I went out to run an errand today and I took my new camera with me. After everything was done I stopped at the Spicket Falls Dam because of course I did.

This is the first time I saw anyone on the walkway above the dam who wasn’t me!
123/365 - January 1st
On the way home, stoplight theater AND the clock. I put the camera in auto mode and took this through the windshield.

Post Office Crazy

I went to the post office at lunch. Shipping film off to get developed was not the primary reason for the expedition, but it did happen. I keep track of which rolls of film were shot on which camera/lens/film in a notes document shared between my iPhone and my Macbook Pro. Roll 00 was the one that was in Dad’s camera when I took it. Roll 01 is the roll that broke. Roll 02 was the one I shot at Hampton Beach on the 4th of July, ect, ect. Roll 08 was the first black and white roll (Kentmere 100) and it’s sitting in the film draw in my desk. Roll 09 is in Dad’s camera as we speak. Roll 10 is the one that went out in the mail today. Why out of order? Roll 10 is the one that used Dad’s Pentax lens with my Nikon camera via an adapter I bought on Amazon. That is the gear setup I want to use at Disney World in two weeks. I needed to see some shots taken with that setup to make sure it worked, so that’s the roll that went to Old School Photo Lab today. Rolls 08 and 09 will get developed after the Disney stuff is done. Probably roll 11 too because I’d like to be able to shoot a few color film shots on Christmas morning. I need to finish roll 09 first because I don’t want anything in my Nikon until we’re in Florida. That may involve a trip to the ocean at sunrise tomorrow. We’ll see how the weather looks.

None of that is what this post is about though.

This post is about the traffic. Holy Shit! The Post Office is one mile from my house. Unfortunately you have to drive through Methuen center to get to it. That one mile took almost 15 minutes. Wow. I was in the post office for probably three minutes (done and done) and then I was back on the road. I had to take a left coming out of the parking lot though and the traffic was so bad that I took a right and circled downtown to get home. That took 10 minutes. The straight, no turns route took longer than the roundabout way out of the way route. It’s christmas so… yeah.

Also the Post Office’s front door was gone. Where did it go? Why did it go? Was it something I said?

Here are two stop light pics. Stop Light Theater at it’s best.


Morning Pictures: Kind of a Bust

I went to two places this morning to take a few film pics. Both places ended up kinda sucky. First was a frozen Forrest Lake. It was 8:00am, less than an hour after sunrise, and the light on the ice was kinda cool, but it just felt weird. There were a handful of people there bitching loudly about yesterday’s Patriots game. I felt weird standing there taking pictures of nothing while they were hanging out. I wasn’t anywhere near them but it was still strange.

The second spot was a public parking lot that only holds about eight cars right next to the Spicket River, which is very high right now, across the street from the top of the Spicket Falls Dam. There was nothing to see there though. I took a couple of pictures of the buildings across the river reflecting in the water. Maybe one will look okay? Doubtful though.

All in all, kind of a waste. I might try again tomorrow though if I can get out a few minutes earlier. This sort of thing is easier and better when the sun comes up before 6:00am rather than after 7:00am. I didn’t take the point and shoot though, so I don’t have anything for the photo a day yet. I’ll get something. Where’s the cat?

The Oil Light is Off… For Now?

I took the car back to Valvoline today to see if they might have messed something up on yesterday’s oil change. They said everything looked okay but they drained and refilled it anyway. My cynical side wonders if that means they did find something but didn’t want to tell me. Probably not.

The oil pressure light was off when I started the car but I expected that. We had been driving around looking at lights for quite a while before it popped on last night and the engine was nice and hot, whereas this morning it was bellow freezing. I drove around for a while after leaving the shop just to see if warming it up would trip the light again. It did not. Is the car clear to give to Bellana? No clue, but we’ll do it and see what happens.

I made a couple of stops along the way. I stopped at the Spicket dam and took some film pics. I also stopped at St Mary’s Cemetery and took a few more. I might have actually been in Bellevue Cemetery though. I’m not sure where one ends and the other starts. I also stopped at Goodwill and dropped off a bag of jackets. The winter jacket I replaced the other day was in the bag. The leather jacket Jen bought me for Christmas in 2007 that I still wore all the time even though it was pretty ratty and the lining was falling apart was in the bag as well. I was sad to let that one go. The sentimental value of a gift from our first christmas together is very high, but I asked her if I should donate it or keep it and she voted for donate, so off it went.

As for fun with film, I took my camera and Dad’s 50mm lens. I want to bring that pairing to Disney but I feel I need to test it a lot first. I learned quite a bit today. First, the viewfinder gets REALLY dim when the aperture is small. I started at f5.6 and it was okay. I bumped it up to f11 at one point and I could barely see anything. I took to opening it all the way, f2, to focus, then closing it down to take the photo. That brings up the second issue: Focusing is a royal bitch. That’s a problem with manual lenses on all cameras, but it seemed especially difficult for me today. I hope I got things right, but it was a bit of a struggle for my old-person-eyes. Speaking of old person eyes, I can barely read the light meter on that camera. Dad’s camera has an arrow that moves around as you change the shutter speed or the aperture. When it points to the middle of the meter you’re good. My camera has an arrow that points to the shutter speed you need to use based on the aperture setting. It’s almost impossible for me to read the values. My eyes just don’t want to make it out, and it’s worse when the viewfinder dims. I eventually switched to the Auto setting, which is just Aperture Priority. I am thinking that’s what I’ll do at Disney. My manual film camera suddenly isn’t as appealing in full manual. It’s cool though, I can still go manual like crazy with the DSLR.

I did not finish the roll of film in the camera, so I will need to take it out again before I can send it out for developing. I think I have eight or nine shots left. It’s hard to tell exactly. Maybe the cat will come out and say hello and I’ll sneak in another pic of two.

I also had my digital point and shoot with me so here are some driving around picture. Enjoy!

The Clock
I never even noticed this place before. Is it really ye olde town hall, or was Broadway (route 28) just formerly known as Town Hall Place? Whatever, it’s photo a day 109/365.
The glory and grandeur that is the Nevins Library.
Stop Light Theater: Red Edition
Stop Light Theater: Green Edition
This liquor store wall will eventually end up on film. I promise.
Salem, NH’s great big honkin’ flag.

And that, friends is the story of the oil light. I hope you enjoyed your stay today. Come back any time.

Clock from the Car

The clock in the center of town, as seen through my windshield and taken with my iPhone 14 Pro Max:

The same clock, taken with my Nikon D90 in Auto mode, pointed through the passenger door window and snapped without looking while stopped at a light right next to it.


And there you have it… two views of The Clock. I hope you enjoyed that. Please remember to tip your waitress. I’ll be here all week.

Buying In

Methuen has had a recycling pick up for as long as we’ve been living here (I think). I’ve never really participated. They changed the trash pickup process on us last week and it includes a huge recycling barrel. Okay. I’m buying in now. So much so that we have a recycling barrel in the mudroom, right near our regular trash barrel.


Let the sorting and separating commence.

Morning Drive

I’m home again. We’ve added putting together a pre-fab TV stand that we bought a few weeks ago but we’re planning on returning to my to do list.

The traffic was nuts out there today. I failed on one of my errands, but completed the other, and I got to see mom on her birthday. The visit was a bit on the rough side, emotionally speaking, but I’m glad it happened.

Obligatory Methuen Center pics, both coming and going…

Inside the Masonic building?