711 more than trumpy the nazi clown. @RobJ_ is totes winning this race.

Take That

Sure, I only got four hours of sleep last night but I still have my 30 minutes of exercise finished before 10am. Take that, morbid obesity.

I don’t know why I couldn’t fall asleep last night, but it was about 2am before I managed it. I need to stop doom scrolling twitter. I should have just watched some Netflix. I’m halfway through Haunting of Bly Manor. It’s not as scary as Haunting of Hill House but it’s still really good. I probably would have had a better night had I just let the show scare the crap out of me then letting America scare the crap out of me.

No more doom scrolling twitter after 10pm, Robert. Let’s put an end to that stupidity, shall we?

Best Outfield Ever

Fred Lynn just liked one of my tweets. Eight year old me just pissed his pants with glee.

Lynn posted a picture of himself along with Jim Rice and Dwight Evans back in their Red Sox days. The caption was something about them being one of the greatest outfields in baseball history.

My reply was something along the lines of, had Rice and Evans stayed in the clubhouse it still would have been the best outfield ever. Mr Fred Lynn threw me a like for that. Color me honored.

To this day, Fred Lynn is the best centerfielder I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Jackie Bradley is close defensively, but Lynn also hit a ton. Bradley can’t match him at the plate. Lynn was the best. He still is.

I’ll give you Ken Griffey, JR. I’ll take Fred Lynn.


I was wondering when Methuen would be holding its Fourth of July fireworks display.  I went to twitter and BANG, there was this:

Hmmm… ineteresting, WordPress.com… I thought that would come out with the image of the tweet and the poster attached to it.  Ahh, WordPress.com and it’s fear of HTML.  Shame.


ADDENDUM: Well the images are there.  So I guess what I am really lamenting is a Visual editor that actually shows what will be on the actual post.  I could have previewed it, but I didn’t.  Oh well.  Sorry WordPress.com.

I Don’t Get Some People

I went to Twitter to see if anyone was posting anything about the new Flickr.  My fear was that they had been bleeding users so fast for so long that my searches would result in nothing but crickets chirping.

I should have known better.

People are furious.  I’ve seen tweets bitching about everything under the sun.  People are complaining because of the banner.  Some say it’s too big.  Some say it’s too narrow to be effective.  Some say it’s wasted space even though all it is is a background photo for the menus.  I’ve seen people complaining that there are menus.  I’ve seen people complain that the menus are black.  I’ve seen people complain that their ad free account has empty space where the ads are supposed to go.  My favorite complaints deal with people who say that they have to scroll to see comments, or groups, or descriptions.  Folks, Flickr is a PHOTO site.  The changes have put the emphasis on the PHOTO.  As if that were sacrilegious!  Yes, the photo now takes up the whole top of the page and you have to scroll or (heaven forbid) hit the Page Down button once in order to see the list of sets and groups and all of the comments.  Do people honestly believe that the comments made about the image are more important than the image itself?  What is wrong with this world that people think this way?

I saw one tweet that Flickr looks too much like other sites now and is no longer original.  Original?  Flickr hasn’t changed in something like eight years!  The used to look exactly like every other site on the web, but every other site developed and changed and left Flickr behind.  Flickr wasn’t original two days ago, it was an ancient relic of the days when bandwidth was so low that you couldn’t load a high res image.  Flickr was a collection of small images, thumbnails, and empty white space.  That’s what people prefer?  Are you serious?  It wasn’t clean or minimal, it looked like hacked together crap.  And this is someone who has always loved Flickr talking!

They got rid of the thumbnails and empty space and put all of the focus on the photographs.  Two days ago, Flickr was Friendster.  Today, Flickr is a photography site that cannot be ignored.  I said yesterday that what Flickr really needed was a 100 million users or so.  The terabyte of storage for free should pull in a lot of new people.  The new layout will entice them to hang around after they’ve uploaded their own stuff.

Now there is one complaint that is valid.  It has nothing to do with the site itself, but with something Marissa Mayer said during the presentation.  I haven’t listened to it, but apparently she made a statement along the lines of there is no such thing as a professional photographer anymore.

If that’s true then it’s a pretty stupid thing to say.  Yes the technology has closed the gap between amateur and professional, but the gap is still very much there.  It doesn’t take an art scholar to be able to tell the difference.  Professionals are set apart not by their equipment but by their skills and experience and knowledge and training.  Hell, go to an iPhone group on Flickr and scroll through the photos.  Even with a camera phone the difference between a hobbyist photographer and a serious photographer is obvious.  If Marissa Mayer said what everyone is saying she said, then she needs to apologize.

Other than that…

The Flickr changes are outstanding, regardless of what people bitching on Twitter have to say about it.

Posterous (ie Twitter) can Kiss My Fat Ass

The whole reason I started using wordpress.com was because I could host images on posterous and have them auto post to wordpress.  Of course it took just a few weeks before those pics I sent to posterous started showing up in my wordpress storage counts.  Then after a couple more weeks the posterous auto posting stopped working.  Yeah, that was nice, huh?  Now this week we find out that posterous’ parent company, twitter, is closing up the shop and posterous is going away.

I am afraid to see how much of my free wordpress storage space I have used.  I have to be more diligent about using Flickr to host images.