The Last Quarantine Tune

I finished the last of the fourth round of re-recordings tonight. I mixed it using Air Pods Pro which was probably a bad idea. I’ll share it for now, but if it sounds like garbage on better headphones, or on actual speakers, I will remix it.

I still need to come up with a final running order, but that’s it. After that I have to decide if I want to do volume five or not.

For the record, the lead guitar parts here are my new birthday present Les Paul. Have I mentioned that I love that new guitar, and that my wife is amazing for getting it for me, and that I love my wife more than words could ever express?

Another Sort of New Song

I mixed another re-recording today. I don’t think I like it. It’s originally from the 2016 RPM Challenge when I wrote a bunch of songs about people dumb enough to believe the Earth is flat. This one was supposed to be part of an argument between a flat earther and a person with a brain. Five years ago it was the idiot point of view. When it came to re-recordings I couldn’t really use it out of context so I wrote new lyrics. Can you guess what they are about? I wish they were better. They really suck. The vocals suck too. The guitars are okay, I guess.

Not What I Had in Mind

Yesterday I mixed a song and afterwards my ears were so useless that everything sounded like mush. I promised myself I’d take a day off from mixing and give my head a rest.

Today I rested… almost. I promise I didn’t spend a second working on Quarantine Tunes Volume 2. I did, however, record the MIDI tracks to one song for Quarantine Tunes Volume 3.

Dumb ass.

I’ll mix another song tomorrow. Which should I do? The 12-bar blues from the 2007 RPM Challenge, or the song I wrote last month that I liked so much I was re-recording it about 7 days after I finished the first recording?

Who cares?