Week 38 Weigh In

Well this one is going to be weird.

I’ve been sick for about three days. I haven’t been eating on a regular schedule, I haven’t been hitting all of my goals, I had two days without exercise, and I even missed my two doses of calcium yesterday. I woke up feeling okay this morning, which was a really nice change, and I expected to be down a little but I wasn’t hoping for much.

Way to read the room, Robert.

I was down A TON.

Last Wednesday’s weigh in was 235 pounds. Today was 227.8 pounds. A one week loss of 7.2 pounds. That is absurd. Utterly ridiculous. I expect to be up next week because 7.2 pounds is not normal or sustainable or good.

It is, from the tunnel vision point of view of weight loss, awesome though. Not because it’s a good thing, but because IT PUT ME OVER 200 POUNDS SINCE THE SURGERY! 203.6 pounds to be exact. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!

Hitting 200 pounds since the first check in was amazing. Hitting 200 pounds since the surgery is so much better. I don’t know why that is, but it is. You’re just going to have to trust me on this one. TWO HUNDRED POUNDS SINCE SURGERY, BABIE!

So the 10’s column changed for my current weight, the hundreds column changed for loss since surgery, the 10’s column changed for total since first appointment, it’s now 224.2 pounds, and the BMI dropped almost a full point, from 28.6 to 27.7.

I mean… holy shit, boys and girls! Two hundred pounds in 38 weeks. I never even dreamed of this. Two hundred freakin’ pounds!

I’m an Idiot

I had my gastric bypass surgery over seven months ago. Today was the first time I forgot to wait 15 minutes after having a drink before having something to eat. I started eating dinner nine minutes after having a drink.

What the hell, moron? Seven months? What’s wrong with you?


Harry is here. We’re going to pile into the car and go look at xmas lights. That’s like my punishment for being a moron*.

*No it isn’t.

Post Surgical Education: Shake Edition

I learned something about my new stomach this morning. I learned that Slimfast meal replacement protein shake things don’t work for me. The taste was all right, but I couldn’t get through 11 ounces because my stomach complained so much. I think it might be the thickness of the drink? I don’t know. Every sip made my stomach feel clogged up and the gas it produced was massive.

Okay. Live and learn, Robert. No Slimfast shakes for you.

Duly noted.

Week 32 Weigh In! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!

Hello and welcome to today’s weigh in post, and it is a doozy, oh my readers and only friends! Your humble narrator woke up feeling sick to his stomach today but he doesn’t care because HOLY SHIT!!!

Now I have mentioned that food has been troubling me over the last week or so and it’s likely down to that as the reason the numbers have me so out of my mind ecstatic this morning. Given that, it’s safe to say that once I get myself straightened out some of what I am cheering about today will be put back on. That’s okay. I can live with that. I am just in the moment right now and the numbers in this moment are… Fuck me, are they incredible!

Last week, for the week 31 weigh in, I weighed 254.6 pounds and my BMI was 31.

Today… week 32… oh my goodness… I weigh 248.6 pounds, which is down a mammoth SIX (6) pounds! I haven’t had a six pound week since September. Six pounds is MEGA, but that’s not what the bliss is about this morning. My BMI is down to 30.3. I’m three tenths of a point away from not being obese anymore, but that’s not what the bliss is about this morning.

My total weight loss since the surgery is breathtaking. I flipped the 10’s column again, moving up to 182.8 pounds! I have lost over 180 pounds since May 4th. I can’t believe it. That is absolutely stunning and shocking and that’s still not what this bliss is about this morning.

So what is the bliss about this morning?

On my first visit to the weight loss clinic on January 19, 2022, I weighed 452 pounds. Let’s do some math, shall we?

– 248.6


My total weight loss since the first check in is 203.4 pounds! TWO-HUNDRED THREE AND FOUR TENTHS POUNDS!


I’m going to have to write more about this later because at this particular moment in time I am too dizzy with shock and delight to really process this. I will write more after I get to work so I can bask in the bliss for a few hours first.


Lucky Guess

Who is the luckiest sonofabitch in town?

Wordle 542 2/6


Having a weird day in the office today. We had an xmas party thing this morning which was nice except that one of our extended group has Covid and was in the office with a bunch of us last week and who knows if last week will forever be known as a super spreader event which would make today a mini super spreader event. Crud, I hate covid so much.

Anyway, the party included pizza. I didn’t have any. My team member who lives in Minnesota did because I DoorDashed him some Pizza Hut. Order entered in Massachusetts, order delivered in Minnesota. Like a Boss, as they say.

Like I said, no pizza for me. Can I have pizza? Probably, if there is no sugar in the tomato sauce. I just haven’t tried it and I really don’t want to. I brought some chicken salad. Meals have been tough over the last few days. Not terrible, but I have been stopping myself early due to signs that stomach issues may be coming forthwith. I prefer to dish out a certain amount of food and then eat it all as it makes tracking protein counts easier, but if I have to stop I have to stop. Today I had to stop. I ate a protein bar in the car on the way in for breakfast, and then maybe an ounce and a half of chicken for lunch. Round about 3:00pm my stomach, which was no longer upset over lunch, started getting upset over being empty.

I am sitting in a conference room with a couple of co-workers. It’s a smallish room but we’re spread out okay. No covid transmissions here. It’s quiet though, and that means everyone can hear my stomach moaning and groaning. It’s super embarrassing and it’s yet another reason why working from home is better than coming into the office. My stomach can sing and dance all it wants when I am alone at my desk at home. Here? Now? Today? I just want to hide. No one has said anything. Everyone is being super polite. I just wish my stomach would shut the fuck up.

ADDENDUM: I should say, in the interest of accuracy, that I am not positive one of my co-workers has covid. It looks that way, but it has not been confirmed.

Week 31 Weigh In

I thought this week’s Wednesday Weigh In would be a quick little blurb about a tiny change, given that I did the monthly weigh in just three days ago. I was wrong. I was probably wrong due to being sick a couple of times, and I think we can guarantee that weight lost this week will likely go back on soon enough, once I stop having these nasty stomach issues. The monthly weigh in on Sunday saw me down three pounds. Today’s weigh in, three days later? I’m down another 2.4 pounds. Do the math and find that I am down 5.4 pounds in the last week. That’s crazy. That’s the kind of results I was seeing back in June when this was all new and psychotic. This far along, I am seriously shocked to see a number that high. Not concerned, just surprised.

My BMI is down to 31. One more tick to go before I graduate/devolve from Obese to Overweight. Oh the celebrations we’ll have when that magical day arrives. My weight lost since the surgery in May is up to 176.8 and no one is more surprised than I am. My weight lost since the first check in appointment is up to 197.4. Two and six tenths pounds away from the mystical, magical, fairy tale land of two hundred pounds. Oh the celebrations we’ll have when that magical day arrives.

No stomach illness issues today, so far. Yesterday was okay. Not 100%. I had some discomfort off and on. I can’t tell if it was related to food or not, but there were a couple of times when the clock said I should be eating or drinking and I just didn’t out of fear of setting things off again. I was a little nervous about waking up sick again today, but I was fine. I did my exercise and then headed out for the long drive in the pouring rain. I made it all the way to Foxborough in one piece, found the desk I reserved for the day (I think), and punched in.

Here’s hoping for a quiet, stress/stomach pain free Wednesday.

Happy Seven Months

Seven months ago today I went under the knife and had my guts rearranged. Boom, babie. What do you say we honor the occasion with a trip to Vermont to see the kids and to hear my ridiculously talented step daughter sing a bit, but also honor the occasion* with a bonus weigh in?

It’s only been four days since the last weigh in but there was that one day when I did not eat even a crumb of food because I was feeling sick, remember? I think we can thank/blame that day for the slightly spectacular results I’m about to share with you, my internety friends.

Four days… three pounds. I lost three pounds. I am down to 257.0. My BMI is now 31.3. As soon as it drops below 30 I can officially stop calling myself obese. That’ll be the day, right? The total loss since the surgery is 174.4 and the total loss since the start of the process is 195. The flight to Disney World is one month from today (I need to figure out how I’m going to cover the eight month weigh in on that particular day) and suddenly that down-200-by-Disney goal is looking pretty good. Pretty doubtful I’ll get the since-surgery total to 200 by then, but we’ll keep on trying.

I have run for 30 minutes already, and I’ve had my morning vitamins and 16 ounces of water. Ever since Thursday’s epic failure I am really self conscious about hitting those goals. I don’t want to miss them again… ever. I’m waiting 15 minutes after the last drink before eating anything, but I am going to go upstairs and make myself some scrambled eggs again. We’re planning to leave for Vermont by about 11:00, which should get us there wicked early, but that’s okay. Better crazy early than a smidge late, right? I just need to decide if I want to bring a digital camera or a film camera or (most likely, because I am out of my skull with crazy) both. Yeah… both.

*I used the word occasion twice in this sentence and spelled it wrong each time. Also, I spelled it differently both times. I guess I just suck at spelling the word occasion, right?

Liquid Diet Day?

I’ve been up and about for almost four hours and I haven’t had anything to eat yet. My stomach is still pretty unhappy with me. It might be a little better than it was when I wrote the last post, but it’s still not good. Gas. Pain. Not nauseous at this point but probably not far off.

I haven’t eaten anything yet and I haven’t had my morning vitamins. I did chew up a couple of Gas X pills in the hopes that would help. It hasn’t. Not really at least. The only other time I took Gas X was during the first couple of weeks post-surgery and it eliminated all of my stomach discomfort almost instantly. I was hoping for more of that. Nope.

I am thinking that today is a liquid diet day. Back when we went from the stage one (liquid) diet to the stage two (puree) diet they told us if we have a bad day to just go back to stage one. Well, I am at stage… infinity? Whatever, and I am thinking of reverting back to stage one until my guts stop bitching. I have half a protein shake on a coaster on my desk next to me. I’ve had a few small sips. So far so good.

Wish your humble narrator luck.


Harry is Home

Harry is home and it’s glorious!

Not sure what we have on the agenda today. Jen and Harry are going to go shopping for desserts for tomorrow’s mini-thanksgiving. I am going to make short visits to both parents. Also, in film camera news, there are train tracks running behind the rehab facility that Dad is currently visiting and I have black and white film in the camera… cliche, anyone?

I did 30 minutes of faux running today already. My sort of plan these days is 45 minutes on weekdays and 30 on weekends to give my feet a little bit of a break. I haven’t closed my calorie/move ring, but it’s 2/3 closed. I’ll close it today, no sweat.

What else? I want to play some guitar today, but I want to hang around doin’ nuttin’ with Harry and Jen more so… National Solo Album Month may be dying on the vine this year. I might try to get up stupidly early this week and spend an hour or so recording using DI and amp sims rather than my Deluxe Reverb. That feels like cheating after all these years of only using a real amp, but what can you do.

I mentioned yesterday that I had a really bad time with lunch. The same thing happened with dinner. I dished out a little less than four ounces of food, took 2-3 bites, and hit the pain/nausea failure point. I ended up pausing dinner for an hour or so and then I was okay. I was nervous about breakfast today after two bad experiences in a row, but I am almost finished an I feel okay. Here’s hoping lunch and dinner go okay too.

All right, kids. Time to go get my shit together and go visit a couple of parents. We’ll talk later, m’kay? M’kay.


I mentioned yesterday that I signed up to be a beta tester for Bluesky social. I also said I was pretty much done with social networks but I forgot about Instagram, which I use pretty regularly these days. I guess it just doesn’t register that way for me. I guess.

Today I Googled “twitter alternatives” because I feel kinda gross using an Elon Musk owned product. I signed up for two of them. Mastodon and I haven’t really connected yet. Counter Social and I pretty much have. Like the twit-ter, my user name is RobJ_. Maybe I will be able to automagically cross post from here to there? We’ll have to see.

One more item of note from this evening… I am trying Buffalo Wings for dinner. Well… one Buffalo Wing. The one piece weighs three ounces, and that’s all I can handle tonight. So far so good. I had to Google whether there is sugar in Buffalo sauce or not. According to the couple of links I checked, the answer is no. I should be safe. I just need to take my time.

I probably shouldn’t write a blog post while eating something new… oh well.

Enjoy your dinner, folks!