Yet Another Kitchen Upgrade

More kitchen changes? No… you’re not serious.

Yes. We are serious.


A new cabinet with a counter top and a peg board to hang utensils and pots and shit.

Drywall mounts, a stud finder, a drill (two different bits). All sorts of construction worker stuff.

I was terrified of all of it and now that we’re done I’m still terrified of all of it. Yikes!


Well, this morning one of our smoke detectors started giving the low battery squawk. We needed a tried and true handy man to track it down, take it off the ceiling, change the batteries, and put it back on the ceiling. We needed a hero. Fortunately that hero was available and came through for us. That hero… was me.

Yes, Robert is so tall that when the low battery squawk starts his head is close enough to the ceiling that he can both track down the ailing unit and reach up to unscrew it from its perch. Yes, his skills are virtually endless. The biggest challenge though was getting the dying batteries out of the damm thing. Something about the model we have, they really stick those batteries in there good. I was, of course, able to prevail in that struggle, and all is well with our smoke detecting system once more.

Please, please, no applause. Just throw money.

Now if I could just figure out why my SleepWatch report from last night keeps disappearing (was it because my watch was on the charger?) and why I only managed an 8% sleeping heart rate dip last night. That is just not optimal! (On the report it labels 8% as “not optimal” so you see what I did there?)

I really need Covid to be over. Really.


I’ve been pretty much crushed for the last week. It’s getting worse. I just want to curl up in a ball and go away. I can’t though. I have too much to do. Is it necessary stuff or is it distracting stuff. Yes. Tonight I hope to finish up the bed room. New mattress pad, new mattress, new end tables. Tomorrow we start on the kitchen which includes the closet in the mudroom. It’s going to take a few weeks to get through everything on the agenda. There are so many boxes waiting to be opened that I don’t know what to do with them all.

So. Many. Boxes.

At least a new mattress could potentially mean that Jen and I aren’t overwhelmed with back pain when we wake up tomorrow. That’s a plus, right? My foot issue which may or may not be Plantar Fasciitis started sneaking up on me eight or nine days ago, and it was a nightmare through last weekend, but now I think it’s gone. I probably just jinxed it though. At least I’ve got that going for me.

The work day is ~88% complete. 60 minutes to go. At least I’ve got that going for me, right?


Home improvement shows on HGTV should come with a warning label. Everything going on here is their fault. We watched a bunch of episodes of Property Brothers* and now we’re turning the house upside down.

First it was the bedroom closets. Then it was the furniture arrangement. Then it was the bed. Then it was the end tables. We should be done with this room this weekend. After that it’s going to be the kitchen.

We aren’t doing renovations because Covid, duh. We’re making changes that are simple enough that a klutz with no home improvement skills (me) can pull them off.

The actual renovations will be in the cellar and they will wait until after Covid is cleared out. Pretty much everything in the cellar, from beneath the floor tiles up through anything actually sitting on the floor is so badly water damaged that it’s got to go. The floor and the walls and the drop ceiling all have to go. The HVAC ducts all have to go. I think once Covid is gone and we can let a work crew into the house we are going to take anything savable out of the cellar and put it somewhere. Everything else can be taken out by a junk removal service or something. Then we bring a contractor to take up the floor, take down the drop ceiling, and fix the walls. It’s going to be a nightmare, but there is so much water damage that there isn’t a choice.

The cellar can’t be blamed on the Property Brothers and HGTV, but all the upstairs stuff can. How dare you, HGTV. Put a warning label on these shows. Stay safe, everyone.

*Do you think either of the Property Brothers, or any of the staff and crew who work on the show have ever used the phrase, “property bros. before property hoes”?

Replacement Replacement

The replacement to the replacement headboard was delivered yesterday along with a new set of desk drawers for my work from home nook. My back and my legs are still killing me from last weekend, with a little help from yesterday’s shoveling adventure (oh, and did I mention it’s snowing again?), but it looks like I’ve got some things to do this weekend too.

I haven’t played guitar this week. I was too sore yesterday. Maybe tonight, we’ll see.

Lots to do, lots to do.

Weekend Project Part 11: The Temper Tantrum

The new bed looked perfect. The big wire frame seems strong enough to hold an elephant and a hippo and a tank and me. The new headboard looked beautiful, right up until the moment the support that holds both the leg to the bed frame and the headboard itself snapped like a twig because it was a tiny little piece of super cheap plywood that couldn’t stand the strain of me breathing on it.

There was yelling. A lot of it.

Day Two is Done

My closet has been cleaned out and completely reorganized. I knew it was going to be a pain in the ass, but it was a bigger deal than I thought it would be. The closet organizing insert thing was smaller than we thought it would be, but it still works fine. I also hung some shelves, proving once again that I don’t have the ol’ carpenter/contractor gene. Not even close. While I was doing all of that, Jen was reorganizing storage spaces and closets all over the house. She was amazing. Right now she’s on her computer planning out a hypothetical post-covid redesign of our kitchen and dining room. That’s what happens when you watch too much property brothers. You start getting crazy ideas about knocking down walls and putting islands into your kitchen. As always, she is amazing.

Jen and I are both off from work tomorrow and there should be a new bed frame getting delivered. That’s goal number one. I also have to drive my father to a doctors appointment. That’s goal number two. Goal number three? I haven’t played guitar in days. I have a new wah wah pedal literally sitting on the floor next to me and apart from proving to myself that it works, I haven’t played with it yet. That needs to change tomorrow. Mental health dictates that I get some significant playing time in tomorrow. I have spoken.