The Red Sox are down 1-0 in the second. The Blue Jays are spanking the Orioles, the Yankees are scoreless, and the Mariners are losing.

Come on, Red Sox. Let’s get it together.

I asked my father if he has any clue what happens if we end in a four way tie. He hasn’t a clue either. I doubt anyone does.

We had a FaceTime call with Harry and we are hoping to have another with Bellana. Jen and I have both closed our exercise rings, which is awesome. We’ve got two episodes of The Walking Dead tonight (one from the main show and one from World Beyond), Jen and I are caught up on Ted Lasso and The Morning Show. I’m up to date on all the shows I’m watching on my own.

I haven’t played guitar at all this weekend. I need to, soon. I did get a flu shot yesterday. I’m qualified for a Covid-19 booster starting Thursday, so the flu shot was kinda like practice*.

The Red Sox are still down 1-0 after 2.5 innings. Not worried at all**.

And that’s where we are right now.

* No it wasn’t.

** Yes I am. I’m totally worried. I’ve been a Sox fan since the 70’s. The multiple championships since 2004 haven’t cured me of all of the heartbreak.