My Hands are Killing Me

Let’s review the task list for today…

Cut the front grass, including plugging a hole in the gas tank and running the weed wacker.
Cleaned up the current cellar water crap.
Put away six megatons of groceries.
Did two loads of laundry.
Started a new character in World of Warcraft and made it to level six and died a lot.
Broke the shit out of a fingernail while taking my guitar out of its case.
Started a new song, put rhythm guitars onto it and one other song, then put leads onto three songs.
Surprised myself by how tired and sore my hands got after playing the guitar for about an hour.
Finished the binge watch of Community (well, it will be done in three and a half minutes).
Started thinking about cooking dinner.
Stood up from my desk to walk into the kitchen to start making dinner.

I am pretty sure I’m forgetting something. I don’t mean that I am forgetting to put the lawn mower away, I know it’s still sitting outside waiting for me to put it back under the tarp, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I mean I am forgetting to list something that I actually did today. Shit.

Oh well, I took the obligatory I’m-done-playing-guitar-so-here’s-a-pic pics.

Here you go.

Have I mentioned I hate’s block editor? I think I have. If I haven’t, I hate’s block editor.

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