Lunch Break Flake

I had two ideas for things to do on my lunch break today. I am not going to do either one.

  • Thrift shopping for manual film SLRs on the cheap
    • The Salvation Army store in Salem, NH is apparently only open M-F 10am to 5pm meaning I will never be able to get there unless it’s on my lunch break
  • Take one of the cameras (probably the digital) out into the woods behind the house to check out a couple of huge fallen trees. Nature photography, babie. Yeah!
    • I think the main reason I am not outside right now is ticks. I would have to put on longer, heavier socks and maybe boots and shit like that and I just don’t wanna.

Instead of doing those two things I am sitting at my desk typing this here message to you, the universe.

I’m actually struggling with lunch today. I don’t know what I want. For the first time since before the surgery I am kinda tired of the handful of mini-meals I’ve been eating. I wasn’t in the mood for any of the usual suspects. Chicken, Tuna, Eggs… nothing. I made myself 3.9 ounces of chicken salad but I really don’t want it. I am just eating it to get the protein.

What do I want? Who am I?

Unrelated note: I read that CVS takes 7-10 days to develop your film and return it to you. Today is day 11 since I dropped off the first roll. One YouTube video on beginning film photography said it takes two weeks. Is the YouTube video more accurate than the store? Stay tuned and find out. Or, CVS can just give me my friggin’ pics.

ADDENDUM: Screw it, I thought. I am going to check out that spot in the woods. I grabbed my camera and opened up the bulkhead (which is right next to my desk), and saw that our next door neighbor was hitting golf balls into the woods, as he sometimes does. Shit. A 10 minute photo-op is not worth getting beaned in the noggin’ with a golf ball. Maybe tomorrow. Ticks be damned.



Yesterday, while eating lunch, I bit my lip. It swelled up like you wouldn’t believe. It hurt like a bastard. It took all night for most of the swelling to go down. It was still sore this morning.

Wouldn’t you know it, I bit my lip again during lunch today. It was exactly the same spot. All the swelling is back. All the pain is back. Two pints of blood are gone. I’m feeling really lucky that I brought some paper towels with me today because I needed them to mop up the gore.

Stop doing that, asshole.

Lunchtime Post

I haven’t done a lunchtime post in a while because I’ve been too busy to stop working during lunch. The last few work days have been insane. Today is nuts but slightly less nuts so I’ve got a minute.

Usually work slows down a bit during the summer. That’s not the case this year. Is that due to the pandemic? Summer is meaningless when you’ve been locked down for a year and a half? Maybe. More likely it’s just bad luck.

I need things to change. I can’t keep doing this staying at my parents house for much longer. I feel like I’m coming unglued. We need things to change. I feel like Glen after Negan hit him the first time. Read the first 100 issues of The Walking Dead comic. You’ll understand.

Hold on, I have to give mom her pills….

….okay, I’m back. What was I talking about? Mom is watching soap operas. That’s new.

Spoke too soon. She just changed the channel back to a game show. That’s a whole lot better than the catholic channel she had on this morning, and it’s astronomical units better than Jerry Springer. Where did I put my headphones?

Do you own a pair of Apple AirPods Pro or AirPods Max? Turn on transparency mode and then have a fan blow into your face. The noise is incredible.

Eight minutes left in my lunch break. I have two meetings this afternoon. I want to take a nap, but that’s not unusual for 2:00pm on a Wednesday.

Wait a second… am I feeling out of whack today because it’s the first Wednesday in six weeks that didn’t have a new Marvel episode? Loki ended last week and What If doesn’t start until next month. Not sure how much interest I have in What If. Animated Star Wars is acceptable to me for some reason, but I am not sure if animated Marvel is also acceptable. We’ll see.

Okay, now it’s back to work. Have a good afternoon, everyone!

That Sucks

Want to know what sucks? Having all the fixings for either a peanut butter and jelly or a tuna fish sandwich for lunch and then realizing that you don’t have any bread to make the sandwiches with.

Damn it.

More Gore

Last night I cut myself while chopping vegetables.  This morning I cut my chin while shaving.  Both incidents combined resulted in about 3 gallons of blood loss*.  It’s been an ugly couple of days at my house.  I expect that I will make a full recovery, but I am still worried about one thing…

…I think the cat can smell blood.  She was looking at me funny this morning, almost as if she suddenly saw me as a walking lunch menu.  I think I am in trouble.


*When I say 3 gallons of blood loss, I really mean that there was probably enough blood to almost fill a really small eye dropper.  Almost.

Stupid Lunch

For years now I’ve been telling myself, “if you make your lunch for the next day at night before bed then you won’t have to worry about it in the morning, and if you’re running late it will be okay because you can still brown bag it.”

Last night I made today’s lunch before I went to bed. I was so proud of myself. Good job, Robbie!

When I left for work this morning I forgot it. My nice little lunch bag is still sitting in the fridge at home. I didn’t remember it until I was walking into the door at work.

Stupid lunch. Stupid Robbie.

Back Yard Wild Kingdom Moment

I am working from home today. When lunch time came I decided I’d cook the last hamburger out on the grill. A little cookout for one, if you will.

In one hand I had a plate with the burger on it along with a couple of grill utensils. In the other I had a little tray table I use to place all my stuff on while I grill like a grilling demon wannabe.

I put the tray table down while I opened the garage’s back door. Immediately upon opening the door a dragon fly blew past. Good! I’ve been hoping to see those little buggers. Dragon flies eat mosquitoes and we sure could handle a drastic reduction in the back yard mosquito population. Welcome back, dragon fly!

As I took my first step toward the open door I saw something even better. Probably only 20-30 yards away, flying slowly, almost casually, across the far end of the yard was a great big honkin’ red tail hawk. Right there, as large as life (literally). It landed on a low branch of a tree near the edge of the woods. It sat there for a second, just long enough for me to get a good look and for him to notice there was a great big two legged sucker walking out of the building. It took off into the woods and I quickly lost sight of it.

As I grilled up my lunch, I kept an eye on the trees and on the sky. I saw a big butterfly, and a bluejay, but that was it. I told myself that if the hawk came back into the yard I was going to give it my burger.

Maybe if I feed it, it will start killing off the damn squirrels that eat all of my bird food.