World Series

The Braves have a 5-0 lead over the Astros in the third inning of game one. I’m not watching, I just checked the MLB app.

When I was younger I used to want to see a Red Sox vs Braves World Series match up. Current Boston vs used-to-be Boston, get it? This year is as close as we’ve come.

I want the Astros to lose, but I want the Braves to lose too. That probably means I won’t be watching.

Oh well.

Heading into the Eighth

Heading into the top of the eighth, we are still down 2-0. What a frustrating game!

They ran themselves out of a promising inning in the seventh. Two on and one out and the inning ended on a strike out/caught stealing double play. It was awful.

Two innings to go. Come on Red Sox bats, wake up!

No More No No

The Red Sox broke up the no hitter with a two out triple in the top of the sixth. One pitch later the inning ended. We are still down 1-0 but both teams are into the bullpens now. That feels like an advantage for the Astros but we will have to see.

The Bruins beat the Sabers tonight and UMass Lowell tied Michigan State. I could really go for the Red Sox giving me an undefeated night. Defense needs to hold them at one run, and the offense needs to wake the frick up!

Go Red Sox. Please.

Pretty please.

ADDENDUM: As I was clicking publish the Astros lead off the bottom of the sixth with a triple. Ugh.

Trailing After Four


The Red Sox are down 1-0 after four innings. They are hitless. Nothing. Zero.

The Astros had runners at second and third with no outs in the fourth and Eovaldi came roaring back to strike out the side and strand the runners. Could that swing the momentum?

Nope. Garcia is mowing us down in the top of the fifth. Three up and three down. The no hitter is now through five innings.


2.5 Hours to Go

I just punched out of work. The weekend is here. The car is all ready for the drive to Vermont in the morning. Dinner is being prepped. There will likely be an episode or two of the great Schitt’s Creek binge re-watch.

Then around 8:00pm. More like 8:08 or so. The Boston Red Sox. The Heroic, Majestic, Team of Destiny, Boston Red Sox will come up to the plate to start game six of the ALCS.

Will they be triumphant?

Damn… I hope so. I don’t want this playoff run to end.

Go Red Sox!

Nope, Not Today

No car music today. I was up early enough that I might have pulled it off, but I would have been cutting it close to the start of the work day and I just punted. I can’t do it tomorrow because tomorrow is take three of our visit to Vermont. Sunday it is. Or, as the old commercials for monster truck shows used to say:


…or something like that.

The Braves failed to eliminate the Dodgers last night. Here’s hoping the American League has a similar story after tonight’s game. Houston is up 3-2 over the majestic Red Sox. Games six and seven are in Houston. Given the last two games, I am thinking my home town team needs a bit of a miracle. Two of them. One tonight in game six, one tomorrow in game seven. Yikes. There’s not a lot of optimism around here. Not even the cautious kind.

We need to be in Burlington tomorrow a couple of hours before lunch. That means we have to get up super early. That means I don’t think I’ll be listening or watching the game for very long tonight. That being said, I require the Red Sox to jump out to a 30 run lead in the first inning. That’s probably enough to hope they can hold it. Maybe 40 runs would be better, but let’s shoot for 30, m’kay? I’ll settle for a 1-0 win, of course, but I want to be able to feel comfortable going to sleep early. Can you do that for me, Red Sox? Here’s hoping.

Happy Friday. Hype up for game six, if you can.

Not Fun

I stopped listening to the game in the sixth or seventh inning. I just couldn’t deal. I was so psyched yesterday morning and just crushed, sports fan-ily speaking, tonight. I still have a gamecast up on my computer even though I am not listening or watching anymore. Houston just scored twice in the top of the ninth to pad the lead to 9-1.

Oh, and the Bruins are down 2-1 after one period. Oh fer crying out loud.

One out in the bottom of the ninth.

The Bruins are now down 3-1.

Two outs in the bottom of the ninth.

Three outs in the bottom of the ninth.

Game over.

The Astros are up three games to two with game six in Houston on Friday.



That sound you are hearing is all of Red Sox Nation catapulting themselves into the Charles river out of depression and anguish as the Astros score five runs in the top of the sixth.

6-0 Astros. I think. It may be more. I can’t hear the radio over the roar of everyone crying and throwing temper tantrums and just giving up on everything they hold dear in their lives.