How Long Until Christmas?

How many days left until SantaDay?


I still have one present left to get. I won’t have the car until after work tonight so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Why not go out after work? Because I am planning on doing some holiday themed baking. Can you believe it? Jen and I had talked about baking cookies and I think that has to happen tonight. I also want to make some Tewksbury Tweets. I can’t eat any of these things myself, but I want to have them around for anyone who comes over on christmas eve. I snuck out to Market Basket before work and got the last thing we need to make the tweets (no relation to twitter, of course). We should be good to go. I just have to get through the work day, and then cook dinner, and then eat dinner, and then it’s baking (or no-baking for the Tewksbury tweets) time.

Santa will be here in three days. You had best be extra good if you’re on the presents vs coal bubble, right? Good luck, you naughty people.

Fun with Editing

I don’t have a clue how to properly edit photos. Not a single clue. I’ve been messing around with Lightroom on my iPad though and thought I’d post something for shits and giggles.

This picture was taken in my first roll of film and developed at a drugstore.

Once I got past the glee of seeing my first film shots it occurred to me that this kinda looks like moldy shit. Was it me? Was it the film? Was it the developing? Was it the scan? I didn’t know.

Here is a similar picture taken with my DSLR.

The colors here look accurate while the colors on the film pic look like two day old diarrhea. I tried messing with the film image in Lightroom to see if I could fix things a little.

I think it’s better but still not right. I also don’t really know what I did to get here.

What does all this mean? It means I don’t have a clue, but I want to do more. It also means I’m not getting film developed at the drug store anymore because none of the film developed and scanned by Old School Film Labs looks this crappy.

We will see how the first black and white shots come out. Hopefully soon. Fingers crossed for happy results.

Random Monday Morning Pics

Three pics from this chilly but sunny Monday morning.

First, a better shot of the camera christmas ornament because I am a nerd. Also, dig the sweet Wordle ornament Jen found.


Second, any excuse to interrupt Patches as she tries to nap on my new favorite living room chair.


Third, you know all of those pictures I’ve posted of the plant that grew from a clipping of Bellana’s plant? We named our plant Bertha because she named her plant Burt? Here’s a picture of Burt.


There, now get back to work!

Yankee Swap Swag

Today’s photo a day entry is the coffee mug I got from Tuesday’s Yankee Swap at work. It was our first holiday get together (in person) since 2019. I wore a mask the whole time. I was the only one.


I added some grain in Lightroom on my iPad. Pretty lame, eh?


I took a few backyard snow pictures with Dad’s camera. Then I took pretty much the same pictures with my DSLR. Yeah, I am a nerd. An obsessed, uber nerd.

The bird feeders were more than half full on Saturday afternoon. Now on Monday morning they are both empty. Birds are pigs, eh?
Manual focus, babie.