I Slept Through 55% of Game Three

I took off my headphones after the fourth inning. I was still awake two outs into the top of the fifth, but that was it. I fell asleep with about 55% of the game still to go.

Fortunately, the Astros never scored again. It was 9-3 Red Sox when I zonked out, and it ended 12-3. The Red Sox are up two games to one. Game four is tonight at 8:00ish so I expect to fall asleep halfway through. I’d hang in there if it were a 7:00 start like real baseball, but this isn’t real baseball. This is nationally televised baseball which doesn’t take actual fans into account at all.

I can say one thing about tonight’s game. After Schwarber hit that grand slam in the second inning giving the Red Sox their third grand slam in two games, I think it’s a safe bet that they won’t hit another grand slam. If they do then we have to start talking about destiny and goofy shit like that (or do we have to start talking about gambling and the much favored Astros throwing the series?) and I don’t want to do that. I’ll settle for a handful of run of the mill three run home runs. That’ll work for me.

Feeling the hype in a big way, yet still trying to remain cautiously optimistic and not get too cocky while watching grand slam after grand slam after grand slam.

Yet Another Grand Slam

I had a bad nights sleep last night thanks to a naughty smoke alarm. I was really hoping the Red Sox would take a huge early lead so that I could go to sleep worry free.

Then came the bottom of the second. Six runs including four from the third grand slam in two games.


Of course, 6-0 against the Astros hardly feels comfortable.

Keep up the good work, Red Sox.

Game Three is Underway

Game three of the ALCS between the scuzzy Houston Astros and the Heroically Heroic Boston Red Sox is under way. After one inning there is no score.

Wait, what? No score? But… that’s not how these two teams do it, is it?

Into the top of the second, Eduardo Rodriguez is looking pretty good on the mound. Here’s hoping it continues.

And right on queue, Rodriguez has struck out the side in the second. The Red Sox are coming up.

Let’s get this done, Red Sox.

No More Beeps

The smoke alarms stayed quiet for the rest of the night. I lost an hour sleep but that’s worth it for not having the house burn down. We briefly had a theory for what happened (other than it needed a battery swap). I put the dishwasher on before we went to bed and it looks like something small and plastic fell off the rack and landed close to the heat coil. That seemed likely until we did the math. The dishwasher would have been finished a few hours before the alarm went off. Oh well.

Fear the Walking Dead wasn’t terrible last night. It wasn’t good, but it was fair. Other than the laughably stupid light house thing where they decided light houses point straight down, of course. My beef is the same beef that I’ve beefed since Scott Gimple took over as show runner on the main show in season four. Last night was the season premier and we saw exactly one main cast member. One. The season is 16 episodes and the cast is lucky (I should put that word in quotes) if they work in half of them. This one had a character I was interested in, a little at least, but there will be entire episodes that don’t have a single character worth watching. It’s the Gimple way. World Beyond was fair at best too. We’re three episodes into the final season and we basically spent the whole hour introducing new people. Maybe when we look back on the whole thing we’ll realize we learned something important this week, but it sure just feels like prep work right now. Uh. Why do I care?

Red Sox/Astros ALCS game three is tonight at Fenway. Eduardo Rodriguez goes for the Red Sox. We need a big game from everyone tonight. We took the home field advantage away from them with the game two win, we need to hold it. The fewer trips to Houston we have to make, the better. Are you feeling the hype? I am.

Okay, folks. Time to go to work. Have a good one.

Red Sox Win Game Two

The Red Sox beat the Astros in game two, 9-5. They were up 9-0 early and kept letting Houston creep back, but they ran out of time. Game three is Monday night in Boston.

Now that the game is over we’ve moved on to the Bruins game. The opening game of the season is tied at one after two periods.

Just for completeness sake, UMass Lowell’s men’s ice hockey opening weekend was postponed because the other team had a Covid-19 outbreak.

And in closing, check out my cat.

Game Two After Five Innings

Last night I posted that the Red Sox had the lead after five innings, then I fell asleep and they lost. Whoops.

Tonight I am again posting that they have the lead after five innings. This time it’s 9-3. The Sox have scored all of their runs via long ball. Two grand slams and a solo shot. I am cautiously optimistic that we can hold a six run lead, but who the hell knows? With Houston’s offense and our bullpen?

Fingers crossed, as always.

Go Red Sox. Let’s hold the lead this time.

They Blew It

I’m sort of glad I fell asleep when I did. The Red Sox were up 3-1 after five innings when I conked out. They blew the lead in the sixth and ended up losing game one 5-4.

Game two is today at 4:00. Vengeance will be sweet, or something.