Mondays, Right?

I went to sleep at a little after midnight last night. A little later than I had hoped. I was awake around 6:00. A little earlier than I had hoped. The work day is half over and I am sleepy and want to go to bed. Oh well.

I have a half day booked for Wednesday. I forgot about that. Pretty cool, eh?

Tacoma FD did an episode in season two about blogging. I felt both seen and attacked and proud and super nerdy. I loved it. They also took a crack at dungeons and dragons, so they did out nerd me there. That felt nice.

What else… The Bruins are going to the west coast for a few games. That sucks. I am such an east coast snob when it comes to time zones. West coast games should start no later than 4:00pm pacific time. There. I said it. East coast snobbery at it’s finest.

What else? I would like to get more recording in tonight but I probably won’t. I have one song ready to mix. Maybe I’ll take care of that before bed. Assuming I don’t fall asleep around 6:30 or something. Finish work->make dinner->fall asleep. Plans, babie.