Holy Expensive Cameras, Batman

Wow. Like…wow.

Nikon has had about 36,000 different camera models through the years. At least. My DSLR is 12 years old and it’s not going to last forever. So today I went to their website to see how much their top of the line cameras cost.

The flagship DSLR, the D6, only costs about $6,500. Not bad. The flagship non-professional class DSLR, the D500, is a veritable steal at just $1600. Groovy.

The cheapest DSLR is the D3400 at $500. Yeah, I think my friendly D90 and I are going to stay together until it disintegrates in my hands. I’m guessing it will still take good pictures even after it crumbles to dust.

What about mirrorless models? I know nothing about mirrorless cameras so don’t ask for opinions. The cheapest is the D30 at $710. The top of the line is the Z9 at $5,500. The coolest is the Zfc because it looks like a design from the 1970’s and it only costs $960.

Bargains galor!