Abandoned Mower Update

The trash pick up did not take the abandoned lawn mower. Good. The lawn care team that was working on the neighbor’s yard did eventually come and pick it up. They didn’t actually leave, they just moved to another house down the street. They picked up their seemingly abandoned stuff and left. Good.


They are back! Their truck is, at least. It’s not blocking our driveway, but it’s close. Maybe they left for lunch? I gotta tells ya, this is just fascinating shit over here.

Lawn Pause

Front yard: Done.

Side yard: Done, from the street all the way back to the woods.

Health check: OUCH! My back hurts, my leg hurts, my arms hurt, my shoulders hurt. Yup, it’s lawn day. I’m taking a break for a few. Usually my lawn breaks are on the patio in the back yard, but everything out there is soaking wet and the sun hasn’t had any luck drying it off, so I am inside.

Okay, break time is over. Get back out there and cut some more grass, fat boy! You can do it! Through all of this mowing the lawn your Apple Watch activity app has given you credit for 16 minutes of exercise! Go cut that grass and close that ring!

Frustrating Home Owner Morning

You’ve seen the problem with the lawn mower. I saw a mouse hanging out under the tarp with the mower when I brought it out today. I’m going to assume it’s the cause of the hole in the gas tank.

That’s actually the second problem. The first is the wet vac. I think it’s going to need replacing soon. The filter is completely falling apart. It looks like it’s rotting off. Lovely.

The third problem just revealed itself. I have one spot in the front yard that the lawn mower can’t get to. It is a little rock garden spot. I use the weed-wacker to clear it. I got about 95% of the way through today when I ran out of thread. Gee, I hope I can find a new spool. Sonofabitch.

At least I got the entire front yard (minus the 5% of the rock garden) clear before the rain comes. Oh yeah, rain. The water in the cellar is still trickling in, but it’s not as bad as it was a couple of days ago. Two days of rain this weekend should bring it right back to where it was at its worst. Sonofabitch.

Skin or No?

The whole front of the house has been mowed. Next is the side and then the back. Speaking of backs, mine hurts a lot. When I say a lot I mean a ton. When I say a ton I mean a mountain range sized hurt. I took some Tylenol an hour ago. Just imagine how much this would hurt without it. Yikes.

Slight subject change. What is this?

I often find garter snakes hanging out on the lawn mower when I bring it out. There was a little guy on it today, in fact. My first thought was this thing is a snake skin. Now I’m not sure. Now I think it’s some kind of coating that used to be on the pull starter’s rope.

Either way, it’s a backyard mystery.


Oh praise be to whatever gods control Spring yard work, our lawn mower started and ran without issue! (well… it took a while to get rolling, but once it did, aces!)

Our streak of Springtimes with dead lawnmowers may have ended at two! So far at least. I only did 2/3 of the front yard and there is still oodles of time left for this bad ass mother fucker to die, but so far so good!

Oh yeah, also MY BACK HURTS SO MUCH!

Lawn Mower Drama

Remember on Thursday when I said the little lawn mower we borrowed from my father was fixed?

It was.

I have about 3/4 of the property finished. All that’s left is the part of the back yard that you cannot possibly see from the street. The mower though, has started conking out on me. It will run for anywhere from 15-20 seconds to 5 minutes before dying. Sometimes it starts right back up, other times it takes 4-5 pulls.

I’m guessing the fuel line is clogged.

It also had a screw that holds the two pieces of the handle together shake itself loose and fall off. Fortunately we have an army of lawn mowers in the garage and I was able to replace it without going to the store.

Still though… what the hell, mower?

Lawn Mower

The first lawn mower we had at this house was given to us by Jen’s mother and step father. It was excellent for the first year, but when I brought it out for year two something broke off (I can’t remember exactly) and it would no longer start.

We went out and bought a new mower for year two. It was a self propelled push mower. It had balls so big that it didn’t cut the grass, it terrified the grass so badly that the grass cut itself. It was also heavy and the handle was just low enough to make my ridiculously tall self have to bend over a little. Only a little, but enough that my back hurt like hell after each mowing. It worked well for year two in the new house, but when I took it out for year three it wouldn’t start (are you seeing a pattern?). It was probably just the spark plug or something dumb like that, but I couldn’t get the damn thing out to try and change it. I don’t have a socket long enough, and every time I tried to get one it would be just wrong enough to not help.

So for year three I borrowed a mower from my father. He had a new one and I took his old one. It was a small push mower that was very light. The handle was as low as my super mower but the thing overall was so light it didn’t result in back pain. That one wouldn’t start either, but it wasn’t designed by assholes and I was able to change the spark plug all by my self (like a big boy). It worked swimmingly all through year three and for the first two mows of year four (this year).

Then two weeks ago I tried to start it. It chugged weakly for a few seconds and conked out. That was it. No more mowing for that puppy. Last Thursday I took it to a small engine shop in Methuen. Today I picked it up. All better. It runs, it had a tune up, and it had it’s blade sharpened (which is good because with all the leaves in the back yard I tend to abuse those blades).

When I came home today my first thought was, “WOOHOO the mower is fixed!”

Then I thought about it for a minute and considered the implications on my weekend.

Crap, the lawn mower is fixed.