Frustrating Home Owner Morning

You’ve seen the problem with the lawn mower. I saw a mouse hanging out under the tarp with the mower when I brought it out today. I’m going to assume it’s the cause of the hole in the gas tank.

That’s actually the second problem. The first is the wet vac. I think it’s going to need replacing soon. The filter is completely falling apart. It looks like it’s rotting off. Lovely.

The third problem just revealed itself. I have one spot in the front yard that the lawn mower can’t get to. It is a little rock garden spot. I use the weed-wacker to clear it. I got about 95% of the way through today when I ran out of thread. Gee, I hope I can find a new spool. Sonofabitch.

At least I got the entire front yard (minus the 5% of the rock garden) clear before the rain comes. Oh yeah, rain. The water in the cellar is still trickling in, but it’s not as bad as it was a couple of days ago. Two days of rain this weekend should bring it right back to where it was at its worst. Sonofabitch.

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One thought on “Frustrating Home Owner Morning

  1. Don’t buy a whole new wet vac! You can get a replacement filter on Amazon or Walmart (depending on the brand of wet vac). They’re not very expensive, in fact when we needed a new one we went ahead and bought two!

    Good luck with the wet vac/cellar/mouse eating gas tank situations! (We have a leak in the gas tank on the riding mower so now Sherm is only filling it halfway. Never a dull moment…..)

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