14 years ago today I popped the question to my beloved Jennifer. Smartest move I’ve ever made.

Later this month we will have our 13th wedding anniversary.

May is kind of a big deal for us.

Happy proposalversary to my love.

Fun with Time Zones

Here in Massachusetts in the good old (sliding uncontrollably toward becoming a fascist nuclear nightmare) USA, it is not Bellana’s birthday.

However, in Dublin, Ireland, where she is at this very moment, it is her birthday.

Happy birthday/day before your birthday, Bellana!!!

Two Weeks

Two weeks ago at about this time, I think I was being moved from the operating room to the recovery room. I’m trying to find some way to commemorate this historic anniversary and I am coming up with nothing. I’m in the cellar, watching Breaking Bad again and surfing online music stores on my laptop. I don’t want to spend money on gitter stuff but what can you do? Pedal boards and random gear are just fun to daydream about. I have made sure to avoid looking at actual guitars though. Amps too. Just pedals and non-bank breaking stuff.

As for the post-surgical update, I had a weird experience today. I ate my delicious tuna fish puree at lunch time. When I was done I… well… it’s so odd… I felt… hungry. As in, damn I could go for another ounce of that fun stuff. It was just a weird feeling.

I am still not giving any details on the subject, but my mother is still in the hospital. I still can’t do anything about it, and likely won’t be able to for another 2-3 weeks. I feel less than useless. Again, no details are coming but I just needed to state that publicly for my own guilt ridden reasons. That is all.

Happy two-week birthday to my little baby stomach*.

* In his book Ghost Rider, Neil Peart, while dealing with the deaths of his wife and daughter, refers to parts of his recovery as feeding his little baby soul. My soul is okay, but my little baby stomach needs constant attention.

Birthday in Galway

My step daughter, Bellana, is in Ireland and I am super jealous. Jelly AF. Not really, but yeah, really.

Tomorrow is her 21st birthday and she has chosen to spend the day in the land of my forefathers. We had a FaceTime (actually, I think it was snapchat) call with her this morning while she was on a bus leaving the airport. We had to pause our conversation briefly while the bus’ safety announcement was read in a marvelous Irish accent. As soon as it completed I yelled out, “now in Gaelic!” They didn’t read it in Gaelic though. Oh well.

I am so excited for her birthday. I have been excited for all of her European excursions over the last few months, but Ireland… that’s just the best. I told her if she ends up in Cork she should look up my relatives. That’s where my father’s mother’s family comes from. My mother’s parents’ families are in Newfoundland, but before that they were in Mayo, so if she ends up there she can look for them as well.

She’s going to Galway today. She’s also an Elvis fan. Those are the only two things she has in common with the protagonist in this particular song, but it’s completely stuck in my head right now.


No Bruins game tonight.

No Red Sox game tonight.

No Marvel movies left to watch.

I guess I’ll just stare at the walls, drinking this protein shake and stressing about my mother whose been in the hospital all day. What the hell are we going to do?

Happy Mothers Day

It’s Mother’s Day in the US today. I want to wish a happy day to all the moms out there. Especially to my sister and sister in law and mother in law and friends and cousins and coworkers. All of the people who are important to me.

Extra special wishes go to the two most important moms in my life. First my mother, without whom you wouldn’t be reading this… literally. Happy Mother’s Day, mom.

The other most important mom is, of course, my beloved wife, without whom I would not have had the joys of seeing a brilliant woman give her all for her children from the adult point of view. Happy Mother’s Day, Jen.

Time Has Almost Caught Us

In the immortal words of one of the immortal guys in The Highlander, time has almost caught us, my friend(s).

12 hours from now I’ll be in the hospital trying to bottle up my freak out feelings like a good Irish-American stereotype. The 10:00 check in is a little later than I was expecting so I was able to punt a couple of little things from my to do list until the morning.

I did the most important things though. I reached out to, or was contacted by, all of the people I wanted to talk to today. Both kids called me. We had good video calls with both of them. I was very happy to hear from them.

Now I’m sitting up in bed. I was worried I’d be too nervous to sleep, but now that I’m here I’m pretty beat. I’ll sleep okay. I might get some Marvel movie time in first though. I’m still on Eternals.

I go under the knife at noon tomorrow. I’ll probably post 20 times before then, and I’ll definitely watch the MoonKnight season (series?) finale too.