New Flower Alert!

I’ve been checking the Japanese Peace Lilly in the bedroom every day, searching for signs of new flowers. Today that search paid off!


I had the little point and shoot in the room so I used it for that picture (with the flash). After two posts last night, can you guess what’s coming? Oh yeah, DSLR (no flash) Vivid vs Monochrome comparisons! WOOHOO!


I then got carried away and took a couple more…

What’s up, autofocus? I must have moved.

I didn’t edit these in Apple Photos at all. I usually just use the auto setting as a tiny little tweak, but I left these alone.

One final pre-work-morning note. Two days ago I ran for a minute at the end of my 30 minute walkies. Yesterday I ran for two minutes. You might expect that I ran for three minutes today but no… I ran for five.

Who am I?

Flash Plant

I used the flash to get this. Can you tell? This plant has been alive, sitting by this window for three months or so. I am kinda shocked.


I used the flash on this one too. I never use the flash, but I used it today. Why? I don’t know. This plant has one very healthy looking leaf, and a bunch that look like they are dying from the edges in. Sad plant is sad.


Cellar plants. I want them to live forever, but I don’t think I have the ability to make that happen. Come on, plants. Thrive!

Leaky but Alive

Every time I water this cellar plant all of the water leaks out of the pot. Somehow it still lives though. Weird.


That one leaf on the far right is looking like it’s days are numbered, but there seem to be a couple of new branches splitting off. Good job, cellar plant.



We are just hanging around tonight watching the tube. I needed to get off my ass because my ass was getting sore. I took my camera with me and took a few pointless pictures. Now you, dear readers, will see them all.

The aperture on my lens only goes down to f5.6 and that doesn’t seem to be wide enough to get really good blurry backgrounds. Oh well.


Cellar Window

The plant in the cellar window is definitely growing a new leaf. I watered all of the plants down here this morning and water leaked out of the bottom of every pot. Insert frustrated grumbles here.


I think there might be new leaves on the other two cellar plants too, but there is also a lot more signs of distress. This pic shows one leaf turning brown at the tip. The other two are showing a lot of that, and it’s all much worse. I am hoping I won’t need to redesign the window arrangement to fit the other two plants.

I don’t want to move my desk swag. I just brought the Devil Dawg here from my parents house where it sat forgotten on a shelf…


Also, Mabel Pines may be the greatest character in television history. I can’t displace her.


What to do, what to do.

Lunch Break Project

I came up with a small project for my lunch break today. No it wasn’t driving to the Salvation Army store in Salem looking for cameras (tomorrow?), it was repotting the cellar plants. Well, two of them at least. We only had two pots available so that was it.

I left the plant that might actually be growing alone and took care of the other two. It was pretty much a failure though as the reason I did this was because any time I water these plants the water comes pouring out of the bottom of the pot. Today I moved them to a new pot, covered them with new soil, watered them, and then five minutes later found the pots sitting in a puddle of water. Damn it!

I took a picture of each plant. Manual mode. They look terrible. I took the same pics in auto mode and they look equally as terrible. I should have used the flash, but I don’t like using the flash. So here’s the terrible looking manual pics.


House Plants in the Cellar

We have three house plants in the cellar. They are all struggling. One of them sits in the one window we have available and even that one is having a rough life.

I water them and most of the water leaks out of the pot. I think I need to re-pot them all, but I’m not sure if doing that will make any difference. Maybe I’ll try it and see what happens.

Despite having a few leaves die and fall off and mostly looking droopy and unhappy, the one in the window next to my desk may be growing a new leaf. I will monitor for a few days and let you all know.


Let there be plant life!

New Flowers!

The Japanese Peace Lilly is growing two new flowers!! Woohoo!!

I wonder if the plant flowers seasonally and the season is starting. It’s had one flower open for ages, months I think, and every day it seems to droop a little more. It’s still hanging in there though. It will soon have a flowery friend, and I think there is a third flower just starting to poke out of the leaves.


New flower:

Possible additional new flower (look close, there’s a little white thing just starting to come out):