Wild Card Chaos

Today is the last day of the Major League Baseball regular season. 161 games down, one to go.

How is the American League Wild Card race looking?

It’s looking like friggin’ chaos, that’s how it’s looking.

The Red Sox are in the first wild card slot with a record of 91 wins and 70 losses. The fucking Yankees are in the second slot with a record of 91 wins and 70 losses. The Mariners and the Blue Jays are both one game back with records of 90 wins and 71 losses.

So if the Red Sox and the Yankees both lose today (please, I beg the ghost of Sam Horn do not let that happen, for the Red Sox at least. The Yankees can suck it for all I care) and the Blue Jays and the Mariners both win, then they all finish the season at 91 and 71 and there are doctoral theses* being written to figure out what happens then.

The Red Sox play the Nationals at 3:05 today. The Nationals suck but we needed a ninth inning rally to beat them last night. Chris Sale is pitching today which is awesome, but I would have much rather seen him pitch the wild card game. I guess we take what we can get, right?

Here’s hoping the Red Sox win, and everyone else loses and we get into the wild card game in the first slot and the other three teams can kill each other trying to get the last slot. That would be nice.

Go Red Sox.

  • The plural of thesis is theses. I typed that as if I knew it, but then when I read it over again I had to google it to make sure.