Bathroom Work: The End May Be In Sight

I spoke to the contractor who is fixing the bathroom in our primary bedroom suite. He said the plan for today is to paint in the morning and start putting things back together again in the afternoon. Sounds like the end might be in sight. Probably another day, maybe two? It’s going to be nice to have two bathrooms again. We haven’t been a two bathroom house for too terribly long, but boy did I get super spoiled, super fast.

Fingers crossed.

Bathroom Relief

We thought we were going to have to clean out the closet in the bathroom that’s being gutted today. We don’t. What a freakin’ relief. We have so much stuff in that closet that the idea of cleaning it out was giving me hives.

I don’t have a picture of the progress yet, but ever since we took the drop ceiling out of the basement back in April I can see the hot and cold water lines that run into that bathroom while I’m sitting at my desk at work… so… that’s something, right?


Small Changes

…and the after pic.


Two new shelves and the spice rack thingie has been raised up a bit to better line things up. I only severely damaged the wall in a couple of places but the shelf brackets cover the craters. Nice, huh?

In the Office Again

Here we are, in the office in Westwood again. We come in once a month, the whole group on the same day. It doesn’t really make sense from a Covid perspective, but that’s the situation we’re in now.

Traffic was bad, but not remarkably bad. Just normal bad. There seemed to be an overabundance of stupid people on the road. That was interesting and rather awful, but unfortunately not too out of the ordinary.

My wedding ring almost fell off while I was unloading my backpack. That does it. I have to go and get it resized. This weekend, assuming my jewelry shop of choice is open this weekend. I have to check on that. I want to bring it to the same shop we bought it from in 2009. That seems like the right thing to do. If they aren’t available I’ll go somewhere else, but they are still my first choice.

Back when we had the cellar remodeled I broke the hose that vents the dryer. We had to have someone come in and replace it. Apparently they put too many twists and turns into it when they installed the new one and now we’re getting errors triggered by the flow sensor. Urgh. I will try to hook up a shorter hose that goes straight to the vent in the wall. Something else I need to do this weekend. I feel like it’s going to be a busy one.

Okay, let’s get to work. Lots of meetings today. Fun fun fun. I miss Jen.

Busy Monday

It’s been a busy morning. I’m wrapping up lunch right now and I feel like I haven’t had a minute to get my head straight today. I also had like five typos in the previous two sentences. What’s up, Robert?

I’m tired today. I didn’t fall asleep until almost 1:30am. I was then awake at around 7:00am, which is much later than I had hoped. Oh well. I’ll make it through the day and hopefully get to bed early tonight. Maybe. Who knows.

This weekend was busy as well. I spent most of Friday out of work on sick time so that I could stay in the ER with my father. He had massive back pain come up out of nowhere on Thursday. My brother took him to the ER where they waited for nine hours before seeing a doctor. The hospital was 100% full so they couldn’t admit him for the night. He ended up staying in an ER room. I relieved my brother at around 7:00am after his heroic night without sleep. Dad’s pain seemed to fix itself somehow and he was discharged in the mid-afternoon. I got home around 5:00pm or so. Maybe a smidge earlier than that.

From there the weekend of home improvement kicked off. Jen and I made about 650 trips to various Home Depot and Lowes locations. We installed a new cabinet in the kitchen, thanks to huge help from Jen’s step father, Sherman. I installed a wire pull out shelf system which almost killed me. Sherman helped me fix a small issue I was having, and then he installed a counter top onto the new cabinet. It looked great. Jen and I did the finishing work and then started rearranging things in the kitchen. We got some new cookware and saved off the old stuff for when a certain college student graduates and potentially needs a kitchen of her own at some point over the summer.

We were actually thinking about adding three cabinets and a great big pantry and a set of four shelves, but we scrapped all of that as possible overkill. Outside of home improvement, I was only able to get to my mother once. She had a brief moment of awareness when I got there. She asked me to get her a drink. That doesn’t sound like much, but compared to how she normally acts when I am there, that little interaction was huge. A nurse brought her some ice cream too and she devoured it. Normally getting her to eat is a struggle. Not then. She dug in and went after it. It was literally heart warming.

Other than that, there was just a lot of together time with me and my love, Jen. There was a lot of television watched, too much. The Walking Dead and House of the Dragon and Rings of Power are all up to date. Tonight I will go grocery shopping. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment in the morning. Wednesday we have tons of television to watch. Good stuff.

For now though, lunch is over. Back to work, Robert.

Plans for Tomorrow

I was thinking of getting up with the sun and doing some photo’ing tomorrow but nope. Not going to do it.

Jen wants to redesign the living room so we are getting up early to tackle the task. After that’s done I’m going to visit mom for the first time in a week.

No clue what’s happening after that. Maybe some house cleaning, maybe dinner on the grill, maybe some freakin’ guitar.

I would like to play cameras one morning this weekend. It is a three day’r after all. Lots of opportunities. I haven’t checked the weather forecast though. I should probably do that.

Oh yeah! There’s Rings of Power too! Gotta watch that puppy!

Happy long weekend, folks!

ADDENDUM: Someone just suggested IKEA… oh, we might be in trouble. Heh heh

Tuesday July 5, 2022

The long weekend is over. It was nice, even though July 4th is now meaningless. Mostly Jen and I just hung out, but I also visited mom a few times and bought some clothes that fit (for now) and took a shit load of pictures on both Dad’s camera and my camera. We also went for a random drive to enjoy the nice weather yesterday. It was a pretty good weekend.

And now it’s over. We have a couple of contractors coming today to give estimates on fixing a potentially huge issue in the new bathroom. We’re pretty much guaranteed to lose the shower in there, which makes me sad. It is a walk in shower and I always wanted a walk in shower. Unfortunately there is a leak somewhere and there is evidence that the wall behind the shower stall is rotting so… buhbye walk in shower. Not sure what we’ll do with the space once it’s cleaned up. A linen closet? Maybe?

As for everything else. I did not get a chance to work on any music last night. I’ve been so hung up on the photography stuff lately that I haven’t been thinking music much at all. Time to find a middle ground where I can obsess over both topics. Music needs to be written, guitars need to be played, thrift stores need to be combed for inexpensive old film SLR cameras. Lizardfish needs to reunite. I sent a chat to the band yesterday saying if we don’t practice soon I am going to die. Here’s hoping they can save my life.

Okay. Get to work.

Better Than Expected

I was afraid that today was going to be a bad day, but so far it’s been okay. Whatever was up with my head this morning cleared up around the time I punched in to work. Jen is okay too. She doesn’t feel all better, but she is okay. That’s good.

The bad news so far was the exterminator. He’s pretty sure we’re going to have some damage behind the shower wall in our master bathroom. Now that we’ve spent all of that money fixing the cellar and the kitchen and the dining room… now we’re going to have to fix the bathroom too. We may end up ripping out the shower and not replacing it. We’ll have to see.

I am punching out of work in about 20 minutes and then going over to the hospital to sit with my mother for a while. That could turn out to be a rough situation, but I am ready for it. I am eating a little dinner right now (three ounces of chicken) so that I don’t have to worry about it later. I’ll be taking a big water bottle with me. I should be able to hit both my protein and liquid goals for the day. I am pretty confident.