They are Not Coming for Me

I found a news story that likely explains why that helicopter has been circling for a while now. Apparently there was a stabbing at the high school. The victim seems to be all right, or as all right as you can be given the circumstances. First responders are on the scene and the weapon has been recovered, and a juvenile is in custody. The article says the victim was not a student. Did a student stab a teacher? Holy shit!

Here’s hoping everyone is okay, and sorry for joking about Henry Hill.

Inaccurate Information

I booked a haircut at 4:30. I walked in at 4:24. There are only two people working and there are three people ahead of me. Also, there are six people in there waiting for whatever, and there’s nowhere for me to sit. Nice.

So my 4:30 ain’t happening at 4:30. Not even close.

No More Singing this Month

I did some car music this morning. I did the last three songs for the month. 20 songs all complete with the same shitty singer singing shitty.

This mound of dirty awful snow is going to be growing in the next day or so…

Also Clock.

It’s Like Henry Hill Out There

There was a shooting in our neighborhood this morning. It happened at about 5:30am. The victim passed away at Lawrence General hospital shortly after. There was also a car accident involved as a car crashed through a fence, drove through a couple of yards, and ended up in the woods.

I was awake at the time and wondered why I didn’t hear anything. Turns out it wasn’t really in our neighborhood. The road mentioned in the article is kinda huge and it’s possible the incident was nowhere near us. That’s a relief.

I did hear a helicopter or something lingering around above us this morning while I was getting ready for work. I assumed there was an accident on the highway near us. We get traffic copters flying around sometimes for that reason. There are two major highways very close to us, and one big state road. It happens.

Now I know they were watching the scene. There’s a tweet embedded in the article I linked and if you click on that you can see some additional pics that were taken from the air. That’s what I was hearing. I mentioned that to Jen, who is working from home which is where I wish I was working from right now, and she said she can still hear them.

It’s like Henry Hill for real. Don’t forget to stir the gravy and don’t call from inside the house!

Here in One Piece

Another day in the office for me. Traffic was okay. It took about an hour to get here. I shouldn’t complain. things tied up pretty bad on route 3, and then again for a little while on route 128. Neither jam was as bad as pre-Covid, but still… It’s just frustrating to go through it after working from home for two years and not worrying about traffic at all.

I took a rapid Covid test before I left. I had thoughts of doing that every time I come into the office and then last week when I came in for the first time I completely forgot to do it. We’re supposed to do a little self assessment before we leave the house. Any symptoms? Nope, come on in. My thought was to add a home test to that process. Not sure if I will keep doing that, but I’m negative today so life is good.

Jen told me that she saw a news report of a shooting in my general neighborhood. That’s a happy story to wake up to. I don’t know the details. I’ll have to see if I can learn anything. Just a little icing on the Thursday cake, right?

Happy work day, everyone.

Lights Out

We had a black out tonight. The lights flickered once and then went out. It only lasted about a minute and then everything came back on.

I don’t know if it was just our house or the whole neighborhood. I wonder what happened? Do you think we will find the crispy remains of a squirrel on the street? A squirrel that had a low IQ and gnawed on the wrong power line?


It’s Cold Out There

Yesterday I skipped a car music opportunity because it was seven degrees out. Today when the question of to car music or not to car music arose I checked the temperature again. It was eight degrees out. Okay, that’s warm enough. Off we go!

I had six songs queued up to record vocals. I did two. I worked on one, and then ran the heater in the car for a few minutes and worked on the second. My voice was still feeling okay after two songs. The battery on the laptop was still good. I hadn’t been outside for very long so the clock was in good shape. Why did I stop after two? Because sometimes sitting out in the cold has a negative effect on the old bladder. I had to pee. If not for that I might still be out there yelling.

I’m hoping to go out again tomorrow and pick off another couple, and then wrap it up next week. Monday if possible, but I am off work again on Wednesday so maybe wait until then.

Now the obligatory drive-home-through-the-center-of-town pic!

As a bonus, there’s also this picture that was snapped accidentally while trying to open up the camera app.