New Flower Alert!

I’ve been checking the Japanese Peace Lilly in the bedroom every day, searching for signs of new flowers. Today that search paid off!


I had the little point and shoot in the room so I used it for that picture (with the flash). After two posts last night, can you guess what’s coming? Oh yeah, DSLR (no flash) Vivid vs Monochrome comparisons! WOOHOO!


I then got carried away and took a couple more…

What’s up, autofocus? I must have moved.

I didn’t edit these in Apple Photos at all. I usually just use the auto setting as a tiny little tweak, but I left these alone.

One final pre-work-morning note. Two days ago I ran for a minute at the end of my 30 minute walkies. Yesterday I ran for two minutes. You might expect that I ran for three minutes today but no… I ran for five.

Who am I?

Holy Expensive Cameras, Batman

Wow. Like…wow.

Nikon has had about 36,000 different camera models through the years. At least. My DSLR is 12 years old and it’s not going to last forever. So today I went to their website to see how much their top of the line cameras cost.

The flagship DSLR, the D6, only costs about $6,500. Not bad. The flagship non-professional class DSLR, the D500, is a veritable steal at just $1600. Groovy.

The cheapest DSLR is the D3400 at $500. Yeah, I think my friendly D90 and I are going to stay together until it disintegrates in my hands. I’m guessing it will still take good pictures even after it crumbles to dust.

What about mirrorless models? I know nothing about mirrorless cameras so don’t ask for opinions. The cheapest is the D30 at $710. The top of the line is the Z9 at $5,500. The coolest is the Zfc because it looks like a design from the 1970’s and it only costs $960.

Bargains galor!

Manual Mode Bonanza

I went around town today with my DSLR, shooting in Manual mode like a boss. Well… mostly. I kept the auto focus on because my eyes were feeling kinda funny. I learned that my 18-55mm lens only goes to f5.6. The 50mm lens on Dad’s camera goes to f2. So the comparisons might not be that interesting. I basically kept it set at f5.6 with the ISO at 200 (because the roll of film I used the other day was 200) and then just played with the shutter speed to react to the light meter. Probably not the best idea, but give me a break, I am a total rookie at this. I’m just amazed that the pics came out at all.

I will post more of the results later, but there were one or two spots where I took a shot in Manual and then took the same shot in Auto. What do you think?

Manual mode, f/5.6, 1/200
Auto mode, f/9.0, 1/80

Another Round Tomorrow

I think I have decided that tomorrow morning, around sunrise time, I am going to retrace my steps from yesterday’s mini photo walk around Methuen. This time with my digital camera in Manual mode. Weather and sleepiness permitting, of course.

The idea will be to compare the results with the digital camera to the film camera. Assuming the film shots actually get developed and actually come out okay.

I’m kinda going off the deep end here, aren’t I.

Digital vs Analog

I am pretty nervous about my camera failure this morning. Is the camera broken? Did I break the camera? Will the same thing happen again? I loaded a new roll of film into it when I got home and it seems okay. I don’t know though. Am I screwing up Dad’s camera?

I did another experiment today. Mostly just as an excuse to take a couple of pictures and make sure it’s winding correctly. It is. So far, so good.

I took out my D90, put it on my tripod (which is broken! The head piece doesn’t move anymore. Sand in the gears?), and pointed it at a candle. I used the light meter app and set up the camera manually. I then turned off all of the lights and took a picture. I then did the same thing except that I turned off the lights and then checked the light meter. The only setting on the camera I changed was the shutter speed.

Then I swapped cameras and did it all again. All of the same manual settings, everything. I took two pictures and the film advanced successfully. No issues at all.

Maybe someday I’ll get the pics developed and I’ll be able to compare, but for now I just have the digital stuff.

Aperture f/5.6, ISO 400, Shutter speed 1/30:


Aperture f/5.6, ISO 400, Shutter speed 1:


Now, we just have to wait for the film… someday. Remember, I just sent a roll off to get developed that is at least 30 years old. So… be patient, m’kay?

No Pain, No Gain, Something Something

I walked/marched in place for 30 minutes this morning before work. At lunch time I rode the exercise bike for 15 minutes. I have been trying to work the bike into my daily routine for a couple of weeks. Hopefully things will work out in such a way that I can do this regularly.

The downside is that my legs feel like rubber and walking is a little bit of an adventure. Yikes.

Here comes some camera nerd thoughts. Ready? Okay, I installed a light meter app on my phone yesterday. Dad’s camera has a built in light meter and I would utterly be toast without it. I assume my Nikon has one built in too, but I don’t know where it is or how to use it (now that I think of it, it’s probably just the auto mode). At lunch today I tested it out a smidge. I picked something to shoot, used the light meter, used manual mode on the Nikon, set everything the way the meter told me to, and took a picture. It looked okay on the D90’s little view screen. I then turned off half of the lights in the cellar and did it again. The picture looked okay but it was a little on the dark side (insert Vader’s breathing here).

I then repeated the entire process with the Pentax. The internal light meter looked good in both cases, so I think the app is probably close to accurate. How will the pictures look when I get them developed? I haven’t a freakin’ clue. Not even a tiny inkling of an idea. It may be a long time before I get the results. I took the roll that was in the camera (the 35ish year old roll that Dad started and I finished) to CVS on Saturday. They said 7-10 days… so I should be getting a call from them any minute now. (For those of you reading this post at some random future date, it hasn’t even been 48 hours yet. I was kidding. Get it?)

What else? Do I need to get a camera bag for Dad’s camera, or do I need to rearrange the bag that I have so that it can hold both cameras? My bag has the D90, two lenses, and some other little things. I can change the size of each section in the bag so I know I can fit the camera in there somehow, I just won’t be able to fit all of the other stuff. I have three lenses for the D90, including one that would be on the camera, and two for the K1000, again including one that’s actually on the camera. I may have to leave the extra lenses at home when I take the bag out somewhere. Maybe I get a bag for the two cameras and another bag for the lenses? Do amateur goofballs do that?

I also saw some youtube videos showing a couple of accessories that have kicked off my camera gear acquisition syndrome. Amazon has a remote shutter that screws on to the actual shutter switch. I could use the shit out of that for long exposures. I also saw a timer that is a little windup clock thing that also screws onto the shutter. I think K1000s might have come with that at some point. I wonder if Dad had one. I can’t find any of those anywhere online, including ebay.

And that, dear friends and neighbors, is my lunch break post for today.

Photo Time

I warned you, here come a ton of pictures. Well, maybe not a ton. I’ll try to be more selective than usual.

The first peek at the sun
Hello there
30 seconds exposure
Boat #1
30 seconds exposure
30 seconds exposure
10 seconds exposure
2.5 seconds exposure
Boat #2
Actual curl
Merrimack River
Boat #3
Spicket River, on the wrong side of the dam
Osgood Street

Photos Coming

I took my Nikon out for a stroll this morning and the results are probably terrible. I went to Salisbury Beach and even though the weather reports said the sky was clear, there was pretty heavy cloud coverage. I got there with less than 15 minutes to spare before the sunrise and I dicked around, thinking I wasn’t going to get anything, and then poof the clouds on the horizon cleared and there was the top tip of the sun. I scrambled to get back on track and I am sure I screwed it all up. On an unrelated note, the waves were the biggest I’ve ever seen in Massachusetts. There must be a storm out there somewhere.

I drove back to Methuen and decided to hit a couple of spots that I have hit in the past. I remained water-focused and went to the city boat ramp on the Merrimack. The sky was gloomy (too early in the morning combined with some clouds, I bet) and the river was dead still. Nothing special will come out of that.

Next I went to a little park on the Spicket River on Osgood Street, but the damn was closed and there was barely any water to speak of. Also, the river bank is massively overgrown and I really couldn’t get anywhere near it. I gave up and went home.

I tried using manual settings but I think everything I did was garbage. I haven’t unloaded the camera yet, but just judging by the tiny little view screen I think all of my manual stuff is crap. I tried to use a thing Larry clued me in on, the Sunny 16 Rule. You set the aperture to F/16, then set the shutter speed to the reciprocal of the ISO speed. I was set at either 400 or 200 ISO so I set the shutter speed at 1/400 or 1/200 and I got a smidge above black. Apparently the rule doesn’t apply to the light conditions I was seeing. I wish I had seen this page before I left today. I might have had better results. Next time.

Anyway, while I unload the memory card, here’s a pic I snuck in with my phone.

I Have the Bug Again

I have it again. I definitely have the ol’ shutterbug once again. And I ain’t talking about no iPhone here.

I took the roll of film that was in Dad’s camera to CVS today. They will send it somewhere to get developed and I should have it back in 7-10 days. Still no clue how much it will cost.

I spent some time today trying to find stores that actually sell 35mm film. There are none. At least not in a reasonable radius from home. I even put a post onto a film photography subreddit and got nothing back. Looks like film shopping is a fully online experience for me. No instant gratification for this guy.

So I don’t have any film for Dad’s camera. I guess I’ll go shoot the sunrise with my digital tomorrow. The sunrise is at 5:09am. My alarm is set for 4:00. I’m a psycho idiot and proud of it. We will see if I actually get up, and if so we will see how the pictures come out. I’m going to try to use Manual mode as much as I can, duck and cover.