The cellar has (had) six fluorescent light banks in the ceiling. Right now, exactly one is still functional. Fortunately it is near the washer and dryer so there hasn’t really been an issue.

Still, I wanted to be able to see on the other (much larger) side of the cellar if for some reason something is happening over there. Maybe I can find a use for that area other than storing stuff. I don’t know. I was hoping we’d be able to have the whole place redone, complete with new overhead lights. For the near future at least, that ain’t happening.

So Jen and I talked about getting a couple of floor lamps and sticking them down stairs. I put them together this morning before work and set them up with internet connected light bulbs so we can turn the lights on from upstairs and have everything lit up nicely before we go down stairs.

Now all we have to do is clean up all the shit left over from when we had the ducts worked on. Then maybe I can do something with the space. Maybe a new music room? Probably not. Who knows. I’m just glad I can see again.

Oh, for Fuck’s Sake

Okay, I’ve had enough of this shit. The universe is just kicking our ass over and over again. Right when we think we’re in the clear… Blamo.

We had a new water heater installed one month and two days ago. To celebrate the monthiversary, the furnace died.

Well… it didn’t die, per se. We had someone come in to give it a tune up and found that it’s leaking exhaust into the house through the ducts. Oh good. The tune up guys shut off the power to it and shut off the gas line to it and put a scary red tagger on it that says, NO!

So let’s recap. Leak in the cellar floods everything and ruins almost everything we had stored down there. Then the duct fell off the ceiling. Then the water header flooded everything again. Now the furnace is no longer usable.

Yeah. Hip Hip Hooray.

The good news, it’s not winter yet so we’ll be fine. Also, venting exhaust into the house is bad so that’s not happening anymore and that’s pretty awesome. The new furnace is coming on Thursday. That is really awesome. The new furnace is going to be much more energy efficient than the huge, ancient beast we’ve been using since we moved in here 11 years ago. Given all of that, this is absolutely worth it. I’m just tired of things going wrong.

In the end, I will look back on this kick in the balls as a good thing. I’m already pretty close to seeing it that way. Jen ordered a space heater to keep in her office. I will likely move my desk back to our bedroom, where there is a separate heater installed in the wall already, a smidge earlier than I had planned. Maybe not. It’s in the 50’s out right now. I might just put a sweater on and deal.

Everything is all right.

Indoors is Still Scary

I took my mother to a doctor’s appointment today. It went well, thank you.

Based on the massive traffic I struggled through getting home I would say that pesky pandemic is over. If that’s the case, why was I freaking out so while hanging out at the hospital?

I was cool as a cucumber on the outside, but a basket case of Covid worry on the inside.

I am so ready for this bullshit to end. Get the damn vaccine.

Facebook Fights Dirty

As we enter the fifth week of the Facebook boycott, Facebook starts fighting really dirty. Low blow, bro. Right below the belt.

Last night I got an email telling me I had 102 notifications waiting for me. One Hundred and Two. It’s not the first you-have-notifications email they’ve sent, but the last one was after only a few days away. Those bastards saved them up and threw them at me all at once. Assholes!

Okay. Wednesday is the one month mark of this fun little romp of social media defiance. When I left I didn’t think about it, I just did it. I didn’t leave one of those stupid I’m-taking-a-break posts, I just went away (and bitched about it here, over and over and over and over again). Maybe on Wednesday I’ll log in, clear the notifications, make sure there isn’t anything important, and then leave one of those stupid I’m-taking-a-break posts. Then I’ll go away again. Maybe forever. Who knows.

I’m working a half day today. My mother needs a ride to a doctor’s appointment so I am leaving early to take her. I haven’t been over to see my parents in a couple of weeks so it’s time for a visit as well. I’ll be masking up and hittin’ the road around lunch time.

Our house has been a battle ground for a long time now. Two opposing forces fighting to dominate the terrain.



Both are stationed in strategic places throughout the house. Both are able to control the lights and some other things. Both play tunes. It’s been clear for months now that the house cannot sustain both forces. One needs to eliminate the other. In the end, there can be only one.

We bought an amazon echo before Apple’s Home app was really a thing. After having everything in the house routed through the echo for a while, I got all hot and bothered over Apple HomePod Minis and when we got one for the bedroom Jen set up everything through Home as well.

I have slowly but surely found myself using the echo less and less. I can get to Siri through my watch so when I need something I just hold down the digital crown for a tick and ask for it. The only thing the echo is really doing these days is working as an alarm clock in the bedroom. Siri can do that too, but echo somehow handles it a little better. Also, the echo we have in the bedroom is one that shows the time. The HomePod doesn’t do that. It’s a small edge for the echo but a noteworthy one.

Over the last couple of days Jen has been making a conscious choice to start using Siri instead of Alexa. It is clear that finally the war for control of our house is coming to an end. Siri will be victorious. Long live the winner of the personal digital assistant wars.

Now if we could just get Google to let Apple run our Nest thermonstat.

Okay. Time to go to work. Happy Monday, everyone.

ADDENDUM: I got another Facebook email. It’s 106 notifications now. Ugh.

Litter Box Blues

To celebrate Ms Patches’ 11th adoptaversary we bought her a swanky present. A shiny new litter box. Her first litter box was a fully enclosed box. A few months ago we wanted to move her from the back door entrance way to the old bathroom but her litter box wouldn’t fit. We bought a new one that wasn’t an enclosed box, just your normal every day standard cat box. Today we realized that after all that time in the closed up box she had… well… apparently… taught herself to piss sideways. In the old box she would pee on the inside walls. In the replacement box she would still try to pee on the inside walls except there were no inside walls. She was standing inside the litter box and somehow missing. Not all the time, but some of the time.

So we bought her a new enclosed box and moved it back to the back door entrance way. We’re sorry kitty. We’re sorry for moving you in the first place and we’re sorry for moving you back. She’s one confused cat today. Again, sorry kitty. She can take solace in the fact that I cleaned up the mess in the old bathroom so she won’t have to do it herself. You’ve got that going for you, Missy.

Okay, that’s enough cat biology talk for today (assuming she actually uses the new litter box and doesn’t start shitting in the shower again like she did that one time).

Now we can concentrate on the important stuff. Stuff like Jen making breakfast for dinner tonight, and a certain Boston based baseball team’s playoff game.

11 Years Ago Yesterday

11 years ago yesterday, I wrote this:


We own a cat.

Her name at the shelter was Panache. We might try to change that. She’s black with white feet, much like Floyd was.

They told Jen to pick a room and let her out there. We chose our bedroom. She dove right under the bed and wouldn’t come out. We took turns sitting with her. She’d poke her head out now and then. While we were eating dinner she came out to say hello.

Progress is being made.

Happy belated cat adoption day to the fifth member of our family, Miss Patches, formerly known as Panache, also known as Cat, also also known as Kitty, also also also known as about two dozen other names.

Change of Plans

Today was supposed to be a trip up to Vermont to visit the kids. Lunch with one and a swapping of warm clothes for summer clothes for the other. Alas it was not to be… yet. Next week. An ear infection and a stomach bug have derailed the plans for today, but we’ve already rescheduled for next week.

Instead, Jen and I took a crack at the mess that is Bellana’s room. When the cellar was flooded the first time we started storing stuff in her room. When the cellar flooded the second time we continued to use her room for storage. We didn’t do it a lot, but we did pile up some stuff. We spent a good chunk of our Saturday morning getting rid of crap we don’t need and finding new homes for the stuff we might need in the future. The cellar, specifically.

My back is killing me from going up and down the stairs. That’s okay. I’m at my desk in the bedroom with the window open enjoying what is probably the last moments of decent weather. I hate fall. The leaves are starting to fall. Bite me, mother nature.

Oh well.

Baseball at 4:00, hockey at 7:00, guitar at?

Friday Morning

Friday. 8:42am. I’m on my work computer but not connected to the VPN or punched in yet. I got about 6.5 hours of sleep last night. The cat did try to steal my spot every time I rolled over or got up to go to the bathroom or whatever. She also tried to sit on Jen’s head once.

I’m going to be shorthanded at work today. At least for part of the day. Here’s hoping the customers take it easy on us. The customers… the universe… existence… you know.

I haven’t done any exercise yet. Doesn’t look like that is going to become a habit just yet.

Okay, I guess I will punch into work now. Hope you all have a good day. Talk to you later.