Morning Music

Stuff going on here in chez OurHouse but I am not going to mention it because it’s nunya. So here’s a music update instead.

When I woke up, very early, today I had 42 songs finished, one ready to mix, two ready for leads, and five ready to sing. I finished the vocals on all five of them, and added leads to three. I think all three were sung today, so the two from yesterday are still ready. Woah! 50/90 is almost done!

Here you can see the last vocal being tracked:

Here you can see that I am back upstairs with the Fender amp, and I put the Keeley D&M Drive onto the board. I used it a lot this morning. This little rig is pretty damn sweet.

Still a lot to do before 50/90 is finished, but with eight days left it’s starting to feel pretty good.

Now if only the songs didn’t suck.