One Year Ago Today

Every now and then I use this blog to play “this day in history” by looking back at past posts from today’s date. I did that a few minutes ago and the posts from last year were all about the upcoming surgery. At midnight on May 3rd, 2022 I switched to a liquid diet for a day and then had to fast the following day so my stomach would be empty during the actual procedure.

My last meal was a glorious piece of chicken and a huge pile of quinoa. I posted a picture. It looked so freakin’ delicious.

It was my last supper. Everything since has been tiny and simple. The plate I dished out for myself on this date last year would feed me for days now.

I’ve had a few weird moments food wise recently. Jen and I were in a store on Saturday and they had candy next to the check out. I very nearly, impulsively, grabbed a bag of Reece’s Pieces. I couldn’t believe I almost did it. One year ago I would have and I never would have thought twice. I expected that after a year of this new lifestyle I wouldn’t be relapsing anymore like that. I guess I was wrong. Weird.

The anniversary is two days away. I wonder what will happen next?