Mondays, Right?

I went to sleep at a little after midnight last night. A little later than I had hoped. I was awake around 6:00. A little earlier than I had hoped. The work day is half over and I am sleepy and want to go to bed. Oh well.

I have a half day booked for Wednesday. I forgot about that. Pretty cool, eh?

Tacoma FD did an episode in season two about blogging. I felt both seen and attacked and proud and super nerdy. I loved it. They also took a crack at dungeons and dragons, so they did out nerd me there. That felt nice.

What else… The Bruins are going to the west coast for a few games. That sucks. I am such an east coast snob when it comes to time zones. West coast games should start no later than 4:00pm pacific time. There. I said it. East coast snobbery at it’s finest.

What else? I would like to get more recording in tonight but I probably won’t. I have one song ready to mix. Maybe I’ll take care of that before bed. Assuming I don’t fall asleep around 6:30 or something. Finish work->make dinner->fall asleep. Plans, babie.

West Coast Games Suck

The only thing worse than a 10:00 start for a Bruins game is a 10:30 start for a Bruins game.

Both Monday and Tuesday nights I went to bed with the radio on, hoping to catch some of the game before zonking out. Monday was a complete fail. Last night I did catch a few minutes, but not from the beginning. I woke up, couldn’t tell what period it was, shut it off, went to sleep.

Oh yeah, they lost both games. Hooray. One more California game to go, on Thursday, before they have a more palatable 8:00 start in Arizona on Saturday.

West coast road trips suck. They are just the pits.