Fun with Houseplants

Check out Bertha’s new leaf. It looks healthy and happy. She has now doubled in size since we potted the clipping.

The new branch is huge. It’s bigger than the original two branches combined. Good job, Bertha!

The thing that I think is going to be a new flower on the Japanese Peace Lily hasn’t opened yet, but it is growing like crazy. If this keeps up it will soon be the tallest point on the entire plant.

Finally, let’s check out the tallest plant in the room. This guy has grown about 4-5 inches since we repotted. Keep it up, big guy!

Plant Update

Check out the new leaf on Bertha the plant clipping. This is leaf number four and it’s looking real good.

Check this out too. This was a surprise. I’ve been thinking that we’re losing Sgt Angel the Japanese Peace Lilly, but then I saw this last night.

Is that a new flower popping up? Is it going to turn green and be a new leaf? I haven’t a clue, but it’s new and it’s the same color as the flowers that bloom on this plant. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new flower. The last one is brown and sad and probably 98% dead. Here’s hoping this is a good sign.

House plants! Wow!

Hanging in There

My second day back in the office is about half over. Lunch will be wrapping up shortly. Once again there are not many people around today, but there are more than I feel comfortable with. We are all safely distanced from each other and everyone here is vaccinated. We’re about as safe from the dreaded One Nine as we can be. Still… I’d feel more comfortable working from home. Part of me wants to book a conference room and hide there for the rest of the day. No, I will put my trust in the two vaccine shots and the one booster shot. Hang in there, kiddos!

Speaking of not feeling comfortable, this chair sucks. I have been seriously spoiled. Not only is the chair at my desk at home 1000 times better than the chair at my desk at work, but the chairs at the building we worked out of for the five years or so prior to the pandemic were also 1000 times better. My back is killing me in ways that my back usually doesn’t kill me. Normally my back issues are in my lower back, but today it’s up between my shoulder blades. I blame this sub-par chair and I wanna go home.

I also forgot to open the blinds on the bedroom window that gives Bertha the plant clipping all of her sunlight. I am such a terrible plant dad. Bertha may never forgive me. I’m sorry Bertha.

The House Plants Have Names

As of this morning the four house plants in the bedroom have officially official names.

This tall drink of water is named Zack. Jen said it just looks like a Zack. Zack Attack, you know.

Jen told me that I had to come up with a name for the Japanese Peace Lilly. The choice is obvious. It’s name is Sgt. Angel, though Sgt. Angle is also acceptable. Do you get it? No? Go watch the movie Hot Fuzz. All will be made clear.

This one is named Ron. Jen didn’t give an explanation, but I have to assume it is in honor of the best member of the Harry Potter Big Three, Ron Weasley. Why is he the best? Why, red hair of course. Also because Weasley is our King, he never lets the quaffle in, Weasley is our King.

Finally, and by far most important, is Bellana’s clipping. Bellana named the plant that the clipping came from Burt. Therefore, the clipping (COMPLETE WITH A NEW LEAF!!!!!!) will forever be known as Bertha.

There you have it, folks. The plants have been named.

Two Fun Monday Things

I just want to add a quick post to mention two things that just happened because they are funny and weird and worth mentioning on a pointless blog like this.

I’ve mentioned before that I like to listen to podcasts while I work. I play them through the Apple HomePod Minis in the bedroom. Today when I tried to connect to them via Airplay they weren’t available. I asked Siri to tell me the weather and it came back saying it wasn’t connected to the internet. Our HomePods are setup through Jen’s Home app so I told her and when she gets a chance she’ll look at it.

A few minutes later, I am sitting at my desk working and suddenly, seemingly at random, Deep Purple’s Space Truckin’ comes roaring out of the HomePods. Oh yeah, it does! Come on, let’s go space truckin’ babie!

I know why it happened, but it’s just really funny that it did. Once the song was over it started playing some horrid Aerosmith song and I couldn’t get that bastard shut off fast enough. The Purple song though, that was a treat.

A few minutes after that I decided to water the plants. Literally, that’s not a urination reference. I literally watered the plants. I have a candle burning on the same table the plants sit on. As I was watering one particular plant I smelled smoke. I then saw smoke. Huh? Oh, it’s just my arm. It was over the candle and my arm hairs were singeing off. That’s all. Nothing major. No damage done… except to a few arm hairs. I can still sort of smell it though.

All of this before 10:00am