Happy Nerd News on a Busy Morning

Today has been a touch on the nutso-busy side. Not a complaint, just a statement. Good things are going on, they are just taking up time.

I haven’t had the opportunity to post anything yet today, which is a little unusual. I haven’t been able to comment on how trading off one of my favorite Red Sox players has resulted in two wins against a World Series contender. What? How does that work? I haven’t been able to mention how I am suddenly kind of a San Diego Padres fan. Holy murderers row, Batman!

I had to take a second and write this post though because I just got an email from the photo lab and they sent me the scans of my four rolls of film. I’ve only looked at a couple of images so far, just to make sure they came out, and WOW do the ones I’ve looked at look good! Pics from Dad’s Pentax and from the Ebay Nikon both look excellent. My lunch break will see me getting everything up onto Flickr, but hot damn am I happy right now! Film-Photographically-Happy to be precise.


…And Again

I’m getting tired of posting this. The Bruins are down 2-0 after one period.

In each of the last two games I had to formally request (via blog post) that they step it up and take care of business.

Come on, Bruins. Get it together. Again.

In unrelated news, the Red Sox are up 6-0 in the second inning. Should they lose tonight there record will calm to 10-20. That would be suckitude of epic proportions. I’d be okay with it though if I got a Bruins win in return.

Go Bruins… and Red Sox.

Opening Day

It’s the bottom of the third inning on Red Sox opening day and the Sox have a 3-2 lead over the fucking Yankees.

I put the game on the radio just as it was starting and before I could even blink the Red Sox had scored three times. I thought about writing up a quick post about how scoring three in the top of the first inning of the first game of the season against the fucking Yankees basically guaranteed us a World Series win. I stopped myself though. What if I jinxed it and the fucking Yankees came back in the bottom of the first and scored a bunch of runs?

I am glad I waited. They scored their two runs right off the bat too. We still have the lead though so I figured a calmer blog post was still appropriate.

The fucking Yankees failed to score in the bottom of the third. So now we’re 3/9ths of the way through the game and 3/1,458ths through the season and we’re still in the lead.

I’ll take it. Go Red Sox.

Thursday Lunch Thoughts

I am writing this in the final few minutes of my lunch break. Today has not been fun. Neither was yesterday or the day before or much of last week. I am going to be needing the universe to lighten up and I am going to need it soon.

Apparently today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball. Hooray! The Red Sox are in New York to face the Fucking Yankees and wouldn’t you know it the game has been called off due to bad weather. If that isn’t a bad omen for the season I don’t know what is. Hopefully it’s more of a bad omen for the Fucking Yankees than it is for the Red Sox. We will see.

What? New Pink Floyd? Read this article. It sounds like Mr David G. once played a show with a Ukrainian artist who is now fighting against the Russian invasion. That guy posted a video of himself singing to Instagram, and the Floyd has worked it into a new song. The release will raise money for Ukraine. That sounds pretty sweet to me. Now we just have to hope it’s a good song. We’ll find out tomorrow, I think.

Okay, Robert. This work day ain’t gonna finish itself. Get to it!

MLB is Back

Major League Baseball is back, babie! The fucking tools managed to avoid destroying things completely!

(Assuming the players union ratifies the deal)

Also, a committee to review speeding up the game, including a pitch clock?

Also, did I read this right? Universal Designated Hitter? SUCK IT, NATIONAL LEAGUE SNOBS!!

How’s Thursday Treating You?

I had my guard up when I logged in to work. I was out yesterday but word got to me about a potentially ugly issue. I expected it to explode all over the place as soon as I punched in. Nope. It turned out to be just slightly more than nothing and it was all wrapped up. Talk about a relief! That didn’t fix the other thing that I was expecting to be difficult today, but it did take some pressure off. Good job, everyone!

I’m eating fruit with lunch again. Aren’t you proud of me? Green grapes for the win. I think that’s the only fruit I actually like. Well, apples and oranges are good too, but green grapes are my first choice… and my second, third, and fourth choices. I just like ’em. Grapes good, chocolate bad, he said, entirely without conviction. Ugh.

Is everyone watching The Peacemaker on HBO? I think there is a new episode coming out today. It’s a spin off of The Suicide Squad, so if you don’t like humorous takes on ultra-violence then you might not enjoy it. Is anyone else finding it as hilariously funny as I am? It’s a comic character, right? Are the comics this funny?

Is there anything else going on? The Bruins lost to Colorado in overtime last night. The game didn’t start until 10pm Eastern time but I still managed to listen to the first period. Colorado appears to be the best hockey team on the planet right now and we survived long enough to go to overtime. That sort of feels like a moral victory, even if moral victories are still losses in the standings.

Major League Baseball is still locked out. Crickets.

I’ve been too busy to get any exercise in today. I hate leaving it until after work, but guess where today is headed. Go on, guess.

Okay, back to work with you.

Hall of Fame

David Ortiz is a first ballot Hall of Famer. He was the greatest post season performer I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. He was the best clutch hitter, period.

I’m still conflicted though. I’m one of those miserable assholes who wants steroid users kept out of the hall. Ortiz never tested positive, but a year before the testing officially went into effect they tested the testing process. A few years later the names of the players who tested positive during the test leaked and his name was on it.

Is that enough? I’ve been asking myself that question for five years and now that the moment of truth has arrived I think I’m okay with it. If that makes me a hypocrite then I guess I’m a hypocrite.

It’s not me being a Red Sox homer though. I’m 100% against Roger Clemens getting in and no one rooted for him more than I did when he played for the Red Sox. I was also one of those miserable old pricks who was seriously hoping he’d come back for one year to end his career with us.

Speaking of Roger, he, Bonds, and Sosa, steroids users all, failed to get in on their 10th try which means they are off the ballot. There are still a couple of ways for them to get in, but for now at least they are out. I’m fine with that.

The important thing though is that David Ortiz is a Hall of Famer. Congratulations, Big Papi.

Back to Work

Well… I knew I couldn’t fight it. I punched into work a little before 9:00am and stuck the final nail in this year’s holiday season’s coffin. It’s over, folks.

The kids are still here. I figured they would have left by now so I am pretty happy. They did both sleep really late though so that might be the reason. I don’t care. I love it when they are here. Even when I am working and can’t go hang out with them.

Today has been really quiet overall. Not much to write about. The Bruins played twice over the weekend, finally coming back from the long Covid-19 shut down. I watched a few minutes of Saturday’s game against Buffalo and the little that I saw looked pretty awful. They straightened it out and won in overtime. I didn’t see yesterday’s game against Detroit but they spanked them pretty thoroughly. Here’s hoping that’s a sign of good things to come.

Major League Baseball is still locked out. I keep seeing stories tweeted out from all sorts of sources talking about the things such and such a team needs to do to improve and yadda yadda blah. I haven’t been reading the articles but I am really hoping they all boil down to something along the lines of “don’t be locked out.” Everything else is sort of superfluous* until that happens.

What else, what else… did I mention that all of my workout time that my Apple Watch tracked last week was on the exercise bike? I’m pretty sure that was a first for me. Does it mean anything? No. No, it does not.

I haven’t given much thought to the RPM Challenge this year. The only thing that’s come to me for something different to do is to use two guitars. I always double track my rhythm guitar parts. What if, instead of just tracking everything twice, I use a different guitar for each take? My Les Paul Standard would be playing in one ear, and my SG would be playing in the other. What about that for goofy nerdness? Maybe even use a different amplifier with each guitar. I’m thinking about it.

Okay, 2:00pm approaches. Time to wrap up this lunch break post.

*I had to pay $0.10 to use that word.

Lock Out

Did you hear that Major League Baseball locked out the players union? The first work stoppage since 1995 I think. Is this another case of billionaires bitching that millionaires are taking too much money?

At least the Bruins have a 2-0 lead over Nashville in the third. That’s something at least.