Exercise and Sleep

Exercise helps me sleep. I have irrefutable anecdotal proof, or something.

The SleepWatch app for ages used to tell me that the closer I got to the goal on the Apple Watch Activities calorie counter (the Move goal) the better my sleep numbers would be. When I started the 30 minutes a day exercise thing last September I saw that my sleep numbers improved quite a bit.

A few months ago, late January I think, I stopped getting even the minuscule amount of exercise I was getting and saw that my sleep numbers got pretty bad. The restful sleep count went down. So did the sleeping heart rate dip. Everything that seemed to correspond to me feeling better the next day was worse which meant I felt much crappier than I had when I was exercising.

On April 1st I started getting my 30 minutes in again. After only seven days I can already see the sleep numbers getting better again. Especially the heart rate. The last few days have been excellent. Now I’m not really feeling any better rest-wise yet but here’s hoping that comes along eventually. There’s a lot of bad shit going on in life right now. I need all the help I can get.

I Hate When That Happens

The alarm was set for 6:00 AM. I woke up at 5:50. I felt pretty good. I slept for about six hours or so and all was well. I got up and started my morning…

…and 10 minutes later I was up and about and felt like I hadn’t slept in days.

Why do you want to be like that, sleep cycle? If I’m not ready to wake up don’t make me feel like I’m ready to wake up!

Sometimes my brain is a complete jerk, you know?


Sleep was better last night. I went to bed ridiculously early. I was out cold by 9:30 or so. My AppleWatch says I woke up a couple of times but I only remember one. I was awake a bit before the Roomba kicked off its ride. I was sitting up and the cat jumped up and sat with me. As soon as Roomba made a noise though, she practically dove under the bed.

I managed a little more than eight hours of sleep. The heart rate dip wasn’t very high but it was okay. The restful sleep was also a bit less than I’d hoped but it too was okay. Much better than the hour and a half from two nights ago.

Here’s hoping my brain works a little better today than it did the last couple of days.

On a mostly unrelated note, I hung my AppleWatch on the charger next to my bed when I woke up this morning. It lit up green to show it was charging. It stayed there while I did my morning routine. When I was done I put it on again and the battery was at 48%. Huh. I put it on the charger on my desk and once again it lit up green. Then a minute later it prompted me for my passcode. Huh… not charging again. I tried again and it stayed connected. It’s up to about 75% now. My iPhone had a charger hiccup the other day too. Is this a trend? I can’t go to the Apple Store without a vaccine. This had best not become a thing.

More Sleepy Fun

After two nights of barely getting four hours of sleep, last night a managed 5:20. That’s progress at least. I predict another rough day.

Maybe I should go to bed early tonight… like say 5:30? Punch out of work and immediately go to sleep.

Heart Rate

Since I started keeping track of sleep stats a couple of years ago I have learned that one number is pretty much as important to a good night’s sleep as the amount of time I’m asleep. That number is the average sleeping heart rate dip.

For the last month or so my sleeping heart rate dip numbers have waffled between eh and uh. For the few months prior to that, my sleeping heart rate dip numbers were more like WOW!

What changed? Why are things different now?

Is it a statistical anomaly? I haven’t been exercising. Could it be that my heart rate dip is less because my daily average waking heart rate is lower due to not getting jacked through the roof while exercising?

Or am I just not sleeping as well because I’m not exercising? I bet I’m reading too much into this. Whatever, I need a nap.

Though for the record… my exercise ring on the Apple activity app has been closed for today. Let’s get back into it, fatty.


Why am I so damn tired? Why can’t I get a good nights sleep? I had a great nights sleep two nights ago but I was still exhausted all day. Then last night it was back to the usual crappy and now I am so tired I can’t read the words on this post. I have no idea if I’m spelling this thing correctly or not.

Why can’t I sleep, damn it??

Why Can’t I Sleep

Four out of the last five nights I’ve had epically bad sleep. I’m talking pre-CPAP therapy level bad sleep. Over the last week the nights that weren’t legendarily bad still weren’t good.

Why can’t I sleep anymore? Worry and stress and guilt are surely part of it, but why is it so much worse now than it was a couple of weeks ago? Nothing has changed.

My watch tells me that last night I got 3:45. How am I even alive anymore? What the hell, bro?

Bed Time

I had a crummy nights sleep last night and the night before. I should have gone to bed two hours ago but what can you do? Looks like I’m in for crummy sleep again tonight.

But at least there’s a new WandaVision out tomorrow.

Sweet dreams, everyone!

I Forgot

I was up late last night because I’m dumb. It was coming up on 1:00 AM before I finally conked out.

I woke up about an hour and a half later and realized I wasn’t wearing my CPAP mask. Where the hell was it?

I forgot to put it on when I lay down for the night/morning. I’ve been doing this for a year and a half now, how the hell can I still be forgetting it after all this time? How is that possible? They say when you do something repeatedly for… is it three weeks or three months… it becomes routine. After 17 months, this should be pretty routine.