Wiped Out

We did so much stuff around the house this weekend. I need a weekend to recover from the weekend.

We’re pretty optimistic that the contractor will be done in the cellar today or tomorrow. After that we need to put all the furniture back where it belongs. I had to move everything away from the walls last night so that he can finish the baseboards. Once everything’s back where it’s going we’ll mount the new television on the wall and then… maybe watch a movie or something?

Then I need to move my office space downstairs too. There’s an exercise bike that needs to move too. Oh yeah, I forgot that we got a nice sound system for the new TV. That needs to go in before our first movie date.

Then what? We got a couple of foldable room divider things. One will go between the living room and the work space and the other will wall off the laundry room. The last thing, I think, is to figure out where the new music nook will go. It has to be close enough to the office so that I can use my computer for more wonderful home recording demo amazingness. I haven’t recorded a song in two months. That needs to change.

After all of that?

Oh, just surgery.

Sunday Night Pain

Rob’s writing about pain on a Sunday night. Why? Is he watching Fear the Walking Dead or something? No. That’s not for a couple of weeks. We are still safe.

No, I’m talking about exercise. I still have 24 minutes to do today and I only have 2.5 hours left. My legs are killing me. My back is killing me. Everything is killing me.

Fear isn’t on, but the main show is on. Shits getting weird at the Commonwealth, right? There is 25 minutes left in tonight’s show so I can probably finish my 24 minutes of exercise during the commercial breaks. Har Har Har.

Work was rough on Friday. It spilled over into Saturday. I didn’t hear anything today. Hopefully nothing happened. I’m out tomorrow because I’m taking my mother to a doctor’s appointment. That means I’m worried about work and worried about her at the same time. It could be a fun morning, right?

I don’t feel any negative effects of Covid-19 vax shot #4. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

Okay, the Zombies are back on. No spoilers, but who woulda thought that Daryl was Rick’s father. What a twist!

Tough Weekend

Going back to Friday, my mother went back into the hospital again, though she was discharged quickly. I put new blinds and curtains onto the dining room window. Saturday included a trip to IKEA at the crack of dawn and a whole entire day of assembling and hanging a big ass cabinet/counter thing in the kitchen. Sunday saw us putting another, smaller, piece of IKEA furniture together along with a little time at my parents place. My mother was having a tough time and I was able to help a little. At least I hope I was helpful.

I’m a big, fat, severely out of shape, hurtin’ red head today.

This week is going to be nuts too. We have some organizing in the kitchen to do before the contractor comes back for the next step in the project. By the weekend the kitchen should be wrapped up, but then I have to start looking to the cellar. We’re not entirely redoing the cellar, but we were talking about it while the contractor was here last week and he asked if he could give it a shot. Fine by me! He’s going to try and fix the floor first. That would be huge.

Also, work. Also, my second dietician appointment. I haven’t been the best at what I’m trying to do over the last two weeks. I need to straighten my dietary shit out.

Right. Off to work now. Have a good one, folks.

IKEA Can’t Defeat Us… Mostly

Yesterday was tough. We had one huge cabinet to put together and then hang on the wall. I was dead set against having us hang it ourselves because I knew the end result would look amateurish and Jen would be disappointed. When push came to shove though I said fuck it and we did it. Jen’s folks came over to help but something much more important came up and they had to go and take care of it. That left us flying solo and we got it done.

It took ALL DAY. We were up at 5:00am and we weren’t finished until after 7:00pm, but it’s done! We stood up to the IKEA challenge and we survived!


We have another big piece of furniture to work on today, and we are both seriously hurting after yesterday. My back and my legs are in really bad shape. Jen has a legitimate bad back, whereas mine is just me being fat, and she is in major pain. It hasn’t gone out on her though so we’re babying it as much as we can.

We’re going to start putting together today’s project. We may not finish it, but we’ll make a good dent.

Wish us luck in our battle against the Swedish* pre-fab menace.

*I couldn’t remember if IKEA was Swedish or Swiss so I Googled it. Apparently they are currently based in The Netherlands! Who knew? Bellana can go visit their headquarters!

Send Some Happy Thoughts

My mother isn’t well today. Stomach pains. They drove her up to Lowell General to get checked out. Her plumbing is working fine so it’s not that.

Would you be so kind as to send my mother some happy thoughts and get well soon vibes? I’m sending off the mega powerful Red Head Vibes (yes, capital letters) already but we need all the help we can get.

Thanks, internet.

Back Pain

I’m so fat,

How fat are you?

I’m so fat that my back is in serious pain due to having to hold my ginormous gut upright while I’m standing. When I first stand up I’m good for maybe 5-10 minutes and then the back pain flares up and it becomes hard to move. I can deal with it for a few minutes but then it gets bad enough that I have to sit.

Here’s hoping gastric bypass surgery will fix this particular issue.

Fingers crossed.

Signs Point to a Rough Day

Last night, just before I was about to turn in for the night, I had a muscle spasm, or a cramp, or something in my gut that hurt like it hurts when a meteor crashes into your face. Oh my goodness, did that little sucker (whatever it was) hurt like 10 shades of hellish suck.

I’ve had this happen 2-3 times over the past 10-15 years and each time it is about 5-10 minutes of nightmare*. I don’t know what to do to relieve the pain so I get up and try to walk it off. That doesn’t help at all, but at least I am doing something. After a few minutes the pain calms down but whatever muscle is being the asshole is still twitching. Just as I start thinking I might be okay it fires up again and the whole thing starts over. After that it’s done. Last night the whole thing lasted less than 10 minutes and then I was able to lie down and sleep.

So that’s the first sign that today might suck. Here’s the second.

Last night I wrote a post saying that it was going to be horribly cold out this morning. The forecast was right. It is currently six degrees out. I should be happy that I put the barrels out last night and don’t need to go outside today, right?

We got a dusting of snow overnight. We have a grocery delivery coming this morning. I need to put ice melt down so the instacart person doesn’t slip. After all that shit last night, I still have to go outside this morning.

Here’s hoping that’s the last bad thing and that the rest of the day goes smoothly. Pretty please with sugar on top.

*That sentence is my attempt to use the most “-” characters in a single sentence ever. Did I set a new world record? Do we need to call the Guinness folks?

First Post of the Day?

It’s almost half past noon and I haven’t posted anything yet? What’s wrong? Did Robbie fall down a well? Did I go into the witness protection program? Did someone tell me that you can catch Covid from wordpress.com so I locked it down?

Nope. Just busy.

I paid that dude $20 to shovel the driveway and, while it was money well spent and I would do it again, the dude did a pretty crummy job. That plus the additional snow that fell after he left means I had to shovel everything again. It’s all done, but my back doesn’t work anymore and the pain is borderline shocking.

Sooooooo I think I am going to sit here at the alternate desk in Jen’s office for a while. Ho hum.

I’ve been able to work on a little music between last night and today so far. I did some drums and bass stuff on two re-recordings. I hope to play some guitar tonight and do some car singing in the morning. I have one song ready to mix as well, so maybe I’ll get to that today? Who knows. It all depends on the pain level.

I still need to mop the kitchen floor, and there is a grocery delivery coming that I’ll need to put away. The rest of the day will be sitting here trying not to let my spine fall off.


A Weird Day So Far

My prediction of this being the slowest work day of the year hasn’t really come true, though there is still half a work day to get through. Lots of customer stuff has come in today. Nothing really involving my application directly, but we’re involved in a sort of tangential way. Lots of questions, lots of updates, lots of discussions. It’s enough to keep the perception of the day moving, and some of it has been a tad annoying, but these are good things compared to staring at the clock and watching it not move.

Two odd health-type things to note for future reference. First, my back hurts. Usually my back pain flares up when I’m moving around or being somewhat active (as active as my gargantuan fat-assed self gets at least) but today it’s pretty much constant. That’s annoying. The second thing is more sporadic, but equally annoying. I sort of feel like my left calf is constantly on the verge of a charlie horse. If I’m walking around and I put my left foot down in just the right way, bang – charlie horse. If I am standing in just the right way, bang – charlie horse. It only lasts a few seconds at most and then I correct whatever I did and it’s gone… but it’s always there. Stupid charlie horse.

As I mentioned in a post last night, I came up with a really simple musical idea to add to the November music thing, now that we’re down to less than a week and still miles away from finishing. Today I came up with another one. Now I just have to wait for my MacBook Pro to get home from that fact finding mission to Guyana. I’m sure everything there is fine and it will be home soon. I hope to spend some quality recording time this weekend.

Okay, folks. We’re half a work day away from a four day weekend. Let’s get to it and get through it and at around 5:30 tonight the sigh of relief you hear will be me.