Headache and Finger Pain

Right now on this fine Sunday afternoon I have myself a bit of a headache and my finger tips are hurting. What could it mean?

Well the headache is a common side effect of singing. I can sing, but as far as voice technique is concerned I can’t sing, and the result of attempts at singing are often headaches and scratchy throats and lots of coughing. Note, it is not Covid. Thank you.

The finger tip pain is a common side effect of not being in good guitar playing shape and over doing it. If you don’t play enough you don’t build up tough calluses and playing just starts to hurt. The upside is that playing through some hand pain is how you actually build up those calluses so, you take the good with the bad.

All of this means that today has been a huge musical day for me. I mentioned earlier that I put vocals on three songs. That was this morning. This afternoon I have gone a little bonkers on guitar. I came up with an idea for a song for December and I put all of the rhythm guitars onto that. Then I put rhythm guitars onto a re-recording thing that I started messing with yesterday. The original dates back to February of 2009 (I think) and I think I could play faster and more aggressively back then because this stupid little ditty seriously kicked my ass today. Ouch. After that I put leads on all three songs that got vocals this morning and now my hands and my head and my ears are all nice and sweetly toasted. Ouch, babie. Ouch.

I might try to mix one or two later tonight, but I doubt it. My ears are telling me they are done. I do need to come up with a bass part for the December song as well as lyrics and a melody so that I can add it to the list of car music tunes for tomorrow… assuming I can get my shit together to do car music tomorrow. I now have four songs lined up. One for December, one for quarantine volume five and two for quarantine volume six.

Could I be a bigger nerd?

Guitar pics, because today is #Gibsunday and stuff.