One Year Ago Today, Again

I just looked back through the blog posts from one year ago today. There were five of them and all were Covid related.

  • One was about how Disney World closed.
  • One was about the NHL shutting down.
  • One was about me looking up numbers on a CDC map.
  • One was about my company announcing the move to full time telecommuting.
  • The last one was the only mildly concerning one. It was about going to CVS to stock up on some diabetes supplies and not being able to find any alcohol wipes. Harry wasn’t actually low on his supply, but we were just thinking about the future and wanted to top off the stock.

Yup… as anniversaries go, this one blows chunks. It blows chunky gravy all over its clothes and furniture and pets and friends and family and neighbors. Like, it blows chunks literally everywhere.

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