Ripped Myself Off

I hate it when I write a song that rips off a song that I already wrote… and it’s happening A LOT these days.

I mentioned the other day that it happened again. The two songs don’t exactly sound a like, but the structures involved were practically identical. Let’s see how they sound back to back.

Here’s the second song, which I mixed tonight… poorly. This might be the shoddiest recording/mixing job of the year. Whatever, it’s done.

Now here is the song I posted the other night, reposted here for your listening torture.

Can you hear what I’m talking about? From my point of view this is shameful, but to a listener who wasn’t there when the self robbery happened? I don’t know if it’s quite as clear.

Whatever, I’m up to 42 completed songs with nine days left.

ADDENDUM: Holy shit! It’s worse than I thought! They are so similar they are almost identical in every way imaginable. Good lord, I SUCK!!!!!