Social Media Confusion and Collapse

I don’t think I am ready to abandon twitter completely yet. I don’t know why. Maybe that putz will sell the company for a gargantuan loss and someone who isn’t disgusting will buy it and fix all of the bullshit and I’ll want to use it again. Doubtful, but maybe. So I haven’t deleted my account, but I did delete every single tweet and mark the account as private so no one else will ever be able to follow the shell of what used to be my social media presence.

I barely acknowledge facebook anymore, though I’ve been on there a few times this week talking to other people about gastric bypass, and twitter is no longer a thing. Despite that, I have spent more time on social media this last week or two than I have in ages. Why? Because I’ve been looking for alternatives., Mastodon, Counter.Social, Hive. Not to mention this page, Flickr, and Instagram. Post feels like it’s in the lead for the new favorite service. None of the new guys are big enough to really know what they are going to be when they grow up yet. All but Hive have feeds that show all new posts, regardless of whether you follow the posters or not. Counter.Social and Post update at a pace where it is possible to follow along and pick out things worth reading. Mastodon is too busy to follow along. Things just go bombing by. I assume the same will happen for the other two if they keep growing in user numbers.

I guess the question I have for myself is this… why do you care? Sure, you were a social media whore 10+ years ago, but why do you still care today? No clue. No idea.

Oh well. I’m done with twitter and I’m done with facebook. feels like the new leader to me but maybe it will be something else. Maybe I’ll just post here 20 times a day for a while until I get it out of me, if you know what I mean what I mean.*

*That’s a Genesis reference. Back in NYC from The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. “Let me out of Pontiac when I was just seventeen, I had to get it out of me, if you know what I mean, what I mean.”

Saturday Morning

I slept late today. I didn’t get up until almost 8:00am. The temperature outside at that time? 31 degrees. Shit. Winter is here.

I did my morning exercise before breakfast today. Over the last couple of weeks I have been walking in place for a bit then running in place for a bit and alternating until I hit about 5k in simulated distance. Yesterday I just ran the whole thing About 32 minutes, I think. Today I did the same except I actually used the indoor run workout in the workout app instead of the indoor walk setting. I went a little over my distance goal so that I could get up to 700 calories. I ended up at four miles (simulated). My feet and my calves are hurting, but I feel like I accomplished something.

The plan for today is another small kitchen improvement project, a visit to my mother, and a visit to my father. Beyond that, I don’t know for sure. Guitar, I hope. Bond movies, I assume. I want to watch yesterday’s That Pedal Show but the topic is a Boss pedal and I don’t really like Boss pedals, generally speaking.

I just stumbled over the new clock app in the new MacOS. I opened the clock on my phone and it came up on the laptop as a handoff. Sweet. Now I can track my time between bites on my computer instead of my phone.

I started a Bond movie while doing my faux running today. A View to a Kill. The last Roger Moore. It’s better than I remembered it, but it’s not very good. Christopher Walken as the bad guy. Can he play the bad guy in every Bond movie going forward? That would be fun.

I haven’t done my pick for the World Series post yet. Game one was last night. No spoilers on my pick, but the Phillies won and I am happy. I’ll do the real post later today. The UMass Lowell Riverhawks won too, and the Bruins are off to their best start in 10000 years at 8-1-0 after another win last night. I failed to watch/listen to either game, but I followed the scores as best I could. It was the first time I didn’t listen to at least a few minutes of either team’s game. Oh well.

Last night Jen and I both threw our names into the hat to be beta testers for Jack Dorsey’s new social network, Bluesky Social. Over the last year or so this page has been the only sort of social networking service that I’ve really been using. Actually, that isn’t entirely accurate. I stopped using Facebook and I’ve nearly stopped using Twitter, but I still use Flickr and lately I’ve been using the Flickr Groups more than normal and all of that counts as a social network. I have no idea what Bluesky Social is going to entail, but if it lets me thumb my nose at Musk and Twitter a little then sign me up.

Okay, time to wrap this post up. Bond and Tanya Roberts just stole a fire engine and jumped a draw bridge and that’s not cartoonish at all, right?

Messing with Twitter

So I found out how to add multiple users to the Twitter for Mac app, but you can still only have one open at a time.

Also, for some reason it won’t let me view individual tweets, but if you right click on a tweet in your timeline you can still get the link, which turns into this…

Tweet Deck

I am sad.

On my personal laptop, the MacBook Pro, I keep two things open at all times. One is a browser, Vivaldi, with a regular set of tabs; Gmail, this blog, Flickr, Trello, Wordle, and a couple of others. The other item is TweetDeck. I have columns for my personal account and the Lizardfish account that never gets used. I have the window sized so I only see Home, Notifications, and User for my personal account. I have to scroll to the right to see the Lizardfish stuff.

Today when I logged in there was a banner across the top of the screen stating that TweetDeck for Mac will be leaving this Earth and moving to the great beyond on July 1st. There is a web version of TweetDeck but I don’t like it. It’s basically the same thing but I just don’t like it.

I am Twitter sad.

Then again, if that slimeball Elon Musk buys Twitter and lets the fascist back on I will be deleting it anyway, so maybe this is just a tiny part of the grand conspiracy. I could always try the official Twitter app too. I don’t know. I’m just sad.

I just installed the official Twitter for Mac app from the MacStore. It’s free. It’s also only one column. I continue to be Twitter sad, but it’s better than using the browser, I guess. Who knows. Maybe I’ll just go back to

Binge Watch

This post has two meanings. One is literal, the other is a test of some changes I made.

The literal part…

Jen and I have completed our epic binge watch of all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother. The ending still sucks, even though they telegraphed it over the course of the entire series, and littered the last season with obvious hints. Oh well.

The question now is… what next? Should we binge watch another show, and if so what show should we binge watch? Part of me wants to suggest a Star Trek series, partly because they run long, partly because it’s totally different from a sit com, and partly because the last TV show I watched was an episode of Picard so it’s sort of on my brain.

What do you think? Make suggestions. Comments are open.

The test involves cross posting to Twitter. Specifically, not cross posting to Twitter. I don’t know if the elon muskhole experience is going to drive me away from Twitter or not, but I am setting myself up to go, just in case.

This is Irony

Get it?

In all seriousness, I barely use twitter for anything other than cross posting from this page. I do occasionally let myself get pulled into conversations making fun of creationists, anti-vaxxers, and trump-culters. I suppose that was fun while it lasted. I just hope my totally off the cuff derisive nickname for Elon catches on. Muskhole (copywrite pending). I also kinda hope that nickname is original, but I’m 99% sure it’s not.

RIP Twitter.

The Downside of Blocking People

I think I just found the downside of blocking people on Twitter.

A couple of weeks ago I was being very petty and picking on a creationist who was insisting that the Big Bang and Evolution were fantasies because the sky daddy who is his own father told him so. I got into the discussion because he claimed that no one could tell where rocks came from and I responded that every high school kid who takes a basic science course will get a Geology segment that will clearly teach them where rocks come from. I asked him why he didn’t take that class in high school and, predictably, he said he went to a christian school that taught the truth.

After having fun with the idiot for a little while I did the smart thing and blocked his idiot ass.

Now today I am suddenly getting mentioned in posts that I don’t seem to have anything to do with. A little digging shows that apparently the blocked idiot user has fired up the conversation again and other non-creationists are getting involved and tearing him a scientific new one and including me in the replies.

Well… it’s nice to be mentioned and all, but I can’t really follow along unless I unblock the idiot. There’s a little part of me that wants to do it. There’s a much bigger part of me that thinks better of it. Let the ignorant-by-choice fool stay blocked.

I Don’t Want to Live on This Planet Anymore

I guess questioning evolution and the shape of the Earth isn’t enough for the twitterati anymore. Today I came across two people who seemed to insist that rocks somehow needed god to create them. I was in ninth grade when I took Freshmen Earth Science and we studied how rocks are formed and how the Earth’s crust slides around and pieces bump into each other and how over a shit load of time that can cause things like mountains. I guess that’s some kind of liberal conspiracy now. Oh well. I just wish some people had paid a little more attention in ninth grade science, that’s all.

To make matters worse, the Bruins are losing to the friggin’ Red Wings. 1-0, late in the second. As if stupid humans aren’t bad enough, now I have to see my team lose to the friggin’ Red Wings?

I’ve mixed two of the last four songs for the November music project. Both songs utterly suck.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Dr Farnsworth was dead right when he said I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.