Lunch Break Project

I came up with a small project for my lunch break today. No it wasn’t driving to the Salvation Army store in Salem looking for cameras (tomorrow?), it was repotting the cellar plants. Well, two of them at least. We only had two pots available so that was it.

I left the plant that might actually be growing alone and took care of the other two. It was pretty much a failure though as the reason I did this was because any time I water these plants the water comes pouring out of the bottom of the pot. Today I moved them to a new pot, covered them with new soil, watered them, and then five minutes later found the pots sitting in a puddle of water. Damn it!

I took a picture of each plant. Manual mode. They look terrible. I took the same pics in auto mode and they look equally as terrible. I should have used the flash, but I don’t like using the flash. So here’s the terrible looking manual pics.