Called It

Let’s check the tape. It was a little less than two hours ago when I typed the following:

“When it goes bad it always comes out of the blue.”

Yup. I totally called it. Right out of the fucking blue.


Things Might Be Ramping Up

Things have been mostly quiet tonight. She did need the doctor approved supplemental pain med about half an hour ago. I thought that would be it, but she’s starting to sound like it’s going to be a rough night. I’m still optimistic that the extra pain med is still in the process of kicking in and she’ll be able to get comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Fingers eternally crossed.

Calming Down

For about an hour there it was as bad as the Nana Sitting situation has ever been. It’s calming down now. She went from watching the Sox and eating ice cream to what she described as the worst pain she’s ever felt. I had already given her all the pain meds I am allowed to give. She went to the bathroom a little while ago, which in and of itself felt miraculous as a few minutes before she was unable to sit at all, and I think she fell asleep. I just called out to her to make sure she was okay and I’m pretty sure I startled her awake. She just walked into the bedroom. I can’t see her at the moment but hopefully she’s trying to lay down. Fingers crossed she’s able to sleep through this one.

Sunday Nana Sitting

My mother doesn’t have dementia, but she does have memory issues left over from the brain tumor she had about 10 years ago.

I got here a little after 6:30. I asked her if she had eaten dinner. She had not. I asked her if she wanted anything. She said she didn’t know. Did she want me to order something? No. Did she want me to make her something? No. She said that she had a big lunch and maybe she didn’t want anything at all. Okay. She takes a lot of meds at 8:00 so I suggested maybe she should have a Boost (it’s like an energy drink geared toward seniors) with her pills. She said that was a good idea.

10 minutes later she was in the kitchen making herself a sandwich. It wasn’t that she changed her mind. It wasn’t that she ignored our little discussion. From her point of view our chat never happened.

Every time I come here I have to tell her how old I am, how old Jen is, how old Harry and Bellana are, where I am going to sleep, that I am going to be working, where I work, how long I’ve been working there, which sibling will be relieving me, which sibling was here the night before.

She doesn’t forget everything. A few examples: She knows who I am married to, she knows who my step kids are, she knows they are going to the same college (or they will be shortly), she knows which channel the Game Show Network and NESN are on. She knows Dad is in the hospital and she knows what’s wrong with him.

I don’t know why I am writing all of this out. It’s stressful and it’s sad, but it doesn’t really add to the difficulty of the situation. It’s just part of how things go. I don’t know. I might delete this later. I don’t know.

She’s complaining about pain tonight but it’s not too bad yet. She’s been up and around and she hasn’t seemed tired, but she just turned off her bedroom light. Maybe she’ll get some sleep. I’m pretty tired, but I am planning on staying awake for a while. TBS is showing Marvel movies. Captain Marvel is on right now. Rick and Morty is hovering out there at 11:00. I already looked up what channel Comcast runs the Cartoon Network on.

Well, I spoke too soon. She just got up again. It’s leg pain tonight. Probably arthritis. It might be a tough night.

Pill Distribution (Mostly) Complete

I did my Saturday Nana coverage duty. I filled the pill caddie for the week. Mostly. One med ran out so I technically filled the pill caddie for the next three days, and 99% of it for the rest of the week. The pharmacy should be calling for a pick up on the one remaining prescription later today. No problem.

Similar to last night, she was good until just about 9:00am and then, like a light switch flipped, she was bad. Probably not as bad as last night though. We will see. Hang in their, Mom.

Definitely Asleep

I’m hearing the sweet, sweet sounds of snoring coming from my mother’s room. She’s asleep. I knew it was going to happen eventually, but now that it has… relief. My mother called my father at the hospital right when all of this shite was kicking off, a little before 9:00. We spoke a little. He had suggestions for things to do to try to help and I was already on them. We were definitely on the same page. He called back a few minutes ago. When I told him she was asleep he sounded as relieved as I felt. I hope he’s able to get some sleep now too.

Vegas is up 5-2 now. Five minutes left in the third. When this game ends, however it ends, it will leave Toronto and Montreal as the only first round series left. I can’t really root for both of those teams to lose, can I?

I’m really tired but I’m a little afraid to go to bed. I’m not sure what to do after this game ends (Vegas just scored into an empty net to make it 6-2. I have the sound off and this is literally the first non-Bruins game I’ve watched this season. Apparently whoever scored that empty net goal completed a hat trick. It’s raining hats in Vegas). I still have the last 15 minutes of today’s That Pedal Show to get through, but that will require headphones and that scares me a little. Maybe I’ll risk it.

Things are looking good right now but my fingers are still totally crossed.

Fingers Crossed

My mother was having a pretty rough night. Not the worst I’ve seen, but really not good. I had to give her the extra pain med, only two hours after she had the main pill. She stopped pacing around 10:30 and she was able to lie down. There hasn’t been any noise from her room since around 11:00 (half an hour ago) when I heard some snoring. That’s good news.

The Bruins won.
The Red Sox won.
Mom was asleep by 11:00.

These are a few of my favorite things.

G’night everyone!

Here Comes the Existential Pain

It’s April 30th. The last day of the month. Normally that’s not a big deal, but this month… this month

April 2021 is the last full month of my forties. There is a day in the month of May… a day that is coming soon… a day that the first digit in my age changes, and that is a bad thing. When it changed from zero to one it was awesome. When it changed from one to two it was also awesome. When it changed from two to three… well that sucked. That sucked bad. When it changed from three to four it was painful but by then the damage was done, and I also had Jen to make me feel better about it.

Four changing to five feels about the same as three to four, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. I’ve got eight days left. Eight days left in my forties, which I didn’t even want in the first place but now that they are ending…


…….and I just found out my friend’s kid has Covid. The universe is a prick.


Damn it, Roomba!

Our bedroom used to be the garage. There is a heavy door between the bedroom/ex-garage and the mud room that used to be an exit for the house proper. On Roomba nights we close that door most of the way. It’s closed enough that Roomba won’t come in, but open just enough that Patches the Wonder Cat can get in if she wants. The mud room is tiny, more like a breezeway than a mud room, but we call it the mud room. There is a door between the mud room and the kitchen that we always leave open. Sometimes if we have all the windows in the house open the breeze will blow it shut. Otherwise, it’s open.

I got up this morning. I needed to go into the kitchen. I was still 80% asleep and it was dark. I pushed open the mostly closed bedroom door, took two steps without really paying attention to what I was doing or really even opening my eyes all the way and


The kitchen door was closed about 50% of the way and I walked straight into it. I took most of the hit with my foot, I stubbed my toe something fierce, and the rest of it got me square in the face.

It looks like our friend, Man Servant Mr DJ Roomba, Esq tried to clean behind the kitchen door last night and left it part way closed. Fortunately there were no permanent injuries. Except for the injured pride.

Also, my iPad tried to install updates last night and I got an error stating that it was out of storage space. I don’t store anything on it. I put movies on it and music too, but only when I know there won’t be wifi, like when I was going on a plane to Florida 13 months ago. I’m not sure how my browser ended up with a billion gigs used. Like… what the hell?