We Lost

The Bruins just lost game seven, 3-2.

I am sad.

I guess now I’m a fan of whoever faces the whale in the second round.

A disappointing end to a decent but still pretty disappointing season.

Game Seven

We are just a few minutes away from game seven of the Bruins first round series against the whalers.

The home team has won every game this round. We need that to change tonight as we are the road team.

There is no reason the Bruins can’t win this one. It’s been an even series, but I’ve got a good feeling today. Cautious optimism and everything.

Go Bruins!

Two Goal Lead

The Bruins have a two goal lead after two periods. I’ve been watching the game out of the corner of my eye, and it sure looked like the Whalers carried the play for most of the second period. Here’s hoping the Bruins hang on.

Patches looks nervous, but the Bruins are in a good spot going into the third.

…And Again

I’m getting tired of posting this. The Bruins are down 2-0 after one period.

In each of the last two games I had to formally request (via blog post) that they step it up and take care of business.

Come on, Bruins. Get it together. Again.

In unrelated news, the Red Sox are up 6-0 in the second inning. Should they lose tonight there record will calm to 10-20. That would be suckitude of epic proportions. I’d be okay with it though if I got a Bruins win in return.

Go Bruins… and Red Sox.

The Bruins are Losing

The Bruins and the Whalers are playing game four at this very moment. We are losing 2-1 in the second period.

Remember the other day when I wrote a post telling the Bruins they needed to step it up and win game three?

This is me doing it again. Come on, Bruins, let’s pick it up.

Go Bruins!

ADDENDUM: The Bruins scored! It’s tied at two after two periods. Keep it up, Bruins!

ADDENDUM 2: The Bruins won 5-2 and tied the series at two games a piece. You’re welcome, Bruins fans.


For your Information:

Do you realize the NHL playoffs start in about an hour an a half? The post season kicks off with the Bruins and the Carolina Hartford Whalers Hurricanes*. Game one starts at 7:00**PM in whatever North Carolina city passes for Hartford these days.

All together now… Go Bruins!

*The NHL schedule says 7:00PM so, what… 7:35? 7:40? Whatever.

**No, I will not stop making smart*** ass Whaler cracks at the Hurricanes. I don’t care how much you beg me to stop, I will never stop.


Blow Out

I often joke about how I want to see the Boston Bruins jump out to a 10 goal lead in any random game so that I won’t have to stress over the outcome.

I don’t really want to see that every game, but if it happens I won’t exactly be upset, you know?

Tonight, over at the ol’ TD Garden, after two periods the Bruins have an 8-2 lead over the Devils.

Like I said, the blow outs are nice when they happen.*

*If they let Jersey back into this one in the third period, I’m going to be very unhappy.

Admitted for the Night

My mother is still in the hospital. She’ll be there overnight. She has a UTI but she’s in a lot of pain. They are admitting her. That’s a good thing, I think, but she’s not happy about it.

Work has been stressful AF today, as the kids these days like to say. That combined with my mother’s situation has been enough to keep me from stressing over my own doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I am going to see the Cardiologist. I need Psych, Cardiology, and Dietary to sign off on my weight loss surgery. Psych is all set. Cardiology is next. Dietary will be on going for a while longer. I don’t know how much longer, I just know it’s on going.

I don’t know what they are going to do to me tomorrow. I’m assuming an EKG or something. I have my fingers crossed that it won’t involve a stress test. I need this to go well. I’m not feeling the terror I usually feel leading up to an appointment, but it’ll probably come soon enough.

The contractor is coming back this afternoon. There’s another one coming tomorrow. After that? I don’t know. My in-the-office day will be Wednesday this week instead of Thursday. That’s probably going to mess up my internal calendar in a big way. I’ll live.

Okay. Lunch break over. Back to work.

PS: It’s NHL trade deadline day today and the Bruins just picked up another defenseman. Also, I heard they extended DeBrusk? The guy who’s been asking for a trade all year. Interesting. I’m cool with that.

Okay, now back to work.

Bad Day for the Bruins

The Bruins are getting the shit kicked out of them against the Whalers tonight. It’s just a bad day for the Bruins all around.

Bergeron is out with a head injury.

Marchand was suspended for six games for being a friggin’ idiot against Pittsburgh the other night.

Tuukka Rask put an end to his comeback attempt and called it a career.

And now they are getting spanked like a naughty kid in a movie about some Victorian era orphanage.

Yeah, it’s a bad day for the Bruins.