Do you know want to know what is tiring?

Coronavirus. That’s what’s tiring.

We should be planning weekend trips to the mountains to see the foliage. Instead we’re freaking out over the prospect of having to put gas in the car. We’re freaking out over the prospect of kids going back to school. We’re freaking out over the fact that I coughed a bunch of times before I went to sleep last night.

This whole thing is exhausting. Quarantine fatigue indeed. Still staying strong and keeping safe though. Not like the millions of idiots who “don’t believe” in the virus. I hate stupid people.

Hair During Quarantine

Twice since the lock down started my beautiful wife has cut my hair. Today, for the first time, she cut her own hair. She found a how-to video on youtube and this morning she went for it…

…and it looks GREAT! She’s not all that happy with it, but I think she looks fantastic. I am really impressed. There is literally nothing she can’t do.

I Missed an Important Date

Today is September 14th. I missed an important anniversary yesterday.

September 13th marked six months since the start of the lock down.

No end in site.

I am still keeping track of the daily numbers for both Massachusetts and the United States. I added the Rt number as well. There was a time when Massachusetts was becoming the envy of the nation as our Rt number dropped to the lowest in the country. No more. It was 1.16 yesterday. I don’t have a number for today yet.

Schools are opening and the numbers are spiking. Some schools in MA are already switching to remote. They should all just stop screwing around and switch. New Hampshire should too. My step son is at home this week, but next week? Who knows.

Six months. We were originally expecting two weeks. This is insane. 194,000 corpses in the US and counting. I am so tired of this. It’s just exhausting.

The Bruins are Out

The Bruins are out, the Red Sox are historically awful, we lost our entire Spring to the Covid shut down, and now that it’s September 1st we have also lost our Summer.

I listened to a little bit of the second period. I heard the Bruins score their first goal. That was nice. I watched some of the third period. I shut it off because I just couldn’t bear it (pun kind of intended). I have to say that after the game three slaughter my heart wasn’t in it anymore. I was keeping an eye on the score. I saw it go to overtime. I saw it go to double overtime. I was asleep when it ended.

Summer is about to end. Lock down is not about to end. That math sucks. I feel like Covid-19 may have cost the Bruins a Cup this year. It definitely cost Pastrnak a 50 goal season. I know a lot of fans will pin this on Tuukka. Not me. He did the right thing.

Everything sucks. My epic binge watch of Agents of Shield just reached the episode where Bobby and Hunter leave. Those two actors got shafted. They left the show to get a spin off of their own, only to have the spin off cancelled before it went into production. That story fits in nicely with the general vibe of 2020, doesn’t it.

I want my summer back. I want my hockey season back too.


You can tell we are in a global pandemic and a massive lockdown by the size of the gigantic party going on down the street right now. There are at least a dozen cars lining the road.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

One COVID-19 Number

I just looked up the COVID-19 numbers for Massachusetts for today. The state had less than 100 new cases. The last time we had less than 100 new cases in one day was March 20th. It’s been almost three months.

What does that mean? Likely nothing. In all the time we’ve been looking at the daily numbers, we’ve noticed that reports for Monday often feel on the low side. It’s almost like people chose to not go to the hospital on Sunday nights.

Still, caveats aside, it’s really nice to see a daily infection number that’s under 100. There were 87 new cases in the last 24 hours, and 23 deaths. The last time the death count was this low was April 5th. Rest in peace, my neighbors.

I really hope this downward trend continues. The national numbers are down today as well, but the overall trend is still up. Let’s hope those numbers turn around too… though we can pretty much guaranteed that they won’t. Too many states are opening up way too soon for that to happen.

Wash your hands and wear your masks and stay healthy.


I’m doing my best not to let every little thing bother me, but today is starting to feel like one of those days where the whole lock down thing gets to me.

I slept okay last night. That’s a tick in the good things column. The kids are here. That is another one. I played guitar last night and I didn’t suck (any more than normal). Tick. It’s only been a small amount of use, but so far I’m not seeing the same issues I saw with the new MacBook Pro the last time I tried to use it. My backup from the old computer took without issue this time, and with the exception of my copy of the Vivaldi browser acting screwy this morning there hasn’t been any software problems (I closed Vivaldi and re-opened and it’s been fine since).

My wife and my step son have spent the last few weeks becoming excellent cake bakers. Not only that, but they are teaching themselves how to decorate too. They baked their cakes and made their frosting from scratch and are doing all sorts of fun things with the design. Unfortunately they have decided to take a break from baking for a while because… well… we’ve had a lot of cakes to eat lately. We can put the baking and the creativity into the good column, and the lack of more cake forthcoming into the bad column. I haven’t made any of my now legendary Tewksbury Tweets in the last couple of weeks. I don’t think I’ll have time before the kids go back to their dad’s for the weekend. Maybe I’ll have some for when they get back next Wednesday.

The kids are going back to their dad’s tomorrow. That’s a tick in the negative column. We get them today though, so I won’t be upset about it for now. Harry has started watching 30 Rock. I am 99% sure I binged the entire series. He showed me a youtube video yesterday of something hysterical that I totally missed. Apparently, there is a thread throughout the show demonstrating that Kenneth the NBC Page is immortal. They actually come right out and say it once, but you can laugh it off as goofy hickish behavoir, but with all of the little throw away lines lined up one after another… Kenneth is some kind of immortal being.

We can add that as a tick in the good column.

I mentioned in a post over the weekend that I sent an email to Gibson’s repair site. They haven’t responded. Under non-coronavirus circumstances I’d tick that under bad, but with things being as they are the staff are probably stuck at home… maybe… I don’t know how strict Tennessee is being, or how strict Gibson itself is being. I don’t know. I will invent a new category and call it the ambiguous, grey area list and put this there.

There were other things I was going to mention but I’m working now and all non-work related things have been flushed from my memory buffer (that’s a technical phrase).

We’ll talk again later, m’kay?