Fifty Songs Time

Today is July 4th. It’s a national holiday even though there is nothing left to celebrate here.

There is that summer music challenge thing that I’ve done the last couple of years. Write fifty songs in ninety days. That one. I am not signing up for this on their website because last year another user pissed me off. So I am doing the 50/90 thing but not officially. I guess I am doing a Faux 50/90.

I have one song under way. It’s just bass and drums, it’s in 7/8 times and it might possibly be a 2:55 rocker. We’ll see. I have no idea when I am going to get to play the guitar again, and my voice has still not really recovered from whatever happened a few weeks ago. I need to seriously hydrate on car music days. Things are different now and I have to learn how to do everything again.

While I am on the subject of music… I think I am going to ask the guys in Lizardfish if they want to get together. I’ll let you know how that goes.

48 Songs Down

I’ve mixed two songs today. Here’s the second one (the first one really sucks… I mean, this one sucks too, but the first one… woah, it sucked).

I have one more song ready to mix and three that need one more guitar track before they are ready to mix. I don’t know if I will finish this shit show tonight or tomorrow or what, but I am nearly willing to place small wagers on being done some time tomorrow.

I am going to take a break from it for now and go do the laundry and clean the cat’s litter box and take out the trash. After that… I don’t know. I’m pretty sick of this whole project now. At least there aren’t any signs of anyone Fucking With My Stuff Without Permission today. I’ll take that as a win.

46 Songs Down

46 songs down, that’s 92% of the way to a complete 50/90. Yippee.

Here’s one of them. If this sounds punky to me, does that imply that this is what punky sounds like to people who don’t understand what punky sounds like?

I have three more songs that are ready to mix. That brings me to 49. After that there are three songs that need lead guitar tracks and then a mix. That will bring me to 52 and most likely to the end of this year’s 50/90 story. After that I will probably just delete my account because one guy Fucked With My Stuff Without Permission and now I just don’t give a shit about the entire site.

Don’t Touch My Stuff

The folks who will be installing our new water heater are here. Work is underway. Please, oh gods of plumbing and water heating, allow this to be Lake Asshole’s (more recently known as Bucket Asshole) final day. Oh please, oh please. Thank you.

I mixed another song while I was waiting for them to get here this morning. Song number 44 of an expected 52.

50/90 is officially not fun anymore. At least the 50/90 website portion of the project. Last night while I slumbered someone commented on the song I posted before I went to bed suggesting that he could remaster it for me and asking if that would be okay. Then without ever getting a response he remastered it and posted a link to it.

Ummmm… No.

I know we’re all amateurs and trying to get better at what we do and all of those good things, but Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Fuck With My Stuff Without Permission. It’s really that simple. I made all of my song links private so no one can get to them but me. 99.999% of the people I’ve dealt with have been wonderful and supportive and the few comments I get are always great, but one guy had to Fuck With My Stuff Without Permission and just utterly ruined the whole experience for me.

I plan to keep posting songs there as private so that I get the little trophy next to my name, but that’s it. If I play the game again next year I will probably do it alone, without using the website at all.

Song Number 43

43 songs down, seven to go, and nine more are in the pipeline. We’re going to finish this year’s 50/90 Challenge and we’re going to go a couple of songs over the goal. I’m feeling pretty good about it this year. It’s going to take something major to stop me from finishing, though I am positive I just jinxed it so we can all expect to read a headline in tomorrow’s news: Red head struck by lightning in freak indoor thunderstorm.


I was thinking about taking a handful of less sucky songs from this year’s batch and making a stand alone album of some kind. Maybe pick 8-10 songs and redo them to make better sounding recordings and package them up as a sort of quarantine tunes spin off thingie. Maybe I could add a song or two from the Record Every Month RPM project too, as technically all of the 50/90 songs qualify for that too.

We’ll see.

Will this song make it? I don’t know. Let’s say it’s on the bubble and leave it at that for now.

Morning and Night

I spent the morning before work recording guitar solos, and then I spent the evening after work recording more guitar solos. What a world.

Once again we were able to schedule a watch party so we could watch the new episode of What If? with Harry. No spoilers, but it was a nice change of pace to not have a super gloomy, dark, evil story and instead have some goofy fun. Jen and I kept the Burgers and Marvel tradition in tact, but they were turkey burgers and it wasn’t take out, so it was a little different. I liked it.

50/90: 42 songs finished and another seven have all of the parts tracked and are ready to mix. Three more are still waiting on lead guitars… and that’s it. Assuming I don’t get the overwhelming urge to do more in the final week, I am going to end on 52 this year and assuming an asteroid doesn’t hit the Earth and obliterate New England (or some similar catastrophic shit) I think I am going to finish on time. I want that little trophy image next to my name on the 50/90 site.

As Troh once said, Huzzah.*

*No spoilers, okay?

Morning Music

Stuff going on here in chez OurHouse but I am not going to mention it because it’s nunya. So here’s a music update instead.

When I woke up, very early, today I had 42 songs finished, one ready to mix, two ready for leads, and five ready to sing. I finished the vocals on all five of them, and added leads to three. I think all three were sung today, so the two from yesterday are still ready. Woah! 50/90 is almost done!

Here you can see the last vocal being tracked:

Here you can see that I am back upstairs with the Fender amp, and I put the Keeley D&M Drive onto the board. I used it a lot this morning. This little rig is pretty damn sweet.

Still a lot to do before 50/90 is finished, but with eight days left it’s starting to feel pretty good.

Now if only the songs didn’t suck.

Ripped Myself Off

I hate it when I write a song that rips off a song that I already wrote… and it’s happening A LOT these days.

I mentioned the other day that it happened again. The two songs don’t exactly sound a like, but the structures involved were practically identical. Let’s see how they sound back to back.

Here’s the second song, which I mixed tonight… poorly. This might be the shoddiest recording/mixing job of the year. Whatever, it’s done.

Now here is the song I posted the other night, reposted here for your listening torture.

Can you hear what I’m talking about? From my point of view this is shameful, but to a listener who wasn’t there when the self robbery happened? I don’t know if it’s quite as clear.

Whatever, I’m up to 42 completed songs with nine days left.

ADDENDUM: Holy shit! It’s worse than I thought! They are so similar they are almost identical in every way imaginable. Good lord, I SUCK!!!!!

Car Music

Car music today! Success even though I SUCK AT SINGING.

I finished five songs. I have three more that are ready to go and I am hoping to add two more to the list. That means there will likely be another car music tomorrow and maybe one more after that. 10 days left including today. Yikes!

When I got home I moved the MacBook and all that come with it from Harry’s room back into our room. I now have a Mac desk in one room and a Windows desk in another. Am I out of my mind? Yupper. Affirmative.

Now I have to go get my haircut before its mass reaches the point of hydrostatic equilibrium and it crushes my entire body into a spherical shape and small objects start orbiting me. Granted, my gut is already at this stage, I just mean that my hair will be at that stage too, right? I’ll be sort of like a binary planetary system or some shit.

Oh, and here’s the clock downtown!