I’m a Stinker

Yeah, I said I was done with this, but I totally lied.

Scenes from a cart corral.


I drove to Market Basket and back. I took the long way around and listened to Supper’s Ready all the way through. That reminded me that Peter Gabriel is coming to Boston in September, and Steve Hackett is coming in October. Also, Steve Hackett is supposed to be playing the Foxtrot album in it’s entirety, which means he’s going to play Supper’s Ready, which means I HAVE to be there. I have to see at least one member of Genesis play that perfect piece of music, all 23 minutes of it, live at least once before I die. I have to.

That was a Day


Her old apartment was on the second floor. Her new apartment is on the third floor. So many stairs.

If today’s events had happened a year ago, pre gastric bypass, I probably would have died of a massive heart attack by lunch time. I was very pleased that I got to help Bellana in a time of need. I’m also very pleased that I was physically able to pull it off without dropping dead. That felt good, though I’m in tons of pain tonight and I’ll probably sleep until dinner time tomorrow and tonight’s very late dinner gave me the foamies and I’ll probably need another hour to recover.

I wish Jen had been with me, but outside of that it was a really good day.

Scan Complete

I’m home and punching in to work. My CT scan is complete. All appears to be well. I read the Radiologist’s report and even though it’s sort of like trying to read ancient Greek, from what I gather it agrees with the second MRI in that whatever that thing in the middle of my brain is, it’s not anything to worry about. Sigh of releif.

To celebrate, here’s Lily.