One COVID-19 Number

I just looked up the COVID-19 numbers for Massachusetts for today. The state had less than 100 new cases. The last time we had less than 100 new cases in one day was March 20th. It’s been almost three months.

What does that mean? Likely nothing. In all the time we’ve been looking at the daily numbers, we’ve noticed that reports for Monday often feel on the low side. It’s almost like people chose to not go to the hospital on Sunday nights.

Still, caveats aside, it’s really nice to see a daily infection number that’s under 100. There were 87 new cases in the last 24 hours, and 23 deaths. The last time the death count was this low was April 5th. Rest in peace, my neighbors.

I really hope this downward trend continues. The national numbers are down today as well, but the overall trend is still up. Let’s hope those numbers turn around too… though we can pretty much guaranteed that they won’t. Too many states are opening up way too soon for that to happen.

Wash your hands and wear your masks and stay healthy.