Guess Who Over Slept

No photo morning for this red head. I overslept. Now I need to do my morning routine and put together an office chair and go visit mom.

There is a park near mom’s place (cleverly named The Park. True story) and maybe I’ll stop and take a pic or two on the way home. We will see.

But first: shower and breakfast.

Wilderness Adventure

Yesterday there were two things I wanted to do at lunch time and I didn’t do either of them. One was hit a thrift shop looking for film cameras (Nikon, please) that I can take places without worry about accidentally breaking my father’s Pentax. The other was wander around the woods behind the house with my digital camera.

I still haven’t gone-a-thriftin’, but I did hit the woods this morning. The results were meh, but I’ll post them later today. Some of them, at least.

The woods back there are a deer tick breeding factory so I made sure to wear heavier clothing. As soon as I came into the house (through the bulkhead, into the cellar) all of my clothes went into the washing machine, I did a pretty thorough tick searching inspection of my epidermis, and I hopped into the shower and hosed off my head. I think I am safe from the deer ticks and the lime disease and such. Mosquitos, however. I wasn’t as lucky. Those fuckers are everywhere.

It did sort of screw up my morning routine though. I’m logging in to work now and I haven’t had breakfast yet. I got my 30 minutes of walking in though. My Activity App’s Exercise Ring is good and closed. Also, I didn’t want to be doing laundry while working, but here we are with a washing machine still running and a couple of spins through the dryer in the immediate future.

We’ll live. The only question now is, do I go-a-thriftin’ at lunch? I’m definitely leaning that way. We’ll see.


Today’s the second day back post-vacation and it already feels like there never was a vacation. How is that possible?

I slept a little late today and after all of the morning errands and the morning routine I feel like I’m going straight from the shower to work. I hate that. It’s still better than driving to the office, but I always like a little brain-free downtime before I punch in. Not today.

That’s okay. I’m planning on going to the office on Thursday this week, again. I’ll have plenty of brain-free downtime then. Ugh. The company is trying to incentivize the return to the office. Come in more often and we’ll give you a perk. They haven’t mentioned anything that is enough to make me feel like commuting every day is worth it yet, but they are trying.

Okay. Time to punch in. I have a couple of meetings this morning and one in the afternoon. The contractor will be here again during that one so I hopefully will remember to stay muted. Zoom meetings, ya know?

Good day.

I am an Idiot

What is the definition of an idiot?

I am covering the holiday today.  I am required to work in a building other than the one in which my desk is located.  The cafeteria is closed, and we are not supposed to leave the building as there would be no one else to cover our calls while we are out.  Therefore, we have all been asked to bring a lunch.

I got up early this morning and made myself a bag lunch.  A nice deli chicken sandwich.  A bag of green grapes.  A handful of little mini kit-kat snack sized thingies.  I put this together and then put it in the fridge while I did my normal work-day morning routine.

Then I left for work.

My bag lunch is still in the fridge.