Remember those 11 June Music songs? Neither do I.

The great re-recording project continues. I’m looking at it like a series of two or three EP’s. I have eight songs earmarked for volume one. Two of them got rhythm guitars on Saturday, two on Sunday, and one tonight. I think I’m going to redo on of the Saturday songs. Two more songs got good guitar takes about a year ago, but I know I can do better. The eighth song got rhythm guitars back when all of this started, five years ago, but I’m going to redo those as well.

Tonight’s song included slide guitar. Just for a noisy effect, not for anything even remotely melodic. I’m the world’s worst slide guitarist.

Now, I need to get back to the June music. I’m not abandoning it at all. Also, I need all of this crap finished by the time 50/90 starts on the Fourth of July.


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