Wilderness Adventure

Yesterday there were two things I wanted to do at lunch time and I didn’t do either of them. One was hit a thrift shop looking for film cameras (Nikon, please) that I can take places without worry about accidentally breaking my father’s Pentax. The other was wander around the woods behind the house with my digital camera.

I still haven’t gone-a-thriftin’, but I did hit the woods this morning. The results were meh, but I’ll post them later today. Some of them, at least.

The woods back there are a deer tick breeding factory so I made sure to wear heavier clothing. As soon as I came into the house (through the bulkhead, into the cellar) all of my clothes went into the washing machine, I did a pretty thorough tick searching inspection of my epidermis, and I hopped into the shower and hosed off my head. I think I am safe from the deer ticks and the lime disease and such. Mosquitos, however. I wasn’t as lucky. Those fuckers are everywhere.

It did sort of screw up my morning routine though. I’m logging in to work now and I haven’t had breakfast yet. I got my 30 minutes of walking in though. My Activity App’s Exercise Ring is good and closed. Also, I didn’t want to be doing laundry while working, but here we are with a washing machine still running and a couple of spins through the dryer in the immediate future.

We’ll live. The only question now is, do I go-a-thriftin’ at lunch? I’m definitely leaning that way. We’ll see.