Finally Played Guitar Again

It’s been almost a month since I played the guitar at all. Finally I got some noodling in today. I kicked off a couple of song ideas for the Record Every Month challenge thing and I put rhythm guitars on them. They both suck pretty hard, but it’s okay. Something is better than nothing, I hope.

My new Les Paul through the Klon KTR into the Keeley D&M Drive into the Vox AC15. That’s a happy noise.

As always, forgive the dust.

Guitar Pain

I hid away in the cellar tonight playing the guitar. I came up with something new for the Record Every Month thing for January. I came up with something last night but tonight’s is probably a little better. I’ll probably finish them both. The thing I worked out tonight was really hurting my left hand. Lots of cramping (arthritis, maybe?) painful pain.

Next I worked on a re-recording. I hadn’t done anything accept setup the GarageBand file. It’s the same file I used when I wrote the song last February. I pulled apart the mix and left one rhythm guitar track and one vocal track as guides. Normally I replace the MIDI tracks, drums and bass, before I replace the guitars, but this time I started with guitar. Why? Because I just didn’t want to stop recording tonight, that’s all.

I probably should have picked something easier because this particular re-recording took my already hurting left hand and amplified the pain by a factor of 50. Damn, was I hurting. I got through everything, though I am not entirely sure I’m happy with it. I’ll have to live with it for a few days before I decide if I want to do it again.

My hand is still a little sore, but mostly I am feeling better. It was really hurting tonight. I don’t like when that happens. I don’t like it at all.

For the record, here is the already super messy desk I’ve been using, complete with the Bruins game (second intermission, leading 3-2 over New Jersey) on my iPad.

Record Every Month Number 10

The RPM Challenge was in February. The new Record Every Month thing kicked off in March. I’ve had at least one song each month now for 10 months. Granted I did forget to submit a few of them to the website, but I didn’t forget this one.

I am lucky that this isn’t too terrible because it’s the only newly written thing I have this month. Whew!

Headache and Finger Pain

Right now on this fine Sunday afternoon I have myself a bit of a headache and my finger tips are hurting. What could it mean?

Well the headache is a common side effect of singing. I can sing, but as far as voice technique is concerned I can’t sing, and the result of attempts at singing are often headaches and scratchy throats and lots of coughing. Note, it is not Covid. Thank you.

The finger tip pain is a common side effect of not being in good guitar playing shape and over doing it. If you don’t play enough you don’t build up tough calluses and playing just starts to hurt. The upside is that playing through some hand pain is how you actually build up those calluses so, you take the good with the bad.

All of this means that today has been a huge musical day for me. I mentioned earlier that I put vocals on three songs. That was this morning. This afternoon I have gone a little bonkers on guitar. I came up with an idea for a song for December and I put all of the rhythm guitars onto that. Then I put rhythm guitars onto a re-recording thing that I started messing with yesterday. The original dates back to February of 2009 (I think) and I think I could play faster and more aggressively back then because this stupid little ditty seriously kicked my ass today. Ouch. After that I put leads on all three songs that got vocals this morning and now my hands and my head and my ears are all nice and sweetly toasted. Ouch, babie. Ouch.

I might try to mix one or two later tonight, but I doubt it. My ears are telling me they are done. I do need to come up with a bass part for the December song as well as lyrics and a melody so that I can add it to the list of car music tunes for tomorrow… assuming I can get my shit together to do car music tomorrow. I now have four songs lined up. One for December, one for quarantine volume five and two for quarantine volume six.

Could I be a bigger nerd?

Guitar pics, because today is #Gibsunday and stuff.

Song Number 17

Today’s 50/90 progress was impressive (to no one on Earth but me). Four vocals, one rhythm guitar, five lead guitars, and one mix…

Today was the listening party for the RPM Challenge’s Record Every Month thing. I forgot to submit a song back in June, and I forgot again for July. Sorry. This song here was written and recorded entirely in August so that means I am still up to date on R.E.M. even though I haven’t submitted a couple of times. I have written and recorded at least one song each month since the challenge started in March.

As for 50/90, 17 songs down and 33 to go.

New Song

In my fear of going to sleep I mixed a song. Two problems here. First, I used my AirPods Pro so I have no idea how this really sounds. It’s probably going to end up way too bassy. Second, there’s a song from February’s RPM Challenge with the same title. I have to stop doing that. Doofus.

Anyway, this song was entirely recorded on my new Les Paul Standard. Forgive me for loading it up with goop at the beginning. It sounds more like itself once the song gets going.

Prep for a Binge Watch

I’m Nana sitting at my parents’ house tonight. I just gave her dinner and her evening pills and we had a quick phone call with my dad. Dad seems okay tonight but Mom is having a rough day. I left my house at a couple of minutes past 6:00 tonight and I will be here until around dinner time tomorrow night. I’m trying to think of what I am going to do with my time while I’m here. The Red Sox are on right now and they just coughed up a lead to the Rangers in the third inning.

I’m thinking about some May music ideas. I’m doing the RPM Challenge record one song each month thing. In March I started five or six songs and then waited until the last minute to finish anything and as a result I only finished one. I have four more ready to mix but I haven’t gotten around to them. In April I started one song early in the month and then waited until the last week to do anything. I started a second song and that’s the only one of the two I finished. In May I am thinking of getting back onto the album-in-a-month bandwagon and seeing if I can crank out 10. No promises, but here we are on May 1st and I’ve already got one underway.

I could work on music while I’m here, but let’s be realistic. I’m probably going to watch TV on my iPad. I have one episode of The Flash to watch but I’ll wait on that one and watch it with Harry, if he wants. There are a couple of Supergirls to watch but I’m kinda not feeling it. (note: The Red Sox just tied the game at three in the top of the fourth inning) The fourth season of The Handmaid’s Tale just started on Hulu and they released a few episodes on the first day, I need to watch those. I’m into the third season of a rewatch of Community so I could try some of those. There’s one other idea that popped into my head earlier today.

Harry was humming the theme from the second episode of WandaVision. Hmm… If I’m going to be here all day tomorrow, and the chances of me sleeping much tonight are somewhere between slim and none… might I be able to watch the entire season of WandaVision in one extended sitting? Nine episodes, roughly 30 minutes each… I might do it. If for no other reason then to hear the Agatha All Along song in context one more time.

It might happen.

The Music Day is Complete

Vocals this morning, lead guitars this evening, and a mix down tonight. Cool!

The RPM Challenge folks are running a secondary challenge to record at least one song each month for the year. It started in March. I now officially have a submission for March and April. Bring on May!

As a challenge within the challenge within the challenge, I made myself write the vocal melody first. I don’t know if I’ve ever done that before. I’m not too upset with the results. It doesn’t suck as bad as most of the garbage I write.

I used the Rat clone I bought last month for most of the leads. I’m liking it. I also used the Ryra Klon Klone pedal after the main dirt source. That’s the opposite of how I normally set things up, but Mick from That Pedal Show keeps suggesting we try the Klon as a boost at the end of the chain and now that I’ve done it… I might have to rethink everything. I like it.