What’s Next for the Cellar

I am on a late lunch break right now, posting a late lunch break bloggie post. So what, you ask? Well I’m doing it from the cellar, the new location of my home office.

This morning before work I brought my desk and filing cabinet along with both computers (one for work, one for not-work), my gigantic monitor, all of the hardware I use for work (camera, headset mic), and a few other things. Most of it is setup now. I have a podcast playing on my MacBook, airplaying through an old HomePod, and a few lamps with internet connected light bulbs. It’s nice and bright down here and everything is working fine.

There is just one hang up, and it’s one we saw coming a mile away. It’s a little cold down here. Not too bad, but a little chilly. I have a light jacket on. I’m fine and dandy. We have a little space heater upstairs that isn’t being used. I’ll probably bring it down here at some point.

So what’s next for the cellar? Tonight we’re going to mount the new TV in the little living room space. There are a few more things to bring down from upstairs, like the exercise bike and the guitar nook. We have some pictures to hang and some signs and things like that. There’s a shelf we want to put on one wall, and a curtain we want to hang in the one little cellar window. We have a bookcase coming and another little cubbyhole looking storage thingie.

After all of that? Just sit back and relax and watch a movie and have my internal organs hacked up and stapled back together. Yeah, that.


The cellar is done!

Well, we still have to hang the TV and move my office downstairs and hang some pictures and finish puffing out the bean bag chair, but as far as construction is concerned, it’s done!

Not Quite Done but SO CLOSE

The last patch of floor is finished!

The baseboard is finished!

The thresholds are finished!

He still needs to replace the outlet and light switch covers and touch up a few little paint issues, but that’s it. We are SO CLOSE!!

We Are SO Close

The contractor got here around 5:00pm. That’s 3-4 hours later than he usually gets here. I don’t know how long he’s staying.

We are so close to being done. The guy has been a freaking rock star. Can he finish tonight? Jen and I are listening to the sounds coming from down there trying to guess what’s still left to do.

We just heard what sounds like a nail gun. Does that mean he’s finishing up the baseboards?