Another Covid-Versary Post

I guess today is technically the anniversary of the first day of lock down for me as it’s the first day I didn’t go to work. I think I focus on yesterday’s date for two reasons. First, 3/14/20 was a Saturday so I wasn’t going to work anyway. Second, 3/13/20 was a Friday the 13th and that just seems more fitting.

So what did I do last year? I posted about a couple of things. I mentioned what a crappy guitar player and songwriter I am. I was working on the March album in a month and apparently had a bad couple of days. I had two posts about setting up my desk. I took my work PC home with me the day before and spent some time with Jen rigging things so that I could add it to the setup on my desk without unplugging anything else. At the time I had this MacBook that I’m on right now, the Windows laptop I had been using for telecommuting, and the work desktop. Now I have the MacBook and a new work laptop running into one monitor and the old windows pre-covid work from home laptop is on the desk but not hooked into anything. One year ago I was setup to have the same mouse and keyboard for all three machines, but now I have a big clickity clackity mechanical keyboard and a nice gaming mouse for the work machine and wireless Apple keyboard and MagicPads for the Macbook. When I change machines I just change the input on the monitor and use the different keyboard and mouse. It’s not the neatest setup but it’s working great for me.

The only really important post from this day last year had to do with some errands. I got the Mazda inspected. Doing the math, that means I have to get it inspected again this month. I remember it feeling really weird being inside the garage’s waiting room. I sat as far away from the rest of the customers as I could. It also mentions that I went to a supermarket. I remember that pretty clearly. We usually go to a Market Basket in Salem which is probably a mile or so away from home. Both of the kids used to work there. They had not yet implemented any social distance measures and stuff was flying off the shelves as people started getting scared. We decided to try alternate super market choices and I went to a Shaws in Windham which is about a 15 minute drive away. I went there because the crowds were tiny and they hadn’t started running out of stuff yet. Over the first couple of weeks of lock down we went to that store and the Salem Market Bucket a couple of times each and it was stressful every time. Then Jen started using Instacart which let us shell out some extra money to avoid the stress. The folks doing the shopping for Instacart (and similar services) are among the true heroes of the pandemic. Thank you. All of you.

And that is a summary of what I was up to on the first full day of my coronavirus lock down.

One Year Ago Today, Again

I just looked back through the blog posts from one year ago today. There were five of them and all were Covid related.

  • One was about how Disney World closed.
  • One was about the NHL shutting down.
  • One was about me looking up numbers on a CDC map.
  • One was about my company announcing the move to full time telecommuting.
  • The last one was the only mildly concerning one. It was about going to CVS to stock up on some diabetes supplies and not being able to find any alcohol wipes. Harry wasn’t actually low on his supply, but we were just thinking about the future and wanted to top off the stock.

Yup… as anniversaries go, this one blows chunks. It blows chunky gravy all over its clothes and furniture and pets and friends and family and neighbors. Like, it blows chunks literally everywhere.

One Year Ago Today

If I did my math correctly, and if my memory is correct, today is the one year anniversary of my wife’s company sending everyone home. I remember it being a Wednesday, and my company made the same call on Friday the 13th, so that would be today. For some reason though my brain keeps telling me it was the 9th.

It doesn’t matter, the point is that this week is the anniversary of the last week that things were open. I took a look back at what I posted to the blog on 3/11/20. Here are some highlights.

I wrote a long paragraph on why we needed to lock down. Statistics based on China told us that were were going to have more cases requiring hospital care than we had hospital beds. Shutting down would cut down on the number of cases, therefore freeing up hospital beds. It wasn’t about infringing on rights or over reacting, it was about resource management. Knowing what we know now, half of America decided to ignore that little factoid by about May. Selfish assholes. I mentioned social distance a couple of times, and always put it in quotes. I wonder when I stopped doing that. I did add this parenthetical aside following one mention though:

I fucking LOVE that term and I’ve been practicing it since I was about four years old

There was another post where I wrote about the University of Vermont telling students not to come back after spring break. They cancelled the first two days and then went full remote on the third day. Bellana was prepared for it and had everything she needed at home already. She was itching to go back though. She did. Eventually. About 10 or 11 months later.

The last post of the day was me speculating on selling my Fender Stratocaster. I had planned to bring it to Guitar Center to try trading it for an amp. I was going to go that night but decided against it, given the state of the world. I pushed it off until the weekend but the weekend never came. I wrote this line, showing the spirit of things in the early days:

This is the very definition of non-essential.  It can wait.

I am so tired of all of this. I want my world back. I want everyone safe even more though, so we stick to the lock down and wait. It’s just getting harder and harder to wait.

One Year Ago Today

I keep doing this but here’s something I posted one year ago today:


Just in case you forgot that society fell apart in March 2020 and here we are in February 2021 and it still hasn’t come back online yet.

We are only 15 days away from the one year anniversary of my last day in the office. It’s been a brutally long two weeks.

Screw you, Covid-19.