I booked a haircut for 2:20pm. At 2:50 I walked out as there were still at least three people in line in front of me. Then I made my true mistake. I went to the grocery store on the day before Mother’s Day. Oh was that a mistake.

My afternoon has been frustrating to the point of infuriating. I was having fun in the beginning, driving with all the windows open and snapping point and shoot pics blindly left and right. I’m too pissed off to share most of them now, but I’ll share the big eight ball…


…and the clock…


Milk Run

I went grocery shopping last night but forgot to get milk. I had to make a run this morning. Downtown photos were taken.


The plan for today is to do as much prep for the window project as possible. Inside and outside. Anything that doesn’t get completed today gets completed tomorrow. The house will be ready. It’s also my dad’s birthday. I want to pay him a visit at some point.

In closing… cat in the bath tub? What the??