New Flower Alert!

I’ve been checking the Japanese Peace Lilly in the bedroom every day, searching for signs of new flowers. Today that search paid off!


I had the little point and shoot in the room so I used it for that picture (with the flash). After two posts last night, can you guess what’s coming? Oh yeah, DSLR (no flash) Vivid vs Monochrome comparisons! WOOHOO!


I then got carried away and took a couple more…

What’s up, autofocus? I must have moved.

I didn’t edit these in Apple Photos at all. I usually just use the auto setting as a tiny little tweak, but I left these alone.

One final pre-work-morning note. Two days ago I ran for a minute at the end of my 30 minute walkies. Yesterday I ran for two minutes. You might expect that I ran for three minutes today but no… I ran for five.

Who am I?