New Flowers!

The Japanese Peace Lilly is growing two new flowers!! Woohoo!!

I wonder if the plant flowers seasonally and the season is starting. It’s had one flower open for ages, months I think, and every day it seems to droop a little more. It’s still hanging in there though. It will soon have a flowery friend, and I think there is a third flower just starting to poke out of the leaves.


New flower:

Possible additional new flower (look close, there’s a little white thing just starting to come out):

Plant Update

Check out the new leaf on Bertha the plant clipping. This is leaf number four and it’s looking real good.

Check this out too. This was a surprise. I’ve been thinking that we’re losing Sgt Angel the Japanese Peace Lilly, but then I saw this last night.

Is that a new flower popping up? Is it going to turn green and be a new leaf? I haven’t a clue, but it’s new and it’s the same color as the flowers that bloom on this plant. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new flower. The last one is brown and sad and probably 98% dead. Here’s hoping this is a good sign.

House plants! Wow!