Good Morning

Good morning, everyone. How’s your Tuesday going. Hope you’re off to a good start.

I’m at my parents house. My brother is here and he’s working at his desk. He expects to be wrapping up soon so I can hijack his monitors again. I feel like a squatter but it’s okay.

Jen just called me. She’s off work this morning and went out for some errands. One of them was getting the Kia inspected. She had to go into the shop. Pre-Covid that would have been nothing. Now? That’s a huge accomplishment. I’m very proud of her. My wife has some serious guts.

She also set something up for tomorrow that I don’t want to talk about yet that literally took the weight of the world off my shoulders. The relief is so great it’s like a physical thing. Thank you, my love.

Okay, off to work. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

You know You’re Old When

You know you’re old when your beloved spouse asks if it can be bedtime and you look at your watch and see 8:35 and you still say sure. Then your beloved tells you to check your watch again and you realize it’s not 8:35, it’s 7:35, and you are still 100% okay with calling it bedtime.

First Contact Day

Did I know about this? I must have known about this. I don’t think I knew this, but it’s freakin’ nerd-vana whether I knew it or not.

As mentioned previously today is the anniversary of the first date my wife and I went on. Dinner in Lowell next door to the movie theater, and then a drive across town to the old Brew House where we just hung out for a long time.

April 5, 2007. A landmark day in my life.

In Star Trek world, April 5th is also the anniversary of the first human traveling faster than light AND the first human contact with an alien race. They made a movie about it. It was one of the really good ones.

In Star Trek fandom day is referred to as First Contact Day.

Our First Dateiversary is on First Contact Day. Holy shit snacks that is fitting! Granted, it was our first contact in person. We’d been chatting on line for a few months prior to actually going on a date, but let’s not worry about the semantics, our First Contact was on First Contact Day and oh my goodness gracious that it all kinds of awesome!

14 Years

14 Years ago today I went on a first date with a fantastic woman. Her name was Jen. Still is. She has a new last name now though. Funny, it’s the same last name I have. In fact, you might say that it’s my last name. As in we went on a date on April 5, 2007 and then at some later point something happened and she took my last name as her own. Like on May 30, 2009 something happened where we vowed to share our lives together or something like that.

Happy first dateiversary to the love of my life, Jennifer. 14 years and I’m still crazy about you.

Preemptive Valentine

Last night as we were getting ready for bed I jumped the gun. I asked Jen if she would be my valentine. I know it was still a couple of hours away from actual Valentine’s Day but I just couldn’t wait to ask her. I was so excited about the idea of her being my valentine that I just had to know right then.

She said yes. She’s my valentine.

And all was right with the world.

Apple Nerds

Our Apple TV Siri remote has gone missing. It was there last night, it’s gone today. I think the cat ate it.

I was sitting at my work desk messing with my MacBook Pro and watching some hockey so I popped on over to and ordered a new remote. As I was starting the check out process Jen walked into the room to tell me that she just ordered a new remote.

Nerd love. It’s a beautiful thing.

Happy Halloween

In early May my hair was lock down long. Jen cut it for me. It was wonderful. One month later it was getting shaggy again and Jen cut it again and it was wonderful. Today it was back to super lock down long and Jen cut it again and it’s wonderful.

I have never had a buzz cut before. At least not since I was old enough to tell everyone I didn’t want a buzz cut anymore. My hair has never been this short before. My 1992 hippy long hair past self is in shock, but I love it.

Thanks, Jen!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


Hair During Quarantine

Twice since the lock down started my beautiful wife has cut my hair. Today, for the first time, she cut her own hair. She found a how-to video on youtube and this morning she went for it…

…and it looks GREAT! She’s not all that happy with it, but I think she looks fantastic. I am really impressed. There is literally nothing she can’t do.

Haircuts, or My Wife: My Hero

All those right wing scum bags arming themselves to the teeth and storming into their state houses like the terrorists they are, demanding their hair stylists risk their health and go back to work so that they can get their hair cut.

Screw those terrorist pricks.

Back on May 8th my hair was longer than it had ever been. It was so long in the front that it was funny as hell. My wife gave me a glorious birthday gift when she cut it for me.

Fast forward to today, the three month anniversary of my last day in the office before my company shut down the buildings, the love of my life gave me another haircut. This time there was no messing around. She lopped off the places that were too long and then buzzed it like you’ve read about. Amazing.

It’s not quite high and tight, but it’s as short as I’ve had it since I was a little kid. It’s perfect. Bring on the summer.

Thank you, my beloved Jen. I know you were nervous about it, but you did great and I appreciate it so much. I love you!!!