I stuck around the house this morning so that I could do a little more recording.  I didn’t get to everything I wanted to get to but I’m almost done with the tracking.  Tomorrow I will wrap it all up.

I was able to stay home later than usual because it is Massachusetts school vacation week, which means greatly reduced traffic, and it’s Friday which also means greatly reduced traffic.  I was watching Waze as I worked and my expected travel time never topped 40 minutes.

At least it didn’t until I was actually on the road.  With Waze listing my estimated time of arrival at 9:00 on the dot it suddenly recalculated my route and asked me to get the hell off of route 93 South like pronto.  Uh oh.  The arrival time jumped up to 9:12 and the traffic in front of me stopped dead.  There was an accident between Dascomb Road and Route 125 somewhere.  I was able to get off at Dascomb, but the traffic in Andover was awful and I limped back to the highway one exit further down.  I ended up being 15 minutes late.  Damn it.  I got stuck in some traffic on 128 South too because of an accident on 128 North.  Rubberneckers are jerks, am I right?

Change of subject, I am still putzing along on my Flickr Photo a Day Challenge.  I took yet another picture of a guitar after I wrapped up my “session” (heh heh) this morning.  That puts me at 174 days.  I thought my previous best was 174 too so I was thinking of writing something goofy tomorrow when I broke my record.  I looked back at the blog post where I sketched out all of my previous failures and it turns out my previous record was 154, not 174.  Dumb ass.  So, yippee.  New World Record.  174/365.


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