Manual Mode Bonanza

I went around town today with my DSLR, shooting in Manual mode like a boss. Well… mostly. I kept the auto focus on because my eyes were feeling kinda funny. I learned that my 18-55mm lens only goes to f5.6. The 50mm lens on Dad’s camera goes to f2. So the comparisons might not be that interesting. I basically kept it set at f5.6 with the ISO at 200 (because the roll of film I used the other day was 200) and then just played with the shutter speed to react to the light meter. Probably not the best idea, but give me a break, I am a total rookie at this. I’m just amazed that the pics came out at all.

I will post more of the results later, but there were one or two spots where I took a shot in Manual and then took the same shot in Auto. What do you think?

Manual mode, f/5.6, 1/200
Auto mode, f/9.0, 1/80

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