Catching Up

Right then. The turkey is in the oven, the first round of dishes are in the dishwasher, I finished Bellana’s laundry, I took out the trash and the recycling, and the camera batteries are all charged up. That means I can post the pics I would have posted in the last post.

My first stop on the film shootin’ journey today was Walnut Grove Cemetery. It looks something like this:


My second stop was Greycourt Park which looks a little something like this:


My third stop was the guitar nook which you’ve already seen in the last post, but this time the pic is from my DSLR because I’m a total fucking snob:


Now, in honor of The Great Black and White Film Experiment of 2022, which was the reason for the first of the two stops this morning, here are the same three digital pictures in black and white:

DSCN2691 (1)
DSCN2692 (1)

Two Stops This Morning – Black and White Edition

I brought cameras to two locations today. First was the Methuen Rail Trail, and later was a boat launch spot on Canobie Lake in Windham. Here are the monochrome pics in sort of reverse order.

This is officially pic 1/365 on the new photo-a-day project.
The drought is bad at Canobie Lake. It’s worse at the Spicket River, but those pics are still to come.
I have no idea where this bridge over the rail trail is. It looks like an old foot bridge. I might have to look for it on Google Maps or something.
Route 213 overpass
The Mighty Spicket River is almost gone.

I took color versions of all of these as well, so that will come later today. Most of them have film equivalents too. You’ll see those… someday.

New Flower Alert!

I’ve been checking the Japanese Peace Lilly in the bedroom every day, searching for signs of new flowers. Today that search paid off!


I had the little point and shoot in the room so I used it for that picture (with the flash). After two posts last night, can you guess what’s coming? Oh yeah, DSLR (no flash) Vivid vs Monochrome comparisons! WOOHOO!


I then got carried away and took a couple more…

What’s up, autofocus? I must have moved.

I didn’t edit these in Apple Photos at all. I usually just use the auto setting as a tiny little tweak, but I left these alone.

One final pre-work-morning note. Two days ago I ran for a minute at the end of my 30 minute walkies. Yesterday I ran for two minutes. You might expect that I ran for three minutes today but no… I ran for five.

Who am I?