I don’t get it. I was in so much pain yesterday. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t think straight. It was awful.

Today? It’s a little tender. A little sore. Not bad at all. I’m not even limping or anything. What the hell happened? Stupid foot. Stupid, stupid foot.

Anyway, 24 hours from now I expect my little quarantinie fun time to be over and history and a memory buried so deep I am not even sure it’s real. Covid-19 test at 8:09am. Freedom to roam the house without a mask approximately 15 minutes later. Kick ass, dude.

I have so much music to do in the next three weeks that I’m starting to freak out a little. Just warning you all that there might be a lot (I mean, a lot) of 50/90 music posts coming in the immediate future. Just so’s ya know. I mean, I just came up with terrible lyrics for song #40. I have three songs ready to sing. I can’t do car music until Saturday and I want to have 5-10 ready for vocal tracking by then. Yikes!

Okay, I need to fill up the cat’s food bowl, grab myself a caffeinated diet soda, and start my work day. The laundry is running already and the puddle formerly known as Lake Asshole has been cleaned up, including emptying the wet vac and the dehumidifier.

I think I’m good to go for now.

Wish my quarantinied ass luck.

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